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  2. Which station is this please?

    What I like about that pic is the terminal station buffers actually get used and they parked trains right up against them wasting no space. None of the modern silly buffer placement yards before the end of the platform edge, nor trains always stopped 10 yards before the buffers often wasting a coach and a half length of platform. My 1960s memory is of passenger trains parked right up against station buffers to maximise space and give my visual OCD some mild respite (before accidents and H&S changes brought in safety distances).
  3. IRM Cement Bubble Wagons

    Found some pics of clean looking Cement bubbles with light weathering (found on here). The last three on the right look like they've just been taken out of their IRM box. Gives an alternate weathering option for some.
  4. Failed loco

    Hi , try the lads in the Midlands Club in Abbeyleix . Is the other loco running okay?
  5. Another free baseboard!

    That would be a great help in starting on the layout with the other half, she has been collecting up bits over the last number of years but never did anything to get a layout sorted....things have changed since we met earlier this year and plans are afoot to get something put together in the new year. Just a query on that 6x4 baseboard could the catch on one side be done differently in order to facilitate a second 6x4 baseboard being added at a later date to create a 6x8 setup???
  6. Which station is this please?

    It's the LNWR station in North Wall, Dublin, looking from the train shed towards the road bridge at Sheriff Street and onward to Church Road. The shed became a goods depot after the station ceased operating in the 1920s, then demolished to make way for the re-developed docklands area in the 2000s. The main station building and adjoining LNWR hotel still survive. I believe the original photo now resides in the National Railway Museum archive in York.
  7. Which station is this please?

    This is bugging me, big style. Why is it the Victorian lads only had 1 mega pixel cameras, I'll never know...
  8. Yesterday
  9. Which station is this please?

    That does look like MGWR Attock stock but I'd be just guessing...However, the architecture on the left hand side bears no resemblance to limerick. There's no decorative arched brickwork, as seen on the right, in Limerick Colbert. More than Likely Heuston, if the roof panelling is anything to go by. Everything fits.
  10. Failed loco

    Ah, right, I wasn't sure where you were. Marks seem to be held in fair regard, though I've only been in there once myself.
  11. Free Shipping for Ireland and UK with Irish Railway Models

    Ah Fred Scuttle ( Benny Hill ) I remember on the show years ago Fred being asked do you excersise your prerogative Mr Scuttle and Fred answered I do if it's slack. Rich,
  12. Failed loco

    I'm afraid that's what I'm gonna do anybody know much about marks models in dublin? I don't think there's any around offaly
  13. Failed loco

    You might do well to get somebody to have a look at it.
  14. 80 Class Sandite still going!

    Great video Nelson, i love the sound of the engine. It's like an old age pensioner. It's nice to see a video with a steady camera and no zooming in & out.
  15. Which station is this please?

    That was on a GB Facebook page a few days ago, it seemed to get largely ignored when it was suggested that it might be to the West..
  16. Failed loco

    I'm not sure how to go about opening it up it was running when I picked it up of track it hasn't ran since that it's was budging but now it's not doin anything ... https://www.google.ie/search?q=murphy+model+112&client=ms-android-samsung&prmd=imvn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjivNrb4NXXAhVpLsAKHWiPCMQQ_AUIEigB&biw=360&bih=560#imgrc=XZPOdSAAL--dCM: this is same as mine
  17. Failed loco

    Maybe it's the blanking plate where the decoder fits has come loose and not making the circuit.
  18. Popeye's Workbench

    This is top class modelling well done 👍
  19. Any idea which station this is please? Looks like GS&WR stock. Maybe Limerick?
  20. What bogies used on Laminates + Bredin?

    Cie used both types the vast majority of coaches the park royals , laminate's and buffet car's were fitted with as Glover Called A "lightweight" Commonwealth Bogie this is the 8'0"version the type used on BR is 8'6" wheelbase version 100mph capable , these were fitted to the later CIE Laminates 1497-1503 (built 1962) Full Firsts 1145 1146 (built 1963) and retro fitted to Kitchen cars 2403 and 2407. https://www.flickr.com/photos/126254131@N05/32494867636/in/photolist-pHqkHU-RvsG6j-Ruhxhn-QfyGUB-RvsG3y-RvsGdU-oicfnr-RDBsRB-d5Ynwq-RBRLcn-Yz415C-oeTV96-8FaJBh-ode2vv-8FaVJL-RnTtax-a5Jepb-T6UVWv-RpPppH-fL8vMA-ouikCf-otppuo-ovaymX-rpcHYS-x6GAdn-yAf8U4-xgUYFi-ow5sLc-x5oSgY-oszDny-Tzb8UN-wZ9Jxq-wk1QLN-xgz6dM-wNxudo-xeAWS7-xJK9QR-v9mYBk-wZJUrh-oermBp-x5Q4sQ-x8bxEi-wbiXaP-x5oPTw-tDzL98-x6GxaP-x6GuMn-oeqtVr-x69RLz-x6GtWz
  21. Free Shipping for Ireland and UK with Irish Railway Models

    Cheers Seamus. I think Patrick was referring to 461...
  22. enniscorthymans workbench

    Wonder if it would be worth the IRM lads doing good chassis's only? How would the van sit on an IRM One?
  23. Free Shipping for Ireland and UK with Irish Railway Models

    That lads is fantastic news - makes purchasing easier and saves us a few bob...With a tear in either eye, I salute ye!! Mmmmm - the boys were across the sea with ruler not that long ago ....... I wonder
  24. Gents All in whitemetal. My k15 kits are supplied with gnr bogies
  25. Thanks Garfield, I can now see how the CIE version is less complicated, more lightweight, as you say. Cheers, Glover
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