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    LATEST NEWS FROM CHINA!! FIRST LOOK AT ORANGE BUBBLES!!! We've just received these images of our orange bubbles from China which will be shipping to us in the coming weeks in time for Christmas! We love how the detail really pops out on the grey chassis in particular! What do you think of them? We are doing two packs of these beauties which you can order now via www.irishrailwaymodels.com/shop. They're certain to prove very popular.
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    Hi Lads, Hard to get out to the shed with this flipping cold snap but did a wee bit more on the few buses. I have ordered some more transfers from Sunrise in the UK to finish the KC2 off. Hopefully they will come sooner that later. The Dart feeder would be a nice little Additional to Eoins Darts. Maybe a train pack and and bus at some stage!! The Van Holl is nearly complete with just the window frame to do and the bottom floor to Cement in place.
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    Packs B and C arrived to me today. I am delighted with them,and I think they look nice with 112.
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    Now they do look cool in that livery. The pressure gauge really stands out more with the orange livery. It would be very hard to weather them and obliterate that lovely finish. Another winner on your hand's men. Rich,
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    Absolutely stunning - even better that livery - well done lads (again!)
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    I always vowed not to buy these as they are way out of my time frame but those photos are starting to weaken my resistance!!!😄 Look stunning.
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    WOW,. They look brilliant,. your right Fran the detail on the chassis really stands out,. Glad I ordered these as well. great work guys.
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    I'm very lucky to have four superb orange examples built, painted and weathered by @Georgeconna. They go very nicely with the new IRM ivory bubbles.
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    Blimey, 'they' are watching us, keep your heads down...
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    Those Alan Gibson wheels must be worth a fortune!
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    They look smashin' on that wee layout!
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    Really excellent looking again. It's funny I thought my favourite colour was the Irish Cement ivory livery. However since I originally ordered my IRM rake, in the intervening period I bought four of George's lovely MIR builds in Bray last year from DB, and discovered I really liked the orange livery. Hmmm - I could be very tempted to buy one or two packs of these to go with the ivory ones especially since seeing the pic of mixed liveries earlier in this tread. I never noticed before that ladders on the orange wagons are all the one colour without the white on the lower rungs. Well done again team IRM.
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    Still reckon its hard to beat the old MIR Bubbles
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    Vernier Callipers. This I find the best dial calliper to use on plastic models- Marks Models usually have these in stock. It's a €10.00 dial calliper with a shortened beam- to fit in ones pocket, and a tapped in M2 screw to lock the free leg to the beam to hold a measurement. The plastic ones are user friendly to models as the metal ones are quite sharp on the edges and I found they mark models very easily where one does not want a mark! Dials are better than batteries for the obvious reason. One point on this unit- I found the fingers are not perpendicular to the beam so as long as you know this and allow for it, its fine.... Eoin
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    The new bogie spoil wagons are being loaded with spent ballast from a recent overnight ballast cleaning project at the junction, they are being hauled by loco 080.
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    I tested out mine yesterday at WMRC. They are excellent runners.
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    Yes, it is indeed the GSWR one. The MGWR one was a very different design indeed, with curved end corner panoramic windows but no open balcony. It was twelve wheeled and was probably the single most luxurious railway carriage ever to run in Ireland. Incidentally, any MGWR coach or wagon which survived into the GSR or CIE era had an "M" after its number, thus an ex-MGWR coach no. 139 would now be 139M.
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    Not really concerned about the couplings one way or the other Brought some Bubbles for a jaunt this afternoon One 141 was able to pull them all but I thought 2 would look better
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    Hi Richard. Small point it looks like GSWR saloon 353 which survived in service until 1964. Looks a nice model interesting to see that you have incorporated NEM pockets in the bogie design.
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    Ah, come on, now - we've all got in the wrong side when we've had a few...

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