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    I would love to see how the lads at IRM Towers arrive at a consensus as to the next project to be undertaken....calm and composed or a little more of the 'hands on' approach?
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    Listen to the voice of wisdom F ran - back to the towers and plan yer first Irish loco!!!
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    Hi Patrick, thank you for the very kind comments, have you any photos of your cabin in progress? If it's more photos you want from this box I should oblige. The windows have now been painted, glazing fitted, the interior installed and the steps constructed ready for painting. The steps proved a real headache and whilst not perfect will fit the task in hand. Once painted and weathered any defects should be further hidden. Happy new year to everyone. Paul
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    Love it, Swiss-Irish Express. Swirish.
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    That loco and carriages should be in Omagh not the Alps!
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    21 + a bit of FAT man!!!
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    Birthday's over now. Back to work!
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    Awh shucks, cheers men! I’m sadly now 21 + a bit of VAT but being the youngest of the IRM team is something I can cling to! Thanks for the well wishes and I hope you all have a peaceful and happy new year!
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    Wok continues on the signal box. Since my last post I have completed work on the roof. The chimney was clad in plasticard, painted and weathered followed by the ridge tiles using a combination of 1mm florist wire and cheap duct tape from the local pound shop. The roof was then primed, painted and weathered prior to the guttering being added. I decided that one lever frame wasn't going to be enough to fill the box so a second Ratio set was bought and the relevant parts assembled. Prior to painting I wanted to see how things might look. The windows have also arrived from Scale Model Scenery. To say that Justin has produced something exceptional is an understatement and I can't recommend his services enough. These windows were designed to my own specifications, drawn up, laser cut and offered for a very reasonable £4.99. How can anyone fault that? Installation has just begun and will keep me busy for the next couple of nights. Paul
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    I'd be interested in the answer too... 😆

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