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    Playing around with different locations for the footbridge in Glen More.
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    no, no! stay away from the Handbag! your modelling may come to an abrupt end Eoin
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    You can always dive in the handbag when she's not looking...
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    Marks models and ID models sell Humbrol weathering powers and Humbrol washes. Also less expensive powders using by the Warhammer community. https://marksmodels.com http://idmodels.ie AK pigments/powders https://marksmodels.com/?cid=692
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    075 with a test run of Beet wagons.
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    Good Mornnin Group Members.Would Any Members Of The Group Hav Any Weathering Powder Sets 4 Sale r Send me a link were i cn get them. Pleases Let Me Know.Very Interested In Buyin.
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    I've had a quick search and it looks like that source may have ceased - I have no idea who I bought them off, it would be eight/ten years ago. There are plenty of other sources that seem to be current for much the same sort of thing. We have a large exhibition here next weekend, I'll keep an eye out and see if I spot any good sources. There could well even be people still shifting old stock, I suppose..
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    I picked up a set of Eazi Weathering Powders at a show some years ago - a handy set. They may still be available from a few sources, if they're what you're after.
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    Hi Freda The Gorey man is Dermot O'Toole, he should be at Stillorgan show on Feb 11, with others that trade in your stuff, Dermot also does the Train & Model Show in Bray- next one is on Feb 18.... If you pm me your phone number or email I can pass it on to him Eoin
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    I'd agree with the above comments, dropping the height of the bridge would make it look more prototypical. The other alternative is build your own! This one springs to mind. Paul
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    If you are up for it, there is scope to lower the footbridge to a more realistic height by reducing the first flight of steps. That’s what I’m up to and the result is worthwhile. Stephen
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    Thanks, I’m taking the one off Wrenneire
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    Hello & Welcome 2 my IRM Page.Feel Free 2 Click on my Picture's.......
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    Next up on the workbench will be some Silverfox resin kits I've collected over past year or two. A class B&T livery (rebuilt stepped orange band) - 071 donor chassis C class flying snail green Eau-de-nil livery - 141 donor chassis Sulzer 101 class flying snail green Eau-de-nil livery - Bachmann donor chassis (BR cl 24 sound project) Dutch GSV - RPSI green to run with their mk2 rake These may take some time. Will start by doing some of the common work on all four in parallel to save time. Then its cut'n'shut time for some centre drive donor chassis. Silverfox A + C class kits Silverfox Dutch GSV kit + B101 class Sulzer kit due for 'eau-de-Nil' flying snail green livery That'll keep me busy for a while
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    A possible source of aerial views of railway locations? Warmest of congratulations from all of us here at the#IrishAirCorps to the two newest members of our#Officer #team - 2/Lt Richard Cleary and 2/Lt Stephen Best, who received their Officers' commissions along with their colleagues from the 93#Army #Cadet Class at yesterday's ceremony in the#DefenceForces Training Centre.Richard hails from #Wexford & is 22 years old. He joined the Air Corps in 2014. He is a former student of the Christian Brothers Secondary School in Wexford town and plays #hurling and #football withClonard GAA Club. His other interests include #golf, and Irish dancing, where he was a national champion as a teenager. He will be posted to 503 Squadron in No 5 Support Wing when he returns from his post-commissioning leave. Stephen is from #Dublin and is 24 years old. He is a past pupil of St Declans College in #Cabra. He is a former Air Corps #Apprentice. Having started his military career in 2012, he joined the 33rd Air Corps Cadet Class in 2014. Stephen plays soccer forNewbridge Town FC and has represented both the Air Corps and the Defence Forces. In his spare time he builds model railways and collects postage stamps. Stephen will be posted to 506 Squadron in No 5 Support Wing when he returns from his post-commissioning leave. We wish both young Officers every success as they embark on an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career as junior #leaders in the Irish Defence Forces. May they carry themselves always with our values: respect, loyalty, selflessness, physical courage, moral courage and integrity. Congratulations guys!! https://www.facebook.com/IrlAirCorps/photos/a.280110362016594.81601.148942718466693/2072965892731023/?type=3&theater Should we start making a list?
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    Well NIR fleet came up trumps and laid open the whole thing ! The generator packs were changed and after sometime in 1991 the detriot V8/ markon pack changed for a Cummings/Dale pack. I was kindly sent a CAD of these changes - not fully detailed but a good use. The single sliencer still offset to fit loading gauge The dale gen pack 3185mm long so roof hole that size plus a small bit. I had wondered why the depressed section was called a bath - it does not have vertical sides. The bottom of the "bath" is 950mm The top is 1100. The Dale/ Cummings silencer scales at 500 dia and is about 200mm above roof line. 1900mm long - just over 6foot long and 20 " in dia. Pictures in the Irish Rambler book and on Flikr show the first brakes had the Dale sets 1992-4 period but as late as 1998 possibly 915 had two still. Over to you gents if you can look in pics and see if dates can be confirmed. Regards and thanks to Ddu Varren for helping in spotting variations and dates Robert
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    Ah MikeO D301 is a fantastic yoke! may have been responsible for the UK's Class 08 Yes the chassis will be a problem with the footplate on the 141 and 071! I think some modification will be required but not got one yet to hack.... Eoin
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    Best of luck with this venture Eoin and fair play for opening up a path for N Gauge modellers of our fantastic railway. Judging by what you are producing now they will no doubt be top models. Much respect, Rich,
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    I'm not sure if this is the right section to put this in, but 111 worked a recovery service today for 228 which failed while working the 20.50 Enterprise on Tuesday. I took a photo of it as it powered through Dundalk with 228 in tow, which is attached to this comment. I also have a few photos of (8)111, 228 and 074 in Connolly which I took earlier this evening, which I can post tomorrow if ye want to see them!
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    Thanks Jonathan. Somebody on here explained the reason for the white roofs last year and I vaguely remember it may have been to reflect heat, but I could be wrong. Photo of a BELL refrigerated container below, but it badly needs some weathering to get rid of the 'fisher price' toy look.
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    It might be they will separate at some point and one will pull ballast wagons and the other will pull spoil wagons. Here is an old picture of double heading, not my picture.
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    Hi Lads, I picked up Big GM 077 today and very happy with her. The wife and kids had bought me some track, buildings etc at Christmas and Gareth at Trains, planes....Wicklow kindly allowed me to exchange them towards 077 and I finally got her paid for today. Another bit of progress for a small layout and a lovely looking machine.

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