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    Plasser Tamper No 5 complete. Some pic's of the tamper machine finished at last.
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    A few more pictures of Richie’s filthy bubble. Tis a stunner!
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    I got my bubbles today. Delighted with them.
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    The 'Bubbles' after I had set them down in Thurles shortly before the cement was stopped by rail forever. Loved working the Cement jobs as they were grand & relaxing...except when they shunted you out of the way for a passenger train which was nowhere near ya Prefered working these babies though!!
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    Got my load this morn and am pulling myself asunder since! - Yep...multiple organisms all over the place!!!Surprised at how sturdy they are, despite having delicate parts. I am truly holding the best in miniature in my hands! Well done IRM
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    Thanks for your interest folks. Here is the nickel-silver part of the pack.
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    Then the roof was slip rolled and sized up, it comes short at the sides! ah thats for the gutters, those little 1x.4mm brass lengths below in the photo. The gutters were sweated onto the roof sides and the roof and cab were jigged up as below. Spacers were used to support the curve of the roof, aluminium ones under the gutters so they wont stick, and mild pressure applied with jiggery-poke to line it all up. Tack soldered first and then soldered all over while still in the jig. and done, a nice little cab with straight and perpendicular bits and the gutters stayed in place! Eoin
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    Video of IRM's Irish Cement tanker wagons
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    Due to the volume of distribution we are doing to Ireland and the UK, we can now offer FREE SHIPPING to the island of Ireland for all orders over €150 and free shipping to Great Britain for all orders over €200! Another reason the take the plunge and order some ballast wagons or cement bubbles (or both!)
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    Thanks lads, it means a lot, and I did think CIE were odd in the way they went about design - turns out our counterparts across the ditch have a similarly oddball way of doing things, which I find delightful and challenging all at the same time. A piece of rolling stock with 4 different buffer patterns? Yip, seen in the flesh several times. Or another with two different types of brake gear on it? And for a man who has an unhealthy interest in axleboxes, whoa-hoa, it's been a roller coaster so far - roller bearing - hooded and unhooded, grease box, LNER, GNR, sloped, no mind yer standard BR Timken's! Yes the OCD is strong on this adventure, but as Mies Van Der Rohe once said, "God is in the Detail" Rich P.S. the Irish stuff has not been put on any backburner either, we're "all ahead, flank speed" as Garfield might say.
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    I brought a few IRM Bubbles to run on Gerrys "Ballybeg".
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    The movements of incoming deliveries can now be plotted accurately.
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    Another exciting day in IRM Towers as we received the baseboards for our test track from Model Rail Baseboards. Dave has done a lovely job on it too!
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    Next one up is a Shapeways Bus Eireann Jobbie. This was as usualy was a buggar as it had the Sandpaper finish. I tried something different here with Mr Surfacer thinned down with Cellulose and brushed the mix over the plastic. It is hard plastic so did not melt or distort. I did one side at a time and sanded them down as best as possible without loosing the little Detail there was. I just might spray the White line again as it looks to be a bit too yellow or it is my eyes playing tricks on me.
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    IRM Cement Bubble wagons arrived on the layout this evening. They are stunningly sublime. Stephen, Richie, Patrick and Fran take a bow. The detail is up yet another level Looking forward to 'gently' weathering these The detail for model wagons is just beyond belief. Look at the reading on the pressure gauge. And the underside . . . words are insufficient. Well done team IRM - class product. PS: There was no cement inside any of mine
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    Some more items on the go, MIR Class 80, thought this would be a simple enough thing to build but it is a lot of work TBH. Much more than i had envisaged. I have the Motor end nearly complete now and it is in Primer. Fertisilers are from MIR E Class is shapeways and Mayners Brass Etch. This is nearly complete, Just a coat of Varnish and then the Glazing. Ploughs are from Des's Workshop. Thats Really it for the past year. I have a few things I need to Kill off Especially someones Mir 071 which I have 70% done, just need to stick the lights in.
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    Irish Railway Models today announces that it will release its highly detailed cement bubble wagon in the iconic CIÉ orange and grey livery in time for Christmas 2017. The announcement was made at the beginning of the South Dublin Model Railway Show at Blackrock, Dublin and is the fourth project that Irish Railway Models has announced to date. Introduced in seven batches between 1964 and 1972, a total of 150 of these two-axle wagons were built by Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ) to convey bulk loads of cement from Irish Cement’s plants at Drogheda in County Louth, Castlemungret in County Limerick and Platin in County Meath to distribution points throughout the CIÉ/Irish Rail and Northern Ireland Railways’ networks. Despite being introduced at different stages, the fleet carried numbers in an unbroken sequence ranging from 25050 to 25199. Affectionately known as ‘bubbles’ due to their distinctive profile, most of the fleet remained in service right up until the cessation of cement traffic by rail in 2009. All 150 bubbles received the distinctive orange and grey livery in the early 1970s, replacing the earlier slate grey, with the last two batches of bubbles constructed receiving the orange livery from new. It was superseded by the ivory and black livery in the late 1970s, although both liveries could be observed running together into the early 1980s. The Irish Railway Models release consists of two packs of three bubbles, all with unique running numbers. They are available to order at the show or online for €125.00. A special introductory price of €225 for two packs and €425 for four packs is also available at the show and online for the duration of the 2017 October Bank Holiday exhibition. A colour sample has been received from our factory in China, but is incorrect and will be amended for production. Prices after this weekend will revert to €125.00 per pack. Delivery is slated for December 2017, with production commencing after the current run of Ivory bubbles is completed. To order your bubbles, please visit www.irishrailwaymodels.com/shop
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    Hi all - 'tis myseff back in action again with more shenanigans - and before i go on like a broken record, 'tis great to be here and i love the site revamp! I purchased a hornby M7 for 40 notes on ebay ''dother day with a view to making it into an Irish loco, namely a GSR class 279, funnily enough numbered 279! The idea came to me after consuming a few gulps of uncle Arthur(God bless the man!) and finding the said loco in the book 'locos of the GSR'. The project took as much time as it took me to consume 4 cans of the holy stuff - the most time being given to the decal removal and masking for the final spray. So, body separated from the chassis, whistles removed from the done and same filled with model plastic, brake fluid used very effectively on removing the decals, (pause for breath)...then the reduction of the bunker height. Decals removed with a cocktail stick and after a wash down and a quick dry with my seldom used hair dryer - she was sprayed with a can of matt black paint from Halfords, after masking the buffer beams and windows with blue tack. (no fecking messing here!!!) So after all paint dried and blue tack removed , the whole shebang was lovingly slapped back together to produce this baby................Shes not perfect and a few bits more need to be done like her new number but shes mine and she has got her Irish passport!!
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    Here is a good shot from 1983 showing both orange and ivory bubbles running in the same rake. Not my photo btw. Just attached the Flickr link, but photo seems to appear in the new forum.
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    As ould Mr Brennan says ' no matter how bad things get - there's always something to look forward to!'....and by God this is certainly true with you boyos at Irish Railway Models Ltd ! Since yer launch, I have been constantly amazed at the level of commitment to sheer perfection in your models to date and for future releases. I look with absolute pride in my rake of ballast wagons and eagerly await the bubbles with 5 packs ordered to date (for Jaysus sake say nothing to Mrs O!). As regards project 4, It goes without saying that I will be dipping into my holiday fund to get a rake of what ever beauties they are! Continued success to all and well done!
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    I decided it was high time to give away another free baseboard. All you have to do is like and share the giveaway post on my facebook page. Link below
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    Hi Due to some requests from newer members who have not seen the original pics in this thread I am in the process of replacing all the Photobucket pics I have not been able to access Photobucket today so I took some new pics of the items in question I will be starting at the beginning and doing one or two pics a day so bear with me I might do more when I can access Photoemptybucket! Enjoy
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    Just about to make a new start on my first fictious Irish layout after more than 20 years of North American modelling. Wish me luck I will need it
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    The bubbles have landed and the first shipments are on their way! The balance of our ivory bubble order has arrived from China! We have been working hard all day doing QC checks and we've even managed to get some orders packed and sent out this evening! We will be doing the same over the next few days. It should take about a week to check all orders and ship them to you. Thank you everyone for your support and patience as always. We hope you enjoy the definitive model of the iconic cement bubble! We still have bubbles in stock but with just over 70% of the run sold out already they wont hang around for long! Order yours today on our website
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    Not surprised to see the model going together well, Eoin. Did my one using the Tyrconnel/Alphagraphix kit. A relatively simple affair [like me], seem to remember it only took about 40 hours start to finish - painting & weathering included. Runs extremely well, which still surprises me as the chassis was a single fold up etch, several levels below your workshop practice!
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    At least it shows all the detail under the tank that Richie went to get lengths replicating!
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    Love the new site - will take a little time to get used to it but 'twil be worth it! Hail to the Bos for taking us out of the dark ages!!!
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    Can, fire me a pm if still interested. In other news... Colours used. Rock salt method used. Bit of downward action with wire wool before it dried. Onto powders, Mig Ammo are appallingly bad for railway stuff. It's powdered chalk dust, and doesn't stick. Back to AK Interactive. Should have left it at that, but was determined to get those powders to behave. It's sitting on makeshift 21mm track. I'm "idir eatherthu" about the finish, and I've probably given Wrenneire a hernia seeing a collectible in this way!! 😆 R.
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    A bit of fun with a short video clip taken from a moving model train. The quality is not great due to poor lighting and I accidentally had the camera on LQ mode. The GoPro was a birthday present. It does give a whole new perspective down at that level when you become a 1/76 scale model of yourself looking at the trains go bye. I popped it on a flat wagon in the middle of a rake of Irish Cement wagons (IRM's finest). I had expected loads of camera shake especially running over points but it was much steadier than I had expected. After I 'green' up the layout over the winter will take the GoPro for another ride, perhaps right behind a 141.
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    Forgot this little truck, not sure of its Pedigree, Also a Tad Irisished. Mix of Decals on this one, the reflective strips are from Studio Scale but need a white Decal or White paint for Behind it to be effective
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    Final thing on the go is a Class 80, I never want to build one of these again. What a chore. Not really a case of sticking the sides on a Coach. Over estimate the work on this. It is an MIR kit and Class 73 Power unit.
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    I seem to be able to upload photos from my phone again. Anyway,I got a few Provincial Wagon double stack beet wagons,so I have one completed.
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    Thanks Paddy for the order and the kind words! China are still working hard on the rest of the Ivory bubbles and should be finished in the next week or so. Then it's straight onto the Orange bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, weathering master Tony Mirolo sent us in a couple of pics of a pack he is working on. This is the lightest of the three weathering wise, apparently! Think they look top notch if I do say so myself!
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    Finally got the chance to give my bubble wagons a good inspection,. WOW ,. the level of detail is just outstanding, these wagons are exceptional . A big thank you must go to the four lads for bringing this community such amazing wagons,. Without their enthusiasm and commitment for our hobby ,.! well the wagons speak volumes. Thank you . Stephen,Fran,Patrick& Richie. ps as usual don't know if posted in right place.
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    112 at Waterford 12 years ago, slightly more than 12 in tow! Memories! Ernie
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    Well done team IRM. Cement Bubble wagons arriving at SDMRC show in Blackrock College.
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    Just a quick snap of a weathered set of ballasts, chap wants DIV 42, despite being on a different running number. First project of the rebuilt and relocated "workbench"! Weathering powders and hand applied highlights only. R.
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    Hope to be there in person to deliver to IRM tomorrow.. on this one I have a personal interest in having an on time delivery
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    Not the container train, unfortunately, but IWT are going above and beyond the line of duty to ensure the bubbles clear customs and are delivered directly to Blackrock tomorrow afternoon, so they deserve kudos for that. The shipment is due to land in Dublin around midday, and we'll have Flight Radar 24 on a laptop at the stand in the morning to keep track of its progress. Thanks to the SDMRC, we will have a back room set up where a quality control team will be on hand to give each pack the once-over. They'll then be forwarded to the stand in batches so we can keep a steady supply for customers from approximately 3.30pm onwards. The adrenaline is already coursing through the veins here at IRM Towers. There won't be much sleep this weekend, but it's nothing a strong cuppa and a steady supply of sandwiches won't sort out... Patrick
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    Jesus lads, Bundoran looking well there today!
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    GSV 3185 (BSK) continues. First coat of primer to reveal any filling blemishes. Next step is to fill the blemishes, insert the side grills, cut the water feeds at each end, and Keen systems suspended LMS gangways, B5 bogie kits from Replica, Bachmann oval buffers, modify the roof, add under frame fuel tanks, door steps, spray then decals from Studio Scale models, varnish, etc. As this is a Lima donor, the roof is also connected to clear plastic sides for the windows which slide inside the body in one piece, so will cut some of that away, but it will be useful to retain as its an easy snap fit which will allow me to fit out the interior at a later date and perhaps even add some DCC lighting and tail lamps. Flirting with the idea of leaving one of the guards door open, but might leave that for the next GSV which will be 3173 (BCK) which has a totally different door and window layout.
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    Many thanks for all your comments. This was all scratchbuilt apart from some small bits motor, wheels, buffers etc. It runs ok but a little loud but might improve if it ever gets run in.
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    In my experience over the last 5/6 years it is difficult to get the types of MK1 coaches jhb mentions. The types that are available are not really suitable as they have different configurations of doors/windows etc. While steam locomotives are more readily available these will need some work to make them passable.. Below are some photos an S class I converted from a Union Mills T9 . The photos show the T9 in its original form, the alterations I made to the sides and front and finally the finished article Union Mills T9 Alterations to one side Alterations to front Completed version
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    Glutton for Punishment Eamonn. Thing is do you hang on forever and hope IRM do a Ready to Run jobbie or jump in and buy a langar load of these yokes to have a play with!! I'll go with Playing!! Look forward to seeing them on your layout.
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    Next up is another Shapeways, The is the E class, Again rough ol sandpaper finish so Mr Surfacer and some Brass Etch from Mr Mayner. New Step is another coat of Varnish and then the Windows.
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    Heres the Latest purge in Clearing the Decks. Coupe of Jim poots Buses, These are normally simple models by The few I had here were the poorest I've seen, the roof were sagging, Needed Brass rod to straighten , Bodies were twisted so the glazing did not fit. In the end I think I got there and can consider these done. A Quick few snaps of them here.
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    The wagons are now almost complete, with 4/6 having couplings fitted this afternoon. Am kicking myself for not buying some more Kadees at ExpoNG last weekend... Painting was initially straightforward, Halfords grey primer being both under and top coat. Like many Irish vehicles, under frames are the same colour as bodywork, though get fairly dirty of course, so it was the usual Martyn Welch weathering mix [Humbrol 133 & 53] brush painted. Lettering came next, hand done, using a white gel pen. One of these days I will get round to acquiring a proper bow pen, but for now I find that the gel works ok as long as you don't look too close... The corrugated roofs got the same author's treatment, this time running a dilute weathering mix into the grooves and [once dry] dry brushing Humbrol 64 [light grey] to highlight the ridges. Bodywork then got an even more dilute mix of the weathering colour, then after an hour or so, once it was dry, but not fully 'set', I got to work with weathering powders. I find this works well in terms of the powders not needing to be sealed with varnish as they are fixed by the paint.
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    Could have flown them in on an Antonov.
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    Ah Jaysus lads - lost again? Fear not...me and the lads will get you home safe!!!

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