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    I used Peco Code 55 track ballasted with Woodlands Scenics fine ballast on a modular layout in the attic of my house in Dublin about 20 years ago. The modules were all 12' wide including the yard and loco depot section. The yard and loco section was successfully transhipped to New Zealand and incorporated for a short time into a larger permanent layout in Auckland. Unfortunately the layout did not get beyond the baseboard and laying the main line as we moved to Hamilton 12 months later where the great outdoors and a large scale layout beckoned These days I would probably use Atlas Code 55 track, its easier to work with and the switches (points) are a more accurate/realistic geometry than Peco. Trains of 15-20 cars were typically headed by consists of 2-4 locos depending on type, all locos and stock were fitted with Microtrain (Kadee N Scale) couplers. 55 car trains were about the maximum that could be hauled reliably with truck mounted couplers, before they started parting with a rather loud bang leaving most of the train stranded.
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    For those who have RTE One +1 Theres a tribute to the Bundoran Railway & its closure 60yrs ago on the Nationwide programme at 8pm...very interesting. btb
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    It was indeed..... and the hotel too. This is where my parents met: she worked in the GNR's hotel, and he was the District Engineer based at the time in Enniskillen......
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    Beeze had being doing a good job patrolling the line without disturbing or de-railing anything for about a month before he accidently knocked over the goods shed which fell to the floor. Our other little monster Bushka an absolute Ja Ja Garbor of a cat made short work of the crossing gates at the end of the yard and has a penchant for de-railing N Scale trains, keeps a close interest but hasn't tackled the Large Scale trains His favourite nesting spot was in the cutting between the loco shed and the roadside tramway section though I havent a photo
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    Snowfall on Llanuwchllyn! Plaster bandage was wetted quickly in strips and and placed over the dried cardboard/newspaper base. Polyfilla was then added with wetted brushes to provide smooth surfaces and contours. This is left to dry overnight before adding further filler if needed and wiping off any unwanted splashes on the backscene/mirrors/tracks with a damp cloth etc. Next up, once plaster is dry, paint the base landscape with undercoat to harden the surface...
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    There are a couple of sets in D5 if anyone is still looking? 1 x set 1 and 2 x set 2. Ordered but never picked up
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    Bachmann: somewhat of a hit and mess the 2018 Bachmann is for me, but I will be getting some of the new steel sided open wagons and vans based on LNER designs with vacuum pipes. although they did another Class 40 to celebrate the diesel class' 60th anniversary, they only did D248 in BR Green with Late Crest and indicator discs. I had hope they would try doing one of the Edinburgh Haymarket based Class 40s that in 1965 had their original gangway door ends replaced with straight cornered centre headcode boxes and square yellow panels (D260-D266), an attempt not done since Lima models' Class 40 D261. Hornby: Saw a few things that took my eye from their 2018 announcement, most notably their 15 Guinea Special Train Pack and their triple pack of Express Dairy milk tankers.
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    Some really good things to come from Hornby this year, while Bachmann have taken the back seat, but still good none the less. Bachmann - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/129822-bachmann-announcements-2018-full-list/ Hornby - http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/129702-hornby-2018-the-full-announcements/
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    Last years New Resolution not to start any new projects and concentrate on finishing my long list of un-finished projects kind of backfired, to make matters worse one of our cats Beeze took up residence in Keadue station, an eye level layout is very attractive to the feline species. I have removed the buildings and stock until I get a chance to install a lighting pelmet above the layout to complete the proscenium arch effect to disguise the awkward exit stage right at the Arigna end of the yard. The year before last we made the mistake of adapting two kittens 6-8 weeks apart who are now unable to share quarters and our office has become by default a cat bedroom. I did manage to complete the detailing and painting of some 4mm scale 21mm gauge stock but have not gotten around to commissioning/ordering decals The Ruston 88DS is a very old Impetus kit similar to those used by the Sugar Company the rest of the train is my own design, I hope at some stage to have a mail train suitable for the GSR and CIE green & black and tan eras. And so this New Years Resolution to tidy up the workbench and start something new for a change Prototypes for CIE MK1 & 2 Flat wagons, 650 class patterns and a pair of hooded vans for my mail train. The Unimat SL is set up for turning between centres for new axle centers for one of the Large Scale locos. The large scale storage yard and loco yard sit below the baseboards for either an American N or Irish 4mm layout if I ever get round to building either. The baseboards and backscene for the new layout were installed about 3-4 years ago, I am a slow worker and getting slower by the day. Close up of lost wax spring hanger masters for flat wagons. The MK2 flats on the left are slightly lower than the standard CIE 20' chassis in order to carry 8'6" containers throughout the system. The MK 2 flat will have to be re-mastered to simplify assembly. Lost wax wagon spring and 650 Class loco castings, these were cast using a cold casting process from the original brass masters. The castings will then be used to produce a mould for casting in pewter once I have completed cleaning up the castings Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Accepted file types gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png Insert other media Uploaded Images 80.81
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    ....sad Dave- but the chosen few will still make the best of it!
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    My parents had to calm me down the first time I saw the viaduct during a farmhouse holiday in West Cork when I was around 10 or 12. Apparently Wow! was not in the Irish or English language
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    As much as I like N, I'm planning on buying all my Code 75 at the end of the month.
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    Since I put up the pic there have been only 50 views whereas the Lima/MM thread has over 400 So I am right, no sense of humour hereabouts, with the exception of the few regulars
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    For me lads I'd stick with 1:76 - in years to come 'twould be difficult to do handle the N stuff not to mention seeing the detail !
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    Sorry Noel, but N gauge modern locos are capable of super smooth running and very slow running. Wagons can be uncoupled with ease and once weighted properly you can shunt just as easily as OO. I model N scale American outline and have quite a few Kato locos. The quality is incredible and they run beautifully. Regarding track, code 55 looks a lot better than the chunky code 80. Here's some pics of an N gauge layout that I did for a client, track is painted in sleeper grime and then ballasted.
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    Yes the OO0 stuff is awesome, Waiting for Heljan to re boot the L&B locos now.
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    009 heaven by Bachmann! Great to see them!
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    Well no Little SECR Tank engines this time but a nice Blue MN, an up to date Lord Nelson (my old ones are split Chassis and DCC and run quite well so what to do with them!!) Some nice SR coaches from Baccy and Hornby so the only compliant I have is that it will be an expensive year if I chose to part with my cash. Having said that I think I really have enough Loco in my Stable at present not to warrant adding even more.
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    That NER 0.6.0 could, with a little alteration, be a basis for a reasonable MGWR J18 lookalike, while one of the Bachmann railcar sets looks very NIR-CAF-ish.
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    Wonder will Hornby ever take the plunge into Irish RTR?
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    Layout has now reached the "Blue Peter" stage using scrap card/wood, crumpled newspaper, PVA glue etc to form the landscape around the platforms and buildings... A couple of shots showing the weathered buildings in their approximate location:

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