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    Anyway, back to the orange bubbles. Look what turned up bright and early this morning (and I don't mean Patrick!) We are currently ploughing through quality control and packing with the first lot of shipments leaving very shortly with our courier! We are also delighted to say that half the orange run is now sold, which is amazing as we only announced them less than two months ago! Remember, if you would like to get your hands on them before Christmas, we thoroughly recommend you place your order before lunchtime tomorrow (Wednesday, December 20th) if you wish to avail of courier service to Ireland and the UK.
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    For those curious about what a freshly outshopped orange bubble looked like, here's one of the photos we used as a reference point. Thanks to Barry Carse for providing his photo for research purposes, and for allowing us to post it here now.
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    Finally got the baseboards complete, as can be seen by the pictures below. I have build all the baseboard frames in modular sections of 750mm x 350mm. This was deliberate, they are all the same length, more or less and the opening that will become a hinged board to complete the circuit is also 750mm. The last piece I was working on today was the section to the right that will feature the turntable. I just have to add little triangular fillers to smooth the curves out at the top baseboard inner corners. Lots of nice 9mm birch ply.
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    I been awhile since I last posted an update. Been doing a bit more on the station house.
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    The actual process is very stressful. We've RAL and Pantone colour cards (damned expensive too) that we have to eyeball and colour match to what's in a photograph. But we go a step further and get out thaul paint and airbrushes*. As happened on the orange, I made up a batch of paint that I thought matched a colour, put it on wagon, and after 3 days decided it wasn't right, and started all over again. Once you commit, it gets converted to another system in Asia - Colour Matching System, so any slight error can be the difference between Maunsell Green, and Aer Lingus Green. I've seen it happen to another manufacturer recently where they had to bin a run of loco shells (this is public info btw) where even though they specified the same RAL colour, two different factories provided different shades. Richie. *There's no we, it's just me
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    The blue strips appear to be some kind of tape, possibly used to hold the ‘Bulk Cement’ stencil in place while the paint was applied.
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    Fintonagh's PECO N gauge turntable has been adapted by adding an extra layer above the well, so with a wider/thicker deck for 21mm track, it is now 168mm diameter, so a scale 42' in 4mm scale - or more to the point 27' for 7mm narrow gauge. It happily takes my developing CVR Railcar, though as you can see, the overhangs are prodigious! Arigna's Dapol/Airfix TT scales out at 60' in 4mm scale. As you can see, I again made it longer, in order to take the railbus and G2 in 7mm scale.
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    The picture at Bray above has a strong blue cast which i have corrected so you can compare.
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    Very realistic assembly line, impressed!
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    Work continues on the 20ft skeletal container wagon rake. Four more painted bauxite (railmatch acrylic 235). They are awkward to airbrush and waste a lot of paint due to the need cover all the shaded angles of the skeletal chassis. Ready for decals and weathering. These will be used to haul C-Rail 20ft Bell containers in mixed goods traffic formations behind B&T locos. The 3D kit was supplied by ifm and is quick and easy to assemble.
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    Makes sense. In that case I have no idea how your layout will turn out! Paul
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    A little more progress, but will rest and leave until tomorrow......
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    Tony, if your woodwork is anything to go by this is going to be one cracking layout. Can't help you on the track plan, I've always been in the dark on this art. All I can say is I followed the plan for Ballymena as much as I could to the space available and tried to envisage trains running on the lines in all directions to make sense of positioning crossovers correctly. Look forward to more. Paul
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    Excellent work - looking forward to this build!!
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    If there's enough demand for it, we will do them. It probably will depend on how quick the orange bubbles go, as they would be a lot more popular one would have thought.
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    That grey livery didn't last very long at all, only a few years so only a short modeling window, also the last batch of bubbles built were turned out in orange, they never carried the grey livery as it was phased out before they were built. Love to see a model myself, not sure the lads will do a run.
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    The one at Bray looks best. The "mustard" and also the unnaturally dark shade apparently shown in the pic at Ardrahan are not at all accurate. They are the result of in one case under-, and the other case over-exposure of the camera film. All three carriages are exactly the same colour. No weathering or wear comes into it; it's the photo in each case.
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    nowhere near enough demand for someone like PECO to touch it, it took them 20 years to bring out a 00 bullhead rail with more or less correct sleepering
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    The earliest changes into "Supertrain" were 1972. The first locos I personally ever saw were that year - a pair of 121s about to leave Heuston with a mixed train of laminates, Park Royals and a few Cravens for Cork. Both were pristine new - the first thing I noticed was the sparkling clean orange cab roofs. I am unaware of actual dates when each particular loco was repainted, but as mentioned above, all were repainted over the next few years. I recorded 145 on the northbound goods shunting in Tuam in 1976, still in B'n'T, and an unidentified PAIR of 141s still B'n'T on the up Westport at Claremorris in 1978; days later I saw another B'n'T in Drogheda as part of a pair, the other being Supertrain. Unless you're modelling an actual year or month, and you're aware of an actual painting date for a particular loco, a mix of BnT and Supertrain is completely appropriate for any year 1972-80; this applies not only to the 121, 141 and 181 class, but (pre-1978) the extremely few remaining 101s, then only seen much on weedsprays and ballast.
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    Yes, we all have our preferences, and if I decide to buy some bubbles and repaint them tartan, it's nobody's business but mine, of course! 😃 However, in terms of "toy-like", I can confirm that the livery they're supplied in is exactly correct. If anything, a darker shade might be taken as resembling black, which in Irish terms certainly is "toy-like", as these "black-chassis-with-anything" model wagons certainly ARE toy like - they're a Hornby invention! While black chassis were the norm in Britain, they weren't here - and even in Britain they weren't universal. Well, Glenderg, I think I'd prefer to stand behind him.....
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    That's not orange you're looking at. That's the grey/gunsmoke livery. The CIE roundels are orange, the text white, the bubble itself in grey. Were it Orange, the CIE roundel, inside text, and bulk cement, would have all have been black. The other thing is that when I was in Architect School a million years ago, a wise lecturer said that "the worst sketch is better than the best memory", and that applies here. I had never seen them in that grey either, but we got access to superb colour slides which show what the colour was, literally, as it came out of the workshop. Beside it is a wagon that has done some work, and the grey is suitably toned down with track dust, but the W-Irons are also rusted and oiled and there's a skidmark of track filth all the way up along the bubble where the vac cylinder cover came off. If you desire to tone your wagons to match the nostalgia, go for it, they are a foundation for exactly that. But they are pristine, as per the prototype, and I'd stand in front of a man in a curly wig over it. R.
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    That's actually the all-grey, the original livery. If that pic was colour, it wouldn't look much different! All that changed later was the actual "bubble" becoming orange - the chassis stayed grey. Cement dust weathered bubble and chassis "cement-grey" which looked a bit darker when wet - in any livery. Once the actual "bubble" became cream, chassis became black (until covered in cement dust!). Nothing ever ran with black chassis and orange bubble. The "factory finish" (good description!) was just the ordinary wagon grey of the day.
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    Hi Stevie. B&T wasn't out over night it took almost 8 years. As far as I can remember many baby GMs remained Black'n'Tan livery right up to the mid/late 1970s, and as JB pointed out they were all B&T until the late 1970s. BTW, Murphy models released two locos numbered 141, the original 1960s with the 'staff' collector, and the later restored version. I've a few extra black models which I am renumbering.
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    That sounds a bit vague as you are not giving an exact description of which locos would suffer from poor or erratic running. Are you referring to kit or rtr steam, kit or rtr diesel. It is a common occurrence that anyone could buy a rtr 00 steam or diesel loco with a wobble in the wheelsets or poor back to back measurements it happens regularly so it is not just something that finescale modellers to have to put up with. If regauged properly there should be no problems and if any problems are encountered you work it out and correct the problem like you would a rtr loco. Strange post. Rich,

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