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    Hi everyone, While most of us were able to get out and enjoy the lovely weather for the past few days, poor Richie has been slaving away on the latest masterpiece as part of 'Project 42'; the Weedsprayer. Here's a look at the tanks so far. Please note that it is still a work in progress, with items to be added and revised before production, but we know you all like a glimpse of our stuff as it progresses!
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    Eric and Erne Second Sharp, Stewart 0-4-2T Erne has now joined Eric [aka Blackwater] in the fleet. However, as neither of them have any crew yet, their cab roofs are not fixed. What I can now do is [sort of] recreate the Vic Welch painting on the cover of the original book by Dr Patterson. Erne was spray painted in Ford Laurel Green [using a Halford's spray can] and hand lettered with a fine nibbed dipping pen - initially in white acrylic ink & then gone over with a dark yellow fine marker pen. After, a small amount of shading was put in with a 0.3mm black drawing pen. This method has also enabled me to do the overlapping 'CV' logo on both tanks' sides.
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    Start of google buildings on barrow street all 18 storeys. It will be awhile
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    Finally made the move and made a total restart in the shed, below you can see that I am now using all four walls of the shed and want to see those GNRi locomotives moving with lots of goods on board. Ultimately I want two lines to allow continuous movement around the shed with sidings at various locations. So I’m back at the design stage, again but much happier with the baseboards now. The board at the shed door lifts in and out easily.
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    I'm doing the valve gear, wheel weights & break gear on a Class 800 Gauge O kit- no. 801 'Macha' for a chap. A lot of parts for this are not supplied with the kit so have to be fabricated and decided to experiment with cutting them out CNC style!! Some mods to the crosshead and cylinders is required as the kit seems to be based on LNER valve gear and the 800 was a little different I took many photos of the model and imported them into cad and worked out the design for the crosshead system, a chassis hanger assembly to hold the H frame crosshead bar that was more applicable to the class. I also worked out the break stuff from 800 drawings and then got machining.... This is the machine now installed in a dust/noise cabinet- it's hard still to stay in the room when the spindle is up at full speed But it's fascinating to watch the parts appear out of the sheet of metal, this is a shot of the break hangers, wheel weights and crosshead hanger assembly in .5mm brass and complete Break shoes in 2mm Drelin being cut out, this is easier on the ears as the spindle is running much slower and complete This is the crosshead H bar parts and distinctive 800 crosshead bracket in .4mm nickel silver as these wont be painted All worked very well, looking forward to sticking it together......... Eoin
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    Captured this photo in Baltimore last week early one morning at 5:19am when this RNLI Tamar class AWB roared out to sea on a rescue under a setting moon moments before sunrise. A sort of cosmic changing of the guard. Can you imagine if the train lines in West Cork were still in operation today - they'd be busy from May to September with holiday traffic. The station in Baltimore closed in 1961. A magical moment as the moon sets over the old Friary on Sherkin Island
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    We saw the lovely 'Carrowbeg' at the recent Perth show which along with 'Old Blarney' was flying the flag for Irish outline modelling. We managed to get this shot of our bubbles, featuring some beautiful weathering, in action on the layout. The owner saw our stand and decided to add to his rake too! If you are thinking of doing the same and want to add ivory liveried bubbles to your rake, we suggest you do it soon, as we are down to our last few packs. Order now to avoid disappointment as it will be likely the last white bubbles we do for a long, long time. We have a few pack D left, and that's it, with A, B and C all sold out. https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles
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    Patrick and I did our first show in Britain this weekend, doing the Perth show sharing a stand with Dave of Model Rail Baseboards. Lots of love for the HUO and for IRM too, selling several bubble packs along the way! It was also good to see familiar faces from home and meet some new ones too. Great seeing two Irish outline layouts running IRM stock at the show too! Expect to see us both at future events in Blighty throughout this year and beyond.
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    Everything removed from the sheet, all the tabs removed by filing, holes broached up to size, and ready to assemble, on the left top is the steam valve rod guides, next to the right is crosshead stuff, next wheelweights, back down left are the crosshead bracket support to the chassis!.... you'll see in a while... Break shoes were .5mm slotted to fit with .5mm pin onto the hangers Break roding bars, the brass cross bars are filed a little on the edges to fit the bottom hole in the hangers, .6mm NS rods will be used for the lateral rods Complete, and will be attached to the chassis next time.... This is the valve gear kit that was supplied with the model, it's very close to the 800 stuff and with a little tweaking should be quite acceptable?? Eoin
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    Just finished a Provincial wagons side opening container.I used a Dapol Prestwin kit for the chassis,along with extra detail from Dart castings which include buffers and draw hooks.The Prestwin chassis is a bit short in length,but I am happy enough with it.
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    I needed a break from wiring so I finally got around to building a more appropriate signal cabin for Grange. Its a Ratio kit with new steps from a Dapol signal box kit.
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    Very understandable. Just such a shame to have a full IRM standard weedspray train only to have to shove my Silver Fox van in the middle of it. Like a weed in the middle of a flower bed.
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    Regarding early working, it appeared that rakes were intoduced as they got stock available. As the carriages were fitted out and painted, so they came into the usuable pool. One early set was as small as an EGV, Compo, Buffet and two standards on the evening Heuston-Tralee. The original intention seems to have been altered, given the modification of 5 Compos to Standards very quickly. The 1973 timetable, which was notable for more trains than ever, with two trains from Dublin to provincial destinations in the evenings, and two up the morning, one of the pair being fast by omitting smaller station stops. For the commencement of that timetable, 10 sets appear to have been made up, EGV, First or Compo, Buffet and 4 Standards. 8 sets were in use, four on links Dublin-Cork, which had firsts, and the other four did links which included the "best" train from Waterford, Tralee, Limerick and Galway to Dublin in the morning and down in the evening. Subsequent timetables saw retrenchment on the number of trains, but there was also growing passenger numbers so by the end of the 1970's, bigger sets were needed, which reduced the number of sets in use. Clearly there's a chunk of the 70's rather hazily covered there, which someone else might have better knowledge of. Messrs Carse and Gray did a carriage survey about 1980 for the IRRS Journal, and I'll see what was there later.
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    079 obviously had the kadee’s fitted, whilst the 20’ flat had an old dapol tension lock on it! 😛
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    Hi Noel, By the time the weedspray goes on pre-order I'm sure we will have a concrete answer on the van. Taking time to see if another model follows can be a risky game though, as we have some punters who decided to not buy ballast hoppers as we hadn't announced plough vans, and when we announced plough vans the first run of ballast wagons had sold out, meaning they missed out. We would hate to see the same happen to people with the weedsprayer. The plan this time is to let people know the van will be done by the time the weedsprayer goes on sale and we will do our best to do so. Cheers, Fran
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    Not Glengarriff, not much progress there at the moment because the heat in the loft is somewhat oppressive. Roll on the school holidays as in Haltwhistle they normally start the Halti Monsoon season which lasts for precisely the same time as the holidays! However today I was watching some of my old video's now on DVD when I came across a short extract of a layout my son and I started some 20 years ago based on a narrow gauge Sligo & Donegal junction railway in On30 scale I hadn't realised we had progressed so far with the layout until now. Here are some stills, I don't possess the technology or more likely the skills to upload the video! ERnie
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    Snapped 7078 and spray train in Mallow this afternoon
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    You're never alone with a clone... Hay fever season in these parts, so despite the nice weather, it is easier for me to lurk in the workshop. Back at Expo Narrow Gauge at the end of October, I bought a second Clogher Valley Sharp Stewart 0-4-2T kit from Ragstone Models. Unusually for me, it has been malingering on a shelf for the last eight months, so it seemed time to get it built, especially as I'd bought the additional bits and pieces from the Branchlines stand at the Chatham exhibition three weeks ago. There is not much point in re-iterating how I built it, for the kit is pretty painless and goes together really well. The etches are very accurate [little filler needed], with good quality castings and sensible instructions. It has got this far in just a week. Hence a clone of Blackwater, the first model. This one will be 'Erne' and as per the colour plate on Dr Patterson's book, is going to be green. As can be seen, it has already been given a witness coat of primer. The chassis rolled beautifully first time the rods were added and, unlike last time, I am not going to faff around with trying to make Joy valve gear as the motion is all hidden under the skirts. The only differences to Blackwater lie under the surface, as I somehow ended up with a 30:1 gearbox, instead of 40:1. Hence Blackwater will not be challenging it to a race.
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    Some work done on the model over the last couple of weeks Model of Signal box built by Dave Mirolo, lovely bit of modelling
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    Things have been moving along on the Flying Scot, just haven't had time to post stuff up- well here it is now...... Tender trims being installed with cyano glue Water access hatch and tender top parts being soldered on- 80deg pre soldered to brass parts and the white metal 70deg soldered on Tender top epoxied in White metal crew passage roof going on, using epoxy on this one as to close to the plastic for soldering, brass handrails and other fittings are epoxied to Helping hands while glue sets Tender cab parts- coal shoot, grill & crew door. The grill required a few rivets punched out More fittings going on- all cusps have been removed by filing on these parts in all photos Break handles, brackets and rear tender lamp irons drilled, cleaned up and brass rods prepared All epoxied on Rear lamp irons on and rear steps being prepared Steps folded up and the coal irons will be chemically blackened Steps and handrails epoxied on More tender cab handles, brackets n hooks being prepared Tender cab complete Brass fittings installed in coal area, all were epoxied in Corridor connection n hook next, the connector required some serious filing down on the sides to fit between the steps Gentile persuasion and its on- just with blu-tak for the moment Wheels off again for the last parts-guard irons, I kept this until last as they stick down below the frames and would have made all the above construction more difficult and they may have been damaged in the process- 80deg soldered on Tender is now complete- well except for painting n lining Eoin Now lets have a look at the whole thing Its just about ready for painting, some filling and adjustments required and I'm down to the last 3 packets of parts- the crew, the signs, and a bag of coal..... Eoin
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    Hi chaps, The model we will be producing will be the later round top version with the single smoke box door. During this period when freshly out-shopped from the works, they were always painted in grey. A few locomotives were individually treated, for example Cork shed out-shopped one with Black edging plus the occasional locomotive with Black Smokebox and chimney. The Black version is due to Customer demand for those whom would more likely be weathering them as seen in a lot of colour photographs, (These would have been painted grey to start with.) Thanks for posting the history chb171chill thats spot on, Its fantastic to see people are interested in this loco. We are still taking orders for the Class 101/J15 , if any of you are interested the info is all on our website www.ooworks.co.uk Cheers
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    Version 5 below fits on two 4' x 18" boards. Further compression and adjustments were made last night and a little poetic license with the length of the south end of west platform. Need to be able to get two coaches and a loco alongside without compromising the goods yard shunting, as this station was predominantly used for freight.
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    He also made two stationary steam engines, and started on a locomotive (only boiler & cylinders); the standard of workmanship on the latter was exceptional, and he parts moved very smoothly. He was an excellent wood-caver and turner too. He built a model also of a GSWR convertible ("soft-top") goods van, to a scale of about an inch and a quarter to the foot. It remains in actual GSWR paint. Apart from the above model (which he made as a toy for my father about 1920-ish), I don't have any of the other stuff, which a relative has. So at least it survives! It would be my hope that some day it can all be displayed alongside Maedb in Cultra.
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    Good evening all I have had a lengthy phone call tonight with Roderick of the excellent 00 Works, who as most will know is planning a launch of a RTR J15. After several previous conversations over the livery, I took some more photos of my grandfather's model, ninety years old at the moment. This was a coarse-scale 00 gauge model, but the photos are to show the grey paint which is original. Before photographing it in daylight, I took the precaution of checking that the paint hadn't faded or become discoloured as old paint can. The test proved positive, as they say, by filing away gently at a small section on the tender. So - this is what the GSWR replaced their lined black with, starting around 1915-8, and which the GSR and CIE continued with unaltered until the end of steam. I'm posting this for general interest as well as for Roderick's information - I can confirm that he has gone the IRM-style extraordinary lengths to ensure accuracy in all areas, a difficult thing with a long-lived cl;ass with so many examples - so these locos will be eagerly awaited. I'm sure I don't need to add that like any new model, it will come as it would have looked "out of the paint shop"; buyers can weather down - as the prototype would have had - to whatever extent preferred. The grey was known to darken in time, usually as a result of a combination of rare cleaning, big intervals between repaints, dirt and oily rags used for cleaning. Exact matching with colour card size will follow. It is - rightly - OO Works' intention to get this historically important (if dull!) livery properly right. The pictures follow earlier postings of mine, of the same engine in different light, including artificial.
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    Well...... Model went to Shapeways for printing. The system wouldn't accept the buffers, as the edge was too thin for their printers, so just left it with blank buffer beams - I can always add buffers later. € 58 lighter and 12 days later, a model was delivered to the door!! Cab roof and back were printed separately to allow me to provide detail with out the keyhole surgery!! Now the erudite among you might have noticed the the buffer beam is incomplete / broken, and the chimney appears to have been printed inside the smoke box! So a friendly chat with Shapeways will be needed to see what happened. They are not major issues, but other details appear to be good, so what's with these two errors? As for detail, rivets on the tank body did not render, however on the smoke box face and cab made the grade. It appears fine detail will render on flat surfaces, but not on curved shapes. A light coat of primer may help to raise more detail, as it is a little difficult to see the detail given the material its printed in. All in all, pleased with the result for the effort put in. Let see how this looks with some paint and sitting on a chassis. I may start a separate thread on the build of 495 rather than continuing here as the discussion has moved on from 3D printing. More soon......

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