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    Look forward to seeing what it is when it launches Pat, and the best of luck guys. Rich,
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    Well, we can now reveal that this survey mission was for something else entirely. The photo was taken 'somewhere on the eastern side of the Irish Sea' because early in the new year we'll be launching into the UK market with a new brand called Accurascale. The tooling process is already underway for the first products in this range, although you'll have to wait until February 1st to see what they are. And don't worry, this won't affect production timelines for IRM products...
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    Interesting development! Best of luck with the new venture.....
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    Best wishes to four extremely nice gentlemen,. Hope this is a huge success for you also. looks like I'll be parting with the rest of my communion money you already have. Good luck.
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    A clever and logical progression. Enterprising and good business. Best of luck to Stephen and the gang. I have no doubt they will have even greater business success in the much larger market.
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    Best of luck guys.. does this mean the ammonias are a shoe in for the next project(6??)since very similar wagons ran in the U.K. for ICI?
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    You don' need to see me in my speedos.....
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    Hi Gerhard You don't have to be embarrassed Gerhard there is just so much stuff out there on the shelf as such, that there is very little point in trying to make the bits that do the work, but to use that time to make the the pretty bits we all look at. As for the white metal castings these can still be purchased from the 5.5mm Society from Mike Savage at:- http://www.5andahalf.info/pdf/prices.pdf email him on m.savage80@ntlworld.com The loco kit itself from Worsley Works http://www.worsleyworks.co.uk/NG/NG_Irish.htm As for wheels & axles I would suggest Markits:- http://www.markits.com/ The catalogue can take up some time to look through so make sure you have a cup of Tea or Coffee to hand before you start Motors and gear boxes can be obtained from Brian at Branchlines sadly he has no website but you can contact him at the following email address:- Brian Osborne on sales@branchlines.com Ask him to send you his downloadable motor and gearbox sheet, I think you will find a lot of information on it Another supplier of motors and drive units is Nigel Lawton 009 at http://www.nigellawton009.com/VeeTipper.html These aren't the only suppliers out there, I am sure there are others, But I have not dealt with anyone else so far. Some one who may be able to help out is Roxey Mouldings at http://www.roxeymouldings.co.uk/ or dave@roxeymouldings.co.uk In the case of useful research to help fellow modellers I have come across this:- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/1121-motors-and-gearboxes-notes-on-types-and-uses/ I haven't read it but it looks useful For gearboxes have a look at this site:- http://www.djhmodelloco.co.uk/motors-gearboxes-oo-ho-scale/ One last place to look at is the 3SMR site:- http://www.3smr.co.uk/motors.html As you can see so much of it is now made it is just a case of working out what you want and buying it all in. 3SMR are one of the places I get my 12mm gauge axles from Hope this lot helps Colin
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    The Mojo is still fine and I am ploughing through some 20ft Flats I have had for 6 years I'd say in the Stash. There was a Mix of 4 Resins and 2 sturdy white Metal Jobbies. 2 Came with plastic containers and the Remainder had Beer kegs on them. These are from MIR and the Resin ones are a bit poor as the frames are like Bananas but can be straightened out. I have one more to complete with just the brake rodding, gear and pipes to stick on. A test run of them signal a big problem with the Wheel Set provided. They just would not stay on the track m Maybe a combination of such a light wagon and Scale wheels, the Code 75 did not like them of visa versa. I ended up putting some Hornby Wagon wheel Sets in and hey presto they not negotiate the point work. I did get a great kick of seeing these rumble along the 10ft bit of track I have live after the graft to finish em. The plain containers needed to be built and painted and these will be CIE Orange. bit more to do on the KC's the Bus Eireann Orange is on and will be masked shortly and then the green will go on. Also finished the Decals on the Van Hool and sealed with a coat of Gloss. A Satin coat will now be put on that model. Al clad Satin as the Humbrol stuff is gone to pot.
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    Hi I picked up a few odds n ends at the Stillorgan Show yesterday that could work on this project - motors, bogies and things.... This looks like an early spud motor? and is the most suitable and a chap brought in a Halling motor, to the show, to give me a look see, thanks Joe, great to see and photo it Should be able to get something going from this lot Eoin
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    Two intrepid modelling travellers made a pilgrimage to Wexford last week to receive a guided tour of four stunning layouts. We were treated to multiple stock operations on the layouts. A huge thank you to 'Irishrailwayman' for his hospitality and showing two visitors some of his wonderful layouts. Llangollen - N gauge - After seeing this stunning layout and its incredible detail I was won over to N gauge. Llangollen - N gauge - There is so much detail your eyes almost miss it. For example the kayakers in the river, the insides of buildings, drapes, curtains and roller blinds, the roof detail, weeds, weathering, it is a master class. The road traffic can changed to match the period of railway stock from 1930s right up to the 00s. Cynwyd - N gauge - West country BR scenes right up my street. Just reeking of the 1950s, and a GWR pannier tank to push me off my perch. Ballybeg - Stunning scene outside a country pub - the placement and use of figures makes it totally realistic and alive Ballybeg - Lock scene of a summers day - again this layout is alive with model humans doing real life. Amazing! Ballybeg - Signal box - wow, one working and one looking on as the kettle boils on the stove Ballybeg - Beautiful B101 running with stunning DCC sound chip (similar to BR class 24 engine) Thank you Gerry for your time and hospitality. Your work is totally inspiring.
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    Thanks BosKonay, hadn't noticed the minimised area with the list of members in line , guess I'll have to go back to Specsavers ......
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    Folks, you've probably all seen this, but the December British Railway Modelling has an article on this far-famed 3mm Irish layout - while I don't think that the photos do full justice to the work of Steve, Mick and Alan, it's well worth a look. The other place to admire the layout (if you can't catch up with it at a show) is Model Railway Journal No.249 - for me that showed the superb weathering on wagons etc that the guys have achieved. Getting back to BRM - the same edition has "World's End" which was at Bangor recently; and the huge and remarkable Burtisland. Well worth the money for once? Leslie
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    All the Talk about 20 odd+ wagons, I was lucky enough to See this little consist back in '07 at the Junction. Loads of power for the 4 wagons!! 1.3 packs and your sorted
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    Frames parted and cleaned up with files n emery paper on a stick Axle bearing holes were checked for fit The frame spacers 90 deg folds were treated to a nice fillet of solder and then soldering the frames commenced, working with tacking the spacers to the frames first, checking the angles and then soldered complete, front n rear spacers first with one to each frame All done except the fire grate and grate sides inside the frames- hard to photo on the phone- shiny thing..... Setting up the axle jig to solder the axle bearings in All jigged up with the drive rods installed Sit the jig axles on something straight n level- very tiny rock across the jig diagonally, shall remove that as the bearings are soldered in this set up- jiggery-poke stuff again Have to put it away now- looks cool- I like doing stuff like this, especially if it works Eoin
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    Moving on.... Here is one I done a while back of NIR 80 Class in Enterprise Swril. Front image supplied by Milepost98 on Flickr, with permission....
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    The 'Bubbles' after I had set them down in Thurles shortly before the cement was stopped by rail forever. Loved working the Cement jobs as they were grand & relaxing...except when they shunted you out of the way for a passenger train which was nowhere near ya Prefered working these babies though!!
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    OK not sure how this is going to work out but here goes I have taken some photos in not ideal conditions I may add but these are the Mike Chinery Bogies as you now get them I hope these help. In the kit you get the main bogie casting itself two side frames a motor mount casting and some etchings for the flyweights. Colin
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    Forgot this little truck, not sure of its Pedigree, Also a Tad Irisished. Mix of Decals on this one, the reflective strips are from Studio Scale but need a white Decal or White paint for Behind it to be effective

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