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    Hi all - 'tis myseff back in action again with more shenanigans - and before i go on like a broken record, 'tis great to be here and i love the site revamp! I purchased a hornby M7 for 40 notes on ebay ''dother day with a view to making it into an Irish loco, namely a GSR class 279, funnily enough numbered 279! The idea came to me after consuming a few gulps of uncle Arthur(God bless the man!) and finding the said loco in the book 'locos of the GSR'. The project took as much time as it took me to consume 4 cans of the holy stuff - the most time being given to the decal removal and masking for the final spray. So, body separated from the chassis, whistles removed from the done and same filled with model plastic, brake fluid used very effectively on removing the decals, (pause for breath)...then the reduction of the bunker height. Decals removed with a cocktail stick and after a wash down and a quick dry with my seldom used hair dryer - she was sprayed with a can of matt black paint from Halfords, after masking the buffer beams and windows with blue tack. (no fecking messing here!!!) So after all paint dried and blue tack removed , the whole shebang was lovingly slapped back together to produce this baby................Shes not perfect and a few bits more need to be done like her new number but shes mine and she has got her Irish passport!!
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    Hope to be there in person to deliver to IRM tomorrow.. on this one I have a personal interest in having an on time delivery
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    Not the container train, unfortunately, but IWT are going above and beyond the line of duty to ensure the bubbles clear customs and are delivered directly to Blackrock tomorrow afternoon, so they deserve kudos for that. The shipment is due to land in Dublin around midday, and we'll have Flight Radar 24 on a laptop at the stand in the morning to keep track of its progress. Thanks to the SDMRC, we will have a back room set up where a quality control team will be on hand to give each pack the once-over. They'll then be forwarded to the stand in batches so we can keep a steady supply for customers from approximately 3.30pm onwards. The adrenaline is already coursing through the veins here at IRM Towers. There won't be much sleep this weekend, but it's nothing a strong cuppa and a steady supply of sandwiches won't sort out... Patrick
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    Ah Jaysus lads - lost again? Fear not...me and the lads will get you home safe!!!
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    It makes me want to burst someone in the management that provide the Coast Guard rescue services after seeing that program on prime time last night! The money pinching feckers have no duty of care to the brave crews that go out on rescue missions with sub standard equipment.....and then nobody knows who is responsible for the oversight of the operation? Heads must roll and the government must step in to rectify all the safety concerns as a top priority to prevent a repetition of what happened the crew of 116. Rant over
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    Just a quick snap of a weathered set of ballasts, chap wants DIV 42, despite being on a different running number. First project of the rebuilt and relocated "workbench"! Weathering powders and hand applied highlights only. R.
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    Could have flown them in on an Antonov.
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    While we receive the first shipment of bubbles this weekend, the factory in China is working hard to get the rest of them ready. No better modellers in my opinion!
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    Jesus lads, Bundoran looking well there today!
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    Hi all,Ive finally got back around to starting a few bits and pieces so i thought it wouldnt do any harm to post a few bits along the way.I did post an NIR ballst wagon which i had re sprayed some time last year which i got positive feedback on so i will also be finishing them off at some stage.Here is some IE auto-ballasters that ive been working on.Ive added a ballast load and gave them a bit of a weathering and tail lamps added which are from SSM.I have done four with two more to be finished which will make a nice rake of six with two generators at both ends.
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    Kinda weird all right, keep seeing parts that could have been improved and then I start getting annoyed, the load itself in particular, but shur learning curve and all that. I'm going to do something special with my own rake; custom loads, etched brake levers and the guide, maybe even swap out a hopper for a curved version. Rp-25/88 wheelsets too, for a more finescale look. Bugger all else can really be done... Dcc operating hopper doors?!?! 😆 When the Chinese (great bunch of lads) cut the steel, for additional fidelity, and shillings, they can "Polish the tool".. snigger.. when the plastic is injected, it's near flat as glass and has an eggshell finish. As a wagon, trying to be impartial, it does take powders and washes exceptionally well as a model, and definitely benefits from a bit of distressing,especially to take that shine off. I've a pair of scrathbuilt E-classes on the bench too, both types, and hopefully a full build "splash" to go with, give yiz all a break from the IRM craic. R. Edit - I may have lied - there's the full range of MIG JIMENEZ weathering powders arriving at HQ and some models.... 😆.. I may get distracted.
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    One more sleep! We are all set up and ready for a weekend of model railway fun at the South Dublin Model Railway Club show in Blackrock college. The bubbles are ready for takeoff in Dubai and should be with us by 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. We will will reveal our new product at 11am! See you tomorrow!
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    Back in style heirflick Nice tank 279 coming on there Eoin
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    Just saw your post now Pat thanks for clarifying that and the best of luck on Saturday looking forward in getting mine in November. Rich,
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    It's Isle of Inishmore in 1:76, with sound and smoke.
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    Reading Fran's post yesterday was exciting news. Seeing your post just now is even better Seamus . It's great to see you posting again, you were missed man. I hope everything is good with yourself and that we will see you posting again on a regular basis. This has made my day. Rich
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    Exciting. I hope it's a loco!
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    Superb David. What sublime realism.

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