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  2. Cheap Modelling Materials Sources

    For building finishes, I use Scalescenes https://scalescenes.com/ . Both OO and N gauge covered. They have a few freebies, so you can have a go without any cost! I have bought and built a few of the buildings and they are both good value and give very realistic results with minimal input - instructions are good, however it is important to get the card thickness right. For the heavy card, I get mounting board from the local craft shop (c. €10) for an A1 sheet, however it does go a long way. I get good use from the "Scratchbuilders yard", as they provide, brick, stone, timber finishes, roof tiles, etc which are good value and you can print off as many times as you like. Brief note - use an inkjet printer rather that laser, as the quality of print is generally better. Regards, Ken
  3. barrow street

    Macken Street flats construction with plywood drawers
  4. Today
  5. barrow street

    It is the flats that do it for me. There is absolutely no doubt you're in inner city Dublin when you see them. Unique. Really marvellous.
  6. barrow street

    To add to the comments a great piece of art and hopefully you are proud of it - I know I would be ! Certainly catches the urban feel to a "T" and I am sure the boys at IRM like the ballast and bubbles ... Certainly watch in awe and with interest. Thanks Robert
  7. Thanks DV, that's interesting. I've seen that video clip before but wasn't sure how reliable it might have been due to wear or chaffing on the fine thread. Do you know if it still working well for your friend on the BR 2-6-4T loco?
  8. Murphy Model 086-no cab lights working

    I hadn't seen that type before. Below is a link showing the type I fitted. The servo can be fitted anywhere as long as it is 90 degrees to the coupler. It operates by pulling on a length of fine thread.
  9. barrow street

    Layout approx 30-32ftx 9ft wit 40 buildings
  10. barrow street

    seriously impressive, how long is the layout end to end ?
  11. I like the look of this Subarashi but they seem out of production. https://www.smart-coupler.com
  12. Murphy Model 086-no cab lights working

    A couple of years ago a friend asked me to fit DCC remote uncouplers for Kadee couplings to a BR 2-6-4T locomotive. I don't use Kadees myself, but once I had installed the necessary servos and carried out functional tests, I found it was brilliant. Being able to uncouple a locomotive from stock, anywhere on the layout, was fascinating. No magnets required. I tested the loco for hours, just to make sure it worked, you understand..
  13. barrow street

    Comparison of previous photo
  14. Baile na leipreachán

    Welcome, Jan, Timahoe is my favourite round tower - I often wonder what Erich von Daniken would have made of it...
  15. Cheers. Me neither. But when I get time I'm going to try and hijack the 5th & 6th function wires for cab lights to operate a DCC uncoupler on an 071. Might end in disaster but I'm kind of curious.
  16. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    Thanks leslie10646 - His name was Joe Dennis
  17. Baile na leipreachán

    Hi Jan, Welcome to the forum! I have been to Flanders and to visit the grave of a family member who died in World War I. Today, it's a beautiful region and the people are very welcoming. Your group's layout looks great. I'm looking forward to seeing more! Patrick
  18. Baile na leipreachán

    Hi Jan, Welcome to the forum! I like your thinking on round towers, my home town, Clondalkin has a particularly well preserved one with a new visitors centre. http://www.megalithicireland.com/Clondalkin Round Tower.html Nice to see Irish modelling taking place throughout Europe! Fran
  19. Thanks Noel I'll try with another decoder. Don't use the cab light myself just bothering me that it was not working
  20. Baile na leipreachán

    Dia dhuit! Hi! I'm new here. And I'm growwing up @ "The Flanders Fields County", in the west of Belgium. A Flemish/Dutch spoken part of Belgium. And the place where more than 70.000 young Irishmen are killed in the First Great War. I'm now 20yrs traindriver for the SNCB, the Belgian National Railways Company. My first Irish Railways models: The Lima 207 'Enterprise' and 3 'Galway livery coaches'. Since a few years. I'm a member of the Dutch/Holland "Britse ModuleBaan 00 groep. Just a group of friends who likes the Brittish Railways. (I Am the only Belgian one, and the Irish driver only) Every one build a module "lookbox" (180cm) an 2 'Black Box'es" (2x30cm). A few times a year, we have a meeting alround Holland: @ 9:30AM we built up the modules; 11:00AM we start the driving sessions alround the clock of 04:00PM we deconnecting the layout. We use the white Roco z21 central station with Roco Maus; Roco App; and Digitrains App. The last year, we have our first invitations on Eurospoor 2017 and Ontrax 2018 (Utrecht NL both). En we go to Eurospoor 2018 again: https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40761001522/in/album-72157692712780801/ ; https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/38992863940/in/album-72157692712780801/ ; https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40760996982/in/album-72157693723271874/ ; https://www.flickr.com/photos/46742861@N03/40760998532/in/album-72157664668954677/ Before, i have support a part the Fiddle Yard modules. Now i will start to built a Irish Lookbox: It must be a 'green one', and maybe with a round tower. (Isle of Ireland Peace Parc, Messines) More information about the Holland BMB-Group (English language): http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/132233-the-bmb-a-british-modular-layout-in-holland/ @ The Duth forum: https://forum.beneluxspoor.net/index.php?board=143.0 Les meas, Kind regards, Jan(tje)
  21. barrow street

    Wow. This is a seriously stunning layout! The above view sums it up - incredibly realistic sense of scale. Drool!!!
  22. Hi PJR. You would need a 6 function decoder to operate the CAB lights on an MM 071 or MM 201 loco. The Hattons decoder is only 4 function. Noel PS: I use Lenz Silver which is also only 4 functions in some of my 071s because I don't like the cab lights (i.e. bluish tint and too bright). They should only be on when the loco is stationary anyway (i.e. darkened cab for good night vision visibility of signals, etc).
  23. Hi Lads I can't get the cab lights on either end to work on my 086. I have reset the Hatton 21 pin decoder still does not work. All other lights are working can anyone help out please.
  24. barrow street

    I've heard great things about this layout and seeing the pics confirms how amazing it is. It's refreshing to see s model in an urban setting especially when it is modelled on a prototypical location. It has all the hallmarks of being great it is that amazing. Rich,
  25. Photographic Website Updates

    26.3.18. GM 216 on an empty Irish Rail spoil wagon transfer to Dundalk from Ballinderry on the closed Lisburn to Antrim branch .
  26. North Down Model Show

    Hope the Turf Burner CAD will be on show from IRM. Actually, George, I was helping them plan their first Train Set - GREEN Turf Burner, three WHITE Bubbles and three ORANGE bubbles - sure to sell well 'Up North"? Complete with crew of Oliver Bulleid, John Click and Ron Pocklington. Leslie
  27. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    If you let us know your Grandfather's name, I could ask around. Some of us who timed trains in the 1960s will have the names of the crew in our notes.
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