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    I got my bubbles today. Delighted with them.
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    I seem to be able to upload photos from my phone again. Anyway,I got a few Provincial Wagon double stack beet wagons,so I have one completed.
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    A bit of fun with a short video clip taken from a moving model train. The quality is not great due to poor lighting and I accidentally had the camera on LQ mode. The GoPro was a birthday present. It does give a whole new perspective down at that level when you become a 1/76 scale model of yourself looking at the trains go bye. I popped it on a flat wagon in the middle of a rake of Irish Cement wagons (IRM's finest). I had expected loads of camera shake especially running over points but it was much steadier than I had expected. After I 'green' up the layout over the winter will take the GoPro for another ride, perhaps right behind a 141.
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    The wagons are now almost complete, with 4/6 having couplings fitted this afternoon. Am kicking myself for not buying some more Kadees at ExpoNG last weekend... Painting was initially straightforward, Halfords grey primer being both under and top coat. Like many Irish vehicles, under frames are the same colour as bodywork, though get fairly dirty of course, so it was the usual Martyn Welch weathering mix [Humbrol 133 & 53] brush painted. Lettering came next, hand done, using a white gel pen. One of these days I will get round to acquiring a proper bow pen, but for now I find that the gel works ok as long as you don't look too close... The corrugated roofs got the same author's treatment, this time running a dilute weathering mix into the grooves and [once dry] dry brushing Humbrol 64 [light grey] to highlight the ridges. Bodywork then got an even more dilute mix of the weathering colour, then after an hour or so, once it was dry, but not fully 'set', I got to work with weathering powders. I find this works well in terms of the powders not needing to be sealed with varnish as they are fixed by the paint.
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    From what I recall from travelling in GM cabs back in the day, the bouncing is fairly realistic.
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    Ok, work is in progress, sound gone, camera up front, behind cab windows. Not sure if this is going to work, but will give it a try for fun. Will post video clip later. I don't know why but this little contraption reminds me of a nuns habit from the 1960s! You know, Black'n'White in a Black'n'Tan era.
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    Video of IRM's Irish Cement tanker wagons
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    Hmm! It's a bit of fun but this doesn't really do it for me. As Marilyn Monroe once famously said "It doesn't blow my skirt up" But it was fun trying. The wagon needs more weight to stop it wobbling and the camera needs to be closer to the cab windows and a little higher to get a view of the track ahead.
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    That's a nice first attempt. It also reveals what an impressive layout you have! Now my suggestion.... Maybe avoid using the music...The sound of the loco up front seemed to be very life like in the clip...It was just drowned out with the music....
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    Thanks Paddy for the order and the kind words! China are still working hard on the rest of the Ivory bubbles and should be finished in the next week or so. Then it's straight onto the Orange bubbles. Speaking of bubbles, weathering master Tony Mirolo sent us in a couple of pics of a pack he is working on. This is the lightest of the three weathering wise, apparently! Think they look top notch if I do say so myself!
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    If you’re ever in the Omagh area anyone on this forum is welcome to visit for a cup if tea and tour of the new garden shed, home of everything Irish GNRi.
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    Then the roof was slip rolled and sized up, it comes short at the sides! ah thats for the gutters, those little 1x.4mm brass lengths below in the photo. The gutters were sweated onto the roof sides and the roof and cab were jigged up as below. Spacers were used to support the curve of the roof, aluminium ones under the gutters so they wont stick, and mild pressure applied with jiggery-poke to line it all up. Tack soldered first and then soldered all over while still in the jig. and done, a nice little cab with straight and perpendicular bits and the gutters stayed in place! Eoin
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    Love the look of them crossing the bridge Eamonn.Really is top class
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    Have to say it looks great .Some adjustment to be able to see rails ahead and also blank the two holes for the lights and it should look very realistic.
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    It looks particularly well on the bulleid.
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    Good idea Dave. I had only taken the GoPro out of its box and was excited trying to learn how to use it - I never read manuals. I was trying to recreate the view from the back of a train forward to see the loco and forward wagons snaking into view around bends. Might also try a shot from a flat right behind the loco, or even from behind cab windows looking forward - off now to see if the cab from an MM 141 that I sacrificed as a donor for C class might do the job. Another good idea. The GoPro without its mounts fits perfectly on a flat wagon but doesn't move around due to its rubber skin, and its small enough to clear the loading gauge (i.e. fit under foot bridges, bridges, etc). Anyway it was just an excuse to 'play' but I was impressed with the '1/76 scale little people' view passing close to other stock and station.
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    And maybe try a better version of the "passenger's eye view" that I had to use a 45 degree mirror for?
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    Noel Might I suggest that you put the Pro Go on a flat wagon in front of your loco and push it along? Should give a much better view of the layout
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    Heavens, Eamonn, you Wexford men work quickly - you only got the kits from me a week ago! The corrugated open is a thing of "beauty" - your weathering really makes it look the part. Great stuff! Leslie
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    Very nice Eamonn.Great to see you back posting your work again.
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    They really do look the part especially with Ballybeg as a superb backdrop.
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    IRM tours? Now that's an idea, after the successful visit by some of us to the Downs of Patrick a few years ago. A visit to Tony, plus maybe Donegal Railway Museum? Or Headhunters in Enniskillen? Moderators - maybe something worth considering?

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