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    Picked this up over the festive period Its the Lima 1979/1980 Catalogue The interesting thing about this catalogue is the Irish Collection of Lima Trains insert that accompanies the catalogue A 12 page supplement that has some weird and wonderful non existent sets pictured Not a bit of Irish stock to be seen Now it starts to get interesting, Set 10 3723 which there is a pic of on page 10 of the thread Set 10 4422 which there is a pic of on page 24 but without the box lid A set that never hit the shelves 10 4223 C.I.E. Transport with a Unigate Milk Tanker Set 10 7022 C.I.E. Supertrain set, pic on Page 23 of this thread Some N Gauge Set 12 1123, Pic on Page 15 of the thread Set 12 3122, C.I.E. Fowler Passenger set, I have never seen one but I imagine it does exist as I have picked up some loose coaches and locos over the years Rear page, Lexie Tynans Toys International address complete with 6 digit phone number
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    Lads, anyone of ye learned ones know if the Chetwynd Viaduct in Cork was a single track or double when constructed? Any info appreciated as always!
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    You are quite correct. Apologies I got into the habit of often referring to the green livery as the flying snail livery which is technically incorrect. May I extend my most frosmodic contrifibularities to you on brining this to my attention.
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    Not a great start to 2018 when 56 070 failed at the factory sidings, 08 672 is seen here hauling the failed 56 to the MPD for attention, Later on the 08 returned to shunt the wagons from the factory sidings to the loop in preparation for the two class 20s to work the train forward. In the meantime a HST screams by with the up Highland Chieftain.
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    Been there done that M8 Still have my N gauge Stuff as the quality was Excellent. It was the sound that drew me into OO plus he availability of a lot my different locos.
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    Always single track. Despite appearances, there's not quite enough room for double track plus necessary clearances. I am unaware of any plans, even tentative, ever being made to double any line in West Cork. With just two main line trains a day in each direction, for almost all of the line's life, and no commuter service on the outskirts of the city, there never would have been any need for it.
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    Sorry Noel, but N gauge modern locos are capable of super smooth running and very slow running. Wagons can be uncoupled with ease and once weighted properly you can shunt just as easily as OO. I model N scale American outline and have quite a few Kato locos. The quality is incredible and they run beautifully. Regarding track, code 55 looks a lot better than the chunky code 80. Here's some pics of an N gauge layout that I did for a client, track is painted in sleeper grime and then ballasted.
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    Hey everyone, I was doing a bit of a tidy around IRM Towers and found a couple of pack B ballast wagons so have stuck them up on the site for sale on a first come, first served basis. These are the very last we have of them so don't miss out before they become impossible to find! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/shop/freight-stock/cieirie-two-axle-ballast-wagon-multi-pack-2/ Cheers! Fran
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    Fab photo find Stephen. I'm weak at the knees looking at that photo of the C class hauled train, which might have been green livery flying snail judging by the cars and the Caltex logo at the filling station.
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    that's my photograph, taken through the windscreen back in '04 :). You'll note that the small filling station building at the base of the middle pillar is still extant at the time, though long closed. It has been demolished since.
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    On a number of lines built as single lines, there was room left for doubling if the need arose, which probably never happened. Would agree with jhb, would be a little too tight to be double, plus the earthworks around it would need to take double track as well if that were the case.
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    Thats brilliant Stephen - thanks for taking the time to help ...much appreciated !
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    Love it Dave, especially the Super train ploughing through continental Europe. Oh the nostalgia.
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    If I went into N, those Ivatt tanks alone would tempt me towards the railways of the People's Republic of Brexit...... I'm probably in a minority here, but I thought that the BR standard designs of the 1950s were very attractive. Did yiz know; the BR designs owe at least something to Inchicore. In the dying days of jhb171VerySenior's time at Inchicore (he retired in January 1945, 2 weeks into CIE), a deputation of LMS engineers were received as visitors. Seniorx2 himself had been with GSR delegations during his career, to Dahhby, (in Dahhbyshaaa in Brexitland) and also Dundalk and York Road. It would be an exaggeration by far to say that they spent their time on "jollies" like nowadays, but occasionally visits were made to discuss engineering and locomotive design matters of mutual importance. The LMS visit set the tone for several more visits in the late 40s and early 50s, when BR engineers from all four constituent companies were putting their heads together to come up with what would become the BR "standard" designs. I was told that several features used routinely by Inchicore were, as a result, incorporated into the BR designs. Unfortunately I don't know what they were, though I think that there was something to do with cab layout as one.
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    Well done for making the leap. Enjoy PS: Re long trains, if modelling a branch line, Irish or BR, even branch trains operating across or off main lines, trains need no more than one or two coaches, nor goods trains more than a few 4 axle wagons and a brake van.
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    LOL, just started my one!. Just bought me a Southern Railway O Gauge Terrier with Zimo Unlimited Software MX644 decoder for £165 a few minutes ago. Sweet! now for a few kits to make. Now if Hattons make a Battle of Britain Loco for £750 I'm sorted!!
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    Heres a couple more, Great scale to model, Miss this little Layout, It was turned into a Window exhibition cover with snow and now is in good hands and being renovated I believe. Heres a few more:
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    Anyone tempted to try N gauge Irish using Electra Railway Graphics (http://www.electrarailwaygraphics.co.uk/) vinyl overlays on Graham Farish coaches (MK1, MK2, MK3, MK4, EGVs, 201 etc available); Shapeways bodies for 201, 121, 141, 181, 071, A/C Class etc; Studio Scale Models 2mm Irish transfers on repainted UK steam locos/wagons; Alphagraphix 4mm kits colour copied in 50%reduction etc? For example, the GWR Express Parcels below was made from an ERG vinyl overlay on an old GWR Railcar and both models were given a new chassis:
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    Yes we can deny it till the cows come home, but we model train buffs can at times have slightly interesting personality traits. I quite enjoyed the programme myself, son in law sent me a text 30mins after it started but caught it on Ch4+1 later. Thought it was perhaps a little long and repetitive, it have been edited down to 30-40mins. Next week looks like a howl of misfortune. Not sure how the RC electronics in the loco took to a dunking in the canal. Fun though. Recognised some prominent UK model youtube broadcasters.
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    56 070 has arrived at the factory sidings and will shunt the wagons in the morning to form the 0800 departure.
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    A class108 passes on the mainline with a Leeds-Doncaster local service, while 20063 shunts the tanks into position for unloading, after uncoupling the loco will operate light engine to the MPD for servicing.
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    Not sure, but may have been running out of picture space, so here are a few more ideas. Most of this workshop has been looking at different types of grass cover, with Postiche or scenic matting for the larger shrubs. Have also used lichen to good effect for certain types of bushes, but make sure it is of a realistic shape and dust well with scatter before planting. More upright shrubs see us returning to old fashioned methods, i.e. there is no quick fix for these things. There is a variety of stuff we can use & again Woodlands supply a good range. The packets I've bought over the years seem to last forever, so are good value. Various shades of sisal make for longer grass/reeds & need to be laboriously planted as clumps in pva. More 'twiggy' strands can be dipped in pva [individually, or in small groups] and then dipped in fine scatter to produce a variety of plants, such as nettles and so on. You can find such things ready made too, but I find the colours are often too bright and making your own is cheaper & more fun anyway. By now, I'm hoping you are beginning to see that ground cover is really just a matter of experimenting with the various materials on offer. There really is no single 'best way', but I like to think recent ideas are a big advance on dyed sawdust! Aim to be subtle and pay attention whenever you are out & about [in town or country]. Digital cameras/phones are a great help in taking pictures of those details/cameos scenes you want to model back home/down the club. That is just about it for this series for now, though will aim to do something on man-made ground cover in a while, when I'll try to show you how I've done the road and yard surfaces on my layouts.
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