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    I doubt it. The Irish market is too small for their business model, and their level of scale finesse may not be good enough anyway given how far MM and IRM have raised the 'Irish' bar, and I'm not talking about pubs. Also if there is any truth to the rumour Oxford rail are to release authentic Irish Mk3 coaches there would be no room in the small market for anything Hornby might offer other than the low end toy sector.
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    C class B233 video clip of chassis trials today on the layout (work in progress). Silverfox kit paired with a Bachmann/MM 141 chassis. The 141 chassis was a near perfect fit with minor modification needed. I will replace the bogie sides later this week once the chassis trials are ok. When I started out the 141 donor chassis was destined for a 121 project which would have required a major cut'n'shut to shorten the metal chassis, so I completely dismantled the chassis, which proved unnecessary as I decided to use it in the C class instead. However putting 'humpty dumpty' back together again proved quite difficult and I misplaced one of the motor shims which is causing a slight vibration and noise that I will have to rectify. Initial tests suggest sacrificing the 141 to get a good quality AWD/AWP centre drive chassis for the C class was worth it for slow speed running quality and shunting of loose coupled goods wagons. It will need more work to finish.

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