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  2. barrow street

    Wow. This is a seriously stunning layout! The above view sums it up - incredibly realistic sense of scale. Drool!!!
  3. Hi PJR. You would need a 6 function decoder to operate the CAB lights on an MM 071 or MM 201 loco. The Hattons decoder is only 4 function. Noel PS: I use Lenz Silver which is also only 4 functions in some of my 071s because I don't like the cab lights (i.e. bluish tint and too bright). They should only be on when the loco is stationary anyway (i.e. darkened cab for good night vision visibility of signals, etc).
  4. Today
  5. Hi Lads I can't get the cab lights on either end to work on my 086. I have reset the Hatton 21 pin decoder still does not work. All other lights are working can anyone help out please.
  6. barrow street

    I've heard great things about this layout and seeing the pics confirms how amazing it is. It's refreshing to see s model in an urban setting especially when it is modelled on a prototypical location. It has all the hallmarks of being great it is that amazing. Rich,
  7. Photographic Website Updates

    26.3.18. GM 216 on an empty Irish Rail spoil wagon transfer to Dundalk from Ballinderry on the closed Lisburn to Antrim branch .
  8. North Down Model Show

    Hope the Turf Burner CAD will be on show from IRM. Actually, George, I was helping them plan their first Train Set - GREEN Turf Burner, three WHITE Bubbles and three ORANGE bubbles - sure to sell well 'Up North"? Complete with crew of Oliver Bulleid, John Click and Ron Pocklington. Leslie
  9. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    If you let us know your Grandfather's name, I could ask around. Some of us who timed trains in the 1960s will have the names of the crew in our notes.
  10. Dugort Harbour

    Flange lubricator’s reference to non stop trials in 1965 between Dublin and Cork reminds me of a fact that most people seem unable to grasp - it’s not how fast you go, it’s how slow you go ie the number of speed restrictions and stops govern the overall journey time. I know that IE recently conducted some high speed trials between Dublin and Cork but did they lead to anything? CIE, and BR, seem more interested in running what used to be called semi fast trains. Stephen
  11. Dugort Harbour

    Great stuff, JB. Always exciting starting a new project - may the force be with you.
  12. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    My neighbours father Barney McGirr was a very well known and respected engine driver.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Dugort Harbour

    Dugort Harbour takes shape. Highly impressed after a visit to Baseboard Dave in the distant lands of Deepest Edenderry....
  15. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    Would anyone here know of any older drivers who are still about? My grandfather died in active service whilst driving The Enterprise from Belfast to Dublin in 1965. Just wondering if anyone would have known him and also know what happened when he died.
  16. Tara Junction.

    As the billboard says 'Take one to relieve stress'-Loco 087 runs around the CIE Supertrain Mk3s at Tara junction station having replaced 086, Belmond liveried locomotive 216 is seen here at the MPD where it will receive an exam before returning to Heuston to work this weeks Grand Hibernian tour:
  17. Awaiting refurbished bogies......
  18. Don't know if anyone out there is interested, but am taking Arigna Town to the Gauge 0 Guild Convention at Telford this year on 1st-2nd September. My usual operator is not available, so if you think you might like to help, send me a personal message. The Guild is not exactly generous with expenses, so you'll need to be fairly local [or intending to go anyway]. However you'll certainly get in free and lunch is also included. One or two people for each day. The layout is simple to operate [wire in tube points and signals], analogue control, but does use three link couplings. As I really only need spelling for lunch, plus a chance to look round, there will be every opportunity to enjoy the show. Here's hoping!
  19. North Down Model Show

    My experience at the weekend doesn't match everyone else's. I arrived to set up on Saturday morning to find my tables weren't there. I'd ordered 3, enough to lay two ovals in my gauge. Three smaller tables were obtained, but they were smaller and I wasn't able to run. I had put a lot of work in to be ready, and I felt insulted.
  20. North Down Model Show

    Steventrain Thanks for the photos and videos. It was nice to see our T-Trak layout feature. I have attached a four photos of the layout and 2 of Kildare Station. I did not manage to get may photos. Hopefully I will do better at the !st Bangor show in May MikeO
  21. Travelogue of Northern Ireland

    Very nice!! Sad to see the mention of The Midland Hotel as 'Belfast's leading hotel', since the final sad remnants of it were only recently demolished. Also a nice unexpected glimpse of Armagh at the end.......
  22. RPSI 2018

    Dublin Riviera, April 29th Times Connolly 10.35 Bray 11.19 - 11.27 Greystones 11.39 - 11.44 Wicklow 12.03 - 12.40 Bray 13.12 - 13.50 Wicklow 14.20 - 15.20 Bray 15.50 15.57 Connolly 16.36
  23. Kadee production line continues as I convert more stock. Kadee no 17s with white NEM shank adapters for Cravens, no 18s for Irish Freight Models TPO + Bulleid HLV, no 147 for Silverfox mk1 GSV + Dutch GSV, no 148 for the Bachmann Wagons, no 18 for IFM Brake vans, and no 19 for 141/181 locos. This has been an interesting project and there is much more to do before all my stock is converted. Next up Park Royals, Laminates, Mk1 GSV (lima conversion), CIE Brake Parcels van (Bachmann conversion) . . . it never ends but isn't that part of the enjoyment.
  24. Silverfox Models NI 101

    Yeah they're all the same, earlier ones had 8pin, newer ones have 21 pin, but that's the only difference. Much better than the hornby chassis for smooth running and pulling power.
  25. Silverfox Models NI 101

    Thanks for all the feedback chaps. I’ll check Halfords to see if they stock the Ford Monday blue in rattle cans. I don’t have an airbrush and do not want to brush paint. The Bachmann class 20 chassis, is that any class 20? Are they all the same? Ideally I’d like a dcc ready unit to save the hard wiring process. Paul
  26. First Look at the IRM Tara!

    Our Tara running through Kildare behind celebrity supertrain 071 on the wagon transfer to Limerick. Must be going for a repaint.... (Thanks to SDMRC for giving it a spin!)
  27. barrow street

    Why not aim to bring it down to the Wexford Easter Exhibition 2019 and show it as a work-in-progress?
  28. Silverfox Models NI 101

    Prototype Deltic Blue is another close match - https://www.phoenix-paints.co.uk/products/precisionrailway/nationalised/14p110
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