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Paudie Riordan

Hi All.

This is my first post on the Forum and I am new to the group. I am looking for some input. I have a 00 gauge layout in a 20x10 converted container. I am thinking of changing the layout plan as I am now going to model Irish railways. Initally when I put the baseboards down originally I put in a rectangle so the trains could run around in a loop. It isn't prototypical. On one side I have a through Terminus and on the other I have a country station. The other two sides have a mountain and a country scene. The four tracks run around and have slips to join them to each other.


The problem I have is that I think I was too quick in getting track down and running trains for the sake of it. I left no area for a desk or bench to work on models. Although I have a lot of work done on it I wonder am I mad to change even though I know I need to.I didn't care about function or operation. Now that I understand a bit more about the hobby I know I need to change.


I am asking for help in layout design. What works best. End to end or continuous. Are duck unders a good thing? What are the key features for an Irish based layout? I would like to have rises and falls in track and I would like to have the terminus and the country station. I want to have a farm scene and a nice town or village scene as well.


Am I trying to get too much in? What should I be trying to fit in


Any help or advise would be appreciated


Thanks in advance


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