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    Noel A one man operation as you say is correct, punching way above his weight division methinks At the upcoming 3 day MRSI show IN Raheny over this coming Bank Holiday Weekend 25 -27th he will be launching 4 new 201's 2 X NIR , 208 River Lagan, 209 River Foyle & 2 x Enterprise 203 River Bandon in original livery, 233 River Clare same as 203 but with full yellow face He is flying in a pallet load for the show and the remainder is coming by sea and should be here a week or so later Paddy himself usually has a display of all his MM stuff at the show and there may be some pre production Mk 2 Supertrain coaches on show as well Check out the MRSI Website or Facebook page for a list of all attending the 3 day show

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