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Little models for little money



The old saying keep looking you never know what you might find. Two sets I found €25 bought in a shop in Dublin both working perfectly. Playcraft of London made by jouef however I'm seeking to find an age for these rascals I just sort of like to admire them any help would be appreciated folks thanks anthony 



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Playcraft was owned by Mettoy, they were the Corgi Car makers.

So around 1960 they produced cheap sets which were sold through Woolworths and sold for around £1 !

Made in HO scale and the sets were called after famous train stations, and disappeared around 1970.

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If you really want to know (and I'm sure you don't), there's a very good and comprehensive value calculator at Measuring Worth

The good news is that you are BOTH right, anywhere between £22 and £77 is a "right" answer for £1 in 1960. It depends on whether you take how much other stuff you could buy for your pound, how much it's worth relative to the average wage, or any of half a dozen other ways of measuring that very non- linear illusion called money.

They also did very foreshortened carriages and diesels. I suspect the set with two brakevans is not the original configuration.

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