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    Bit of news on the Fry Model Railway. Model Rail Baseboards have been commissioned to build the new layout for the Cyril Fry Model Railway Museum. The new layout will be 11mtr long x 4mtr wide in OO gauge.
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    Hi everyone, We have just received some decorated factory samples of the plough vans and here are some pics for you to enjoy. Yes, there should be no doors on the IE variant, that's just for us to assess them for the CIE one! Cheers, Fran
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    Final version of the footbridge installed
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    Patrick - your every wish ........ Here is the Great Man himself supervising the arrival of a beet special at Courtmacsherry. No need to tell you whose wagons they are? Andy did a lovely job of converting my Provincial Wagons Bulleid Corrugated opens to 21mm, as you can see Never being one to make demands, but I insisted on getting steam haulage - so with Andy's MGWR tank. St Molaga takes her turn on the beet and finally, last but not least ..... Argadeen takes a bow. This little engine was a great favourite of my late friend Lance King, who donated her nameplate to the RPSI's museum -the one from the other side is in the IRRS's HQ. Needless to say, the brake van was the inspiration for my latest wagon - the 10 ton GSWR brake. I clean forgot to show Andy my version - he's cursing my existence, as now people think his fine scratch-built van is my kit! Finally, a view of the harbour at Courtmacsherry - Another terrific layout from Andy. He says it's "incomplete", but this looks just great to me! Note the close supervision of the photographer by Andy - maybe he thought I had my eye on those lovely wagons - a mix of scratch built, John Mayne's kits etc. We spent time on Saturday night so that we could load up a display of Lance King's slides of Courtmacsherry and the CB&SCR and were able to display them on our monitor on the IRRS stand on Sunday - the wonders of modern technology! Arigna pics in the morning - I'm knackered after a weekend on my feet!
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    Gable end complete to google buildings.
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    Thanks everyone The cement wagons were painted last week, I think the blue on the curtain is too dark, but I also think that it might do when weathered.
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    Quite week on buildings for barrow street. Mock up made for pedestrian bridge to google buildings.
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    Herself is on the left by the way!
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    pedestrian bridge between building on grand canal quay. First effort soldering.
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    It's been some saga, but I am happy to report that this time next week we will be wrapping and packing parcels with lovely Tara goodness for dispatch, save for any more disasters!
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    A Class Insight: 018 in CIE Supertrain Livery, Staff snatchers, no CAWS, original windscreens Next up in our look at our A Class models is 018 in CIE Supertrain livery with original windows and staff snatchers, placing it firmly in the mid-70s to mid-80s condition as per the shot of 004 above. 018 entered traffic in January 1956, was rebuilt in July 1971 and was finally withdrawn from traffic in October 1992. 018 displays the classic Supertrain era A class, a livery and loco that is often seen as iconic in the late CIE era. Replicate this era on your layout, order one today! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/018-a-class-locomotive
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    A Class Insight: A23r, CIE Black & Tan Livery, as Rebuilt with 'dipped' tan band. This evening we look at A23r in Black and Tan livery, one that is remembered fondly on the network. When A23r and her sisters emerged from Inchicore after rebuilding, it was in this livery. This variant of the livery features a dipped band, which runs under the body-side grill, rather than through it, as illustrated here with special thanks to Jonathan Allen. A23 entered traffic in February 1956, was rebuilt in June 1971 and was withdrawn in October 1991. You can place your order for A23r here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/a23r-a-class-locomotive
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    Hi everyone, Sorry to have neglected this guide to our A class variants, but with Warley etc it's been very a very busy period for us. Anyway, today is 018 in Supertrain, Staff snatchers; no CAWS; original windscreens 018 will be in the same condition as 004 above, with original windscreens and snatcher equipment in the iconic SuperTrain livery. 018 entered CIE traffic in January 1956, was rebuilt in Inchicore in November 1970 and was withdrawn in September 1993. If 018 is the A for you, you can place your order here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/018-a-class-locomotive Cheers, Fran
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    Soldered the bogie side pattern details today, here are a few photos of the completed work;- They need a bit more cleaning up, some filling and painting and we're ready to make the moulds. The shock and torsion bar will not be moulded, these will be installed after the frames are cast for better detailing of the finished units. The new 8' bogie units and other parts ordered from Dart Castings 3 weeks back have gone astray in the post! so procedures on the laminate kit build has ground to a halt...... Eoin
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    Weathering is coming along nicely, had sent the six coaches and fifteen bubbles so it was a big job, plus the gent is working shifts but I'm in no rush. Here is the generator van, I asked for a good medium dirty weathering application. I think I got exactly what I was looking for. Bubbles also are really good looking. Mark
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    The “Green’n’Grey Era” at its best; A7 included, of course. As can be seen, A7 has one of the painted steel “snails” attached. Some had this, some didn’t.
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    Diesel Depot receives my trade-mark mirrors at each end for an infinity/continuity illusion:
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    Here is a new project for 2019, a Class 800 Gauge 1 built by Brendan Kelly, it's in the workshop for cylinder parts, valve gear, coupler rods, and bake system work. I couldn't resist posting up some photos- it's a beast You'll have to wait until after Christmas to see more.......... Eoin
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    Thanks David. I'll try the next time. photos of completed bridge 3 ft rule applies
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    I have fitted two Quad Tower Yard Lights (from Model Rail Baseboards) to Diesel Depot. One is being repaired by a technician with a good head for heights!
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    Didn't seem too bad. The aisles were mostly fairly wide, though there were obviously pinch points at the most popular layouts and traders. Forgot to say that the most heard comment at Arigna was how did I make my washing line work? A sheet and two pillow cases were blowing nicely because the was a continuous draft, both from the ventilation system and because the outside doors nearby were regularly opened to let in disabled visitors. Managed to convince one or two that the washing was DCC controlled... Another nice moment was when I looked up to see a young man running his hands over my stock in the fiddle yard. After a moment's panic, realised he was blind, or very nearly, so normal services suspended so we could have a chat and let him explore further.
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    version 2 of the pedestrian bridge
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    001 kept the highlighted numbers for many years afterwards which kind of made it unique .
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    A little teaser for the next loco on the bench. 0-6-2T DSER loco with distinctive rear tanks and bunker. More soon....

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