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  2. Really looking forward to the DVT !
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  4. patrick

    Patricks Layout

    The long curving beet loading bank was not working out as I hoped it would so I shortened both sidings which gave a short section of open country before the road bridge. The end result is much more pleasing to me. Track still needs to be ballasted and more scenery work done.
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  6. lucas z

    Trains a mixture

    All in excellent condition and running prices for these vary Hornby 9f in black excellent in box 55 pound, hornby a4 silver fox and bachmann a4 seagull in br green 50 pound each, A lner green a4 trix sea eagle 45 pound, hall class kneller hall complete with later wheels 30 pound, Ivatt 2-6-0 hornby lined black 30 pound, More a4's all runners 45-50 each and some mainline complete boxed locos 45 each these have had new axles fitted
  7. Converted some IR Intercity Hornby Mk4 Coaches to Kadee couplings by cutting the ugly tension lock couplings off the bogies and replacing with NEM pockets housing a mix of Kadee no 17 and no 18 NEM couplings. Test run forwards and backwards proved successful. Next is to cannibalise and respray donor BR donor DVT into IR intercity livery to go with these coaches and 222. Head hung in shame at the modernity of such a train infesting the layout. . . . but I quite like it. The kadee's also get the coaches coupled much closer together than the ugly Hornby Tension lock couplings. Height gauge essential for correct coupling and especially trip pin height over rails. The odd bogie I had to use the kadee trip pin pliers to change the radius of the pin so it would sit at the correct height above the uncoupling magnets. The coaches sit closer together than they did with the large plastic moulded in Hornby TLCs. I'll have to get an immunity certificate from the ancient society of CIE B&T brethren for infesting the layout with such incompatible modernity or I could be sentenced to 'rot forever in the bogie of eternal stench' for operating post 1974 model stock! :) PS: This was a much easier conversion job on the bogies than last weeks surgery.
  8. lucas z

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Cool 0 gauge model could your friend make a few more A class?
  9. WaYSidE

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Modellers Want To Keep Trains On Track 1963 more from the archives https://www.rte.ie/archives/2018/0815/985253-model-shows-train-as-ideal-transport/
  10. WaYSidE

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Hi Broithe, i new to modelling, new to site,, met Dave for first time this week, being a parent i also work from home, so after work, when dinners on, i is tween laptop and cooker after kids go to bed, i do a wee bit of building the layout, then find i have to stop for whatever, i visit IRM as this blog is very informative. and friendly. , i am surprised there are so few layouts to view, some are amazing. another rte train vid https://www.rte.ie/archives/collections/news/21210877-real-steam-engine-and-model-railway/
  11. popeye

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    The buffer beam details really make a big difference.
  12. WaYSidE

    how are goods rakes, weight n cargos made up

    hi MikeO, yip i would agree, not that i know much about trains, i was thinking about certain photos of prototypes ,, a loco then a few wagons, then a flat then the same number of wagons, i have seen it more than once. i sorta presumed the train was going to same place, Then there is loading, timber wagons, if you build a train in the west with some full wagons, and collect timber along the way, sometimes the train isnt picking up full wagons at the next station, its stopping on a loading siding and getting filled. it really doesn't matter but it was always puzzling me...
  13. popeye

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Nice machine, will this be for display or are you going large?
  14. Irishswissernie

    how are goods rakes, weight n cargos made up

    On my visits to Ireland 2000 to 2005 bogie wagons (loaded or unloaded) on freight trains were always marshalled next to the loco with any 4 wheel wagons at the rear of the train. Ernie
  15. MikeO

    how are goods rakes, weight n cargos made up

    Hi WaYSidE From what I have read on this forum in the prototype, wagons are marshalled depending on where they are going and which need to be dropped off first. In model form the positioning is not an issue. MikeO
  16. MikeO

    N scale bridge

    Hi Fergus This is very much a personal decision and is just one of the many decisions to be made by modellers about what is the best option in a specific case. My personal view is that if you are not going to put in over head wiring then you will never need the pantographs to be up. On that basis use the Hack Brocken. I have a German layout which I am currently rebuilding and I am installing a Faller bridge. When I assembled the bridge, the instruction gave me the option not to include the 2 end pieces in the bridge roofing as by doing so I would not be able to have the pantographs up. I made the decision to put in the end pieces as I did not envisage putting in over head wiring. if I ever change my mind i will need a new bridge or maybe a new layout. MikeO
  17. David Holman

    7mm scale 101 - a tribute to Richard Chown

    Paintshop I'm starting to think that painting the 101 could take as long as building it. First comes the 'witness coat', in this case red primer, which [mostly] shows where all the holes and excess solder are that you thought you'd cleaned up beforehand. Once these have been filled and scraped/filed/sanded down, on goes another spray of primer, and then, like as not, you find some more and have to go through the process again. It's a real test of patience... When that is done, there is a wait of 24 hours before the top coat can be sprayed on - in this case matt black, then another overnight wait for that to harden too. Having built over 60 locos, all the above is second nature, but not the next bit! All my locos have been in 1950/60s livery in the past - black, with varying degrees of weathering, which can cover a multitude of sins. The 101 is going to be in almost 'as new' condition, which means lining, for which, as far as I can tell, no transfers exist, so from now on it is a very steep learning curve. Thanks first to Eoin, for reminding me of my copy of Ian Rathbone's book on painting and lining. Have used it a lot, but had never read the lining chapters, until now, but they are very helpful, even if the results Mr Rathbone achieves are more than a bit intimidating. Just look at those cover photos - hand lined, with a bow pen and fine brush! So treated myself to a bow pen, bought some new fine marker pens, enamel and acrylic paints to go with my R L Moore lining pen and set about doing a bit of practicing. I also bought some plain white lining from Fox Transfers, to form the basis of the boiler bands. Having earlier sprayed a piece of plasticard black, I tried various ways of lining. Jonathan Beaumont kindly provided me help in the form of photos of one of Fry's locos, however I have to admit I've chickened out of trying to replicate it, because [for now at least], it is well beyond my skills and tools. Check out the boiler bands - white/black/red/black/red/black/white! Ok, so the white lines are outside the boiler band itself, but there is now way I can get a black line thin enough to go in the middle of the red one. So, what I'm attempting is a simplified white line, with a thinner red one down the middle. Hence the white transfers. Using red acrylic, I've managed to draw a red line down the centre, which hopefully will look ok once I've made the lining thinner. The next picture shows my first attempt at doing a white line on the tender. Not good! However, using white acrylic means that it can be tidied up by using a combination of scraping paint away with a cocktail stick and touching up with a fine, 3/0, brush. The corners were brushed in by hand and tidied as before, then once the paint had hardened, I then drew a thin red line down the middle of the white one. The loco body has had the same treatment, but all those curves are proving really challenging. The splashers and valances aren't too bad, because there is beading to follow, for the white line at least, but it is far from perfect. I've stuck with the bow pen, as the Moore one is designed for neat Humbrol. For me, a big issue is that the red is not drying dark enough. The actual colours, according to 'Steaming Through Three Centuries' should be vermillion, bordered with white. However, white looks far too bright against the dark black, so am using ivory instead. Vermillion is bright red, but on top of the ivory has a rather pinkish tone, so am looking to darken it somewhat. I think the real problem is I haven't been able to do the lines at scale width [they are very fine on the prototype], so probably need to invest in a better quality bow pen to achieve that. On the other hand, the lining is as fine, if not a little bit finer, compared to what Richard Chown achieved on Shannon, so at the moment, this is what I'm aiming for. It remains very much 'work in progress' though and until I've got all the lining on, plus numbers etc, I'm not sure whether it will overall look good enough. PS, as I feared, the phots have uploaded is the wrong order, but hopefully you can work out the correct one.
  18. WaYSidE

    Job Opportunities.

    they made Lima...
  19. Ah, Mike, 100 Billion? Just don't build the next two aircraft carriers? Oh, that's wrong too - they're less than ten billion a throw. Getting back to Peter Smyth - he's certainly on top of the Game with interesting ideas for IE's future trains.
  20. Broithe

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    On a train from Holyhead once, I had a couple of crews on a transfer in the seats behind me, they were discussing redundant signage that they had spotted and how to access it for removal. There was a sign over a tunnel mouth that was going to involve some abseiling...
  21. WaYSidE

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    a quick vid, very old train ....model this!!!! http://euscreen.eu/item.html?id=EUS_AEC485FB3C624350A0C30C32B573BB1F or fossetts circus 1965 r http://euscreen.eu/item.html?id=EUS_E2BF7F1A1E7945BFAA87376237180877
  22. WaYSidE

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    no i just guessing,, many things are collected at car boots, there is often old oil lights from trains, signs ripped off from closed lines, train stuff flys out
  23. jhb171achill

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Really? That’s a shame.....
  24. WaYSidE

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    where is it now, ???? the car boot sale
  25. jhb171achill

    RtE archive film , locos, blowup dolls n stuff

    Interesting! Wonder where that stuff is now..... I could never stand yer man on Nationwide with his absolutely ghastly stuck-up BBC-style contrived accent - like Jean Elocution-Lesson-Gone-Wrong Byrne who reads the weather.... aaaarrrrrgggghhh
  26. Leslie how right you are, I, cannot understand how Net Work Rail cant finish the GWR electrification as it was planned,no money ?, obviating the need for the weird electrics that carry their own power station. But HS 2 ploughs ahead with a rumoured final cost of 100 Billion which we can afford? And where is all that electricity going to come from? I see only power stations being closed or farmers being paid for growing electricity covering acres of land with solar panels or growing crops for biomas plants. I'm to old for all this but 2+2 does not seem too make 44 anymore. Rant over 😖
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