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    Thinking of putting a breathalyzer on the phone Eoin
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    Does anybody know exactly which shade of tan it was that they didn't have?
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    Hi all, . Didn't want to take the mk2a thread off topic,. so thought I would throw this about and see what happens. Now I could be wrong , but I think there are more than a few likeminded people as well as myself who would . really like to see the above Dutch van ,in my case both unrebuilt and rebuilt being produced to a high spec, . Preferably by the IRM team. ( no pressure lads) . Maybe if we had enough intrest the lads or someone . might give it some serious consideration ( just a thought) and not trying to take anything away from what . the lads are planning. I know in the recent poll the Dutch van didn't make any waves, . But maybe just. maybe someday ? . regards john
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    Holy moly - by accident just stumbled upon all these new coach releases on SF's web site. Mama mia B&T 1960s heaven CIE Open 3rd CIE Buffet car Bulleid Heating Van Modified Bulleid Heating Van Six Wheel Heating Van TPO Bulleid Hooded Luggage Van
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    Hi Mods/Admin. For some reason I can not access the US/Canadian section of IRM. I get message saying I do not have permission to view this content and error code 1F176/3 Regards, John
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    2 packs of each Railer so 8 coaches in total Pack MM 4101 IR 4101 & 4108 IR Livery, both coaches in a 4101 box Pack MM 4102 IR 4102 & 4110 IR Livery both coaches in a 4102 box Pack MM 4108 IE 4101 & 4108 IE Livery both coaches in a 4108 box Pack MM 4110 IE 4102 & 4110 IE Livery both coaches in a 4110 box Pictures of these coaches on Page 5 of the Lima Murphy Models thread
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    G602 had a bit of black/orange tarpaulin thrown over it when stored in Inchicore during the 1970s, and at a quick glance a photo may give the impression of black/tan colour. Incidentally one of the Silverfox models now and again shows what the livery may have looked like on the G601s.
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    .......But not in traffic. Delivered plain green - which could conceivably been undercoat - with no markings at all, but repainted black'n'tan before turning a wheel. No - black'n'white only! The G601 were never tan-inclusive!
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    Hi Railer if you still have this next month, I’d be very interested. I’ve exhausted this months budget on other Murphy Models items and this is the only 201 livery I’m missing. Many thanks Pat
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    Hay Wrennie I think the gyro is a bit off on that drone Nice old bubbles though..... Eoin
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    Packs B and C arrived to me today. I am delighted with them,and I think they look nice with 112.
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    Hi Lads, Hard to get out to the shed with this flipping cold snap but did a wee bit more on the few buses. I have ordered some more transfers from Sunrise in the UK to finish the KC2 off. Hopefully they will come sooner that later. The Dart feeder would be a nice little Additional to Eoins Darts. Maybe a train pack and and bus at some stage!! The Van Holl is nearly complete with just the window frame to do and the bottom floor to Cement in place.
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    Nicely weathered Noel.
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    The new bogie spoil wagons are being loaded with spent ballast from a recent overnight ballast cleaning project at the junction, they are being hauled by loco 080.
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    The Mojo is still fine and I am ploughing through some 20ft Flats I have had for 6 years I'd say in the Stash. There was a Mix of 4 Resins and 2 sturdy white Metal Jobbies. 2 Came with plastic containers and the Remainder had Beer kegs on them. These are from MIR and the Resin ones are a bit poor as the frames are like Bananas but can be straightened out. I have one more to complete with just the brake rodding, gear and pipes to stick on. A test run of them signal a big problem with the Wheel Set provided. They just would not stay on the track m Maybe a combination of such a light wagon and Scale wheels, the Code 75 did not like them of visa versa. I ended up putting some Hornby Wagon wheel Sets in and hey presto they not negotiate the point work. I did get a great kick of seeing these rumble along the 10ft bit of track I have live after the graft to finish em. The plain containers needed to be built and painted and these will be CIE Orange. bit more to do on the KC's the Bus Eireann Orange is on and will be masked shortly and then the green will go on. Also finished the Decals on the Van Hool and sealed with a coat of Gloss. A Satin coat will now be put on that model. Al clad Satin as the Humbrol stuff is gone to pot.
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    Hi Glenderg I did get paint on it tonight, its excellent, one can manipulate the chassis on the jig or move the whole lot for those hard to reach spots! Even stand it up vertically, should have made one of these ages ago... Eoin
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    Chassis Painting Jig When painting large chassis the usual option is to paint one side, wait for it to dry, and then turn it over and paint the other. I would like to paint the whole in one go- saves time and gets a better all covering coat in the one go.... So I made this- a chassis mounting & turning jig 19mm plywood base, 19mm MDF uprights- one fixed and the other adjustable, two 10mm dia aluminium rods with threaded holes- for attaching aluminium brackets from the chassis to. The MDF is drilled to a snug fit on the rods and actually holds the chassis in any position, there is a M4 pinch bolt in a threaded insert on one of the MDF uprights if needed. The brass knurled rotating knobs and brass rod stops are not fully required to make it work, but it makes a better jig and finishes it nicely. Eoin

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