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    Would love some dedicated, no compromise rtr Irish Mk3s, Pushpull sets and all especially with the 121s due soon (relatively soon anyway) would have been icing on the cake.
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    Hi folks, Well, since the cat is out of the bag in one of the magazines, we've decided to bring the first Accurascale announcement forward to, err, now! Our first model for the British market will be the 24.5-ton coal hopper wagon, which later received the TOPs code ‘HUO’. A total of 5,263 wagons were built by BR from 1954 for transporting coal and coke throughout Britain until their withdrawal in the 1980s, with many entering private use at collieries upon retirement by British Rail. The model, which is of the 1/148, lot 2069 pattern, has just finished tooling and an engineering sample is currently en route from our factory in China. The surviving prototypes were surveyed at the Tanfield Railway, near Stanley, County Durham in mid-October 2017. Following the survey, highly detailed CAD was produced locally and reviewed by wagon experts who had first-hand operational and survey experience of the prototypes when in service. We would like to thank the Tanfield Railway for the assistance we received and have made a donation to the railway to help with preservation of railway heritage for future generations. Flows which utilised HUOs include coke from East London to Wellingborough, Kirkby- Staythorpe, Killingworth to Stella, Kincardine, Stella North / Stella South / Dunston / Blyth, Thorpe Marsh Tunstead Works - Smaledale Works and Hessle Quarry to Hull Wilmington. They were also synonymous with coke flows from South Wales coking plants to Barry Docks. Our rendition of the HUO will feature the correct offset brake hanger arrangement and the following high level of specification, enjoyed by the customers of sister company IRM, whose Irish outline models are the most highly detailed on the market: · Sprung buffers with spindle, self contained and Oleo types all being catered for, depending on prototype · NEM coupling housing · RP25.110 darkened profile wheel sets · Factory-fitted wire handrails · Extra fine factory-fitted detail plastic parts · Individual lettering and markings from real wagons for authenticity · Built to scale tolerances to allow easy conversion to EM and P4 standards The HUO will go on sale in Q2 2018 in packs of three, with pre-TOPs, TOPs and private owner packs arriving on a staggered release basis throughout 2018 in a variety of liveries, such as BR freight grey and private owner wagons. They will also feature individual markings and detail faithful to research of the real wagons. The first release will see four different packs of three individually numbered wagons in BR grey with pre-TOPs markings so the modeller can build a 12-wagon train without duplication. Prices will be £59.95 for each pack of three wagons. In addition to the HUO, the various buffers used by the wagons throughout their lives will also be offered as separate detail parts for the detail-minded modeller. This will be sold in packs of eight for £2.95. This will be the first in a series of detail part packs offered by Accurascale for modellers. Both the HUO and the buffer detail packs are available to buy exclusively on the Accurascale website direct or from the Accurascale stand at various UK exhibitions from the second half of 2018. Orders will commence on February 1st.
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    Video clip of RPSI Craven coach set (designed by MM). Not the 'Munster Double', but two 071s namely 073 and 085 in consist hauling the 3 coach set. Need to fix the wobbly axle on the 1st coach. The build and finish quality are as good as Murphy Models own Cravens.
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    FOR SALE A wealth of information on rolling stock. Railcars and diesel locos of all types. Mint condition. Published by ITG 1997. The larger one €15 and smaller €5 including postage to anywhere in Ireland or the U.K. €20 both. The originals are the right way up.....!
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    Great Work. Where did you get the brass overlays?
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    Murphy Models Class 071/111,Class 201 & Bachmann/Murphy Models Class 141/181.... Please Subscrible 2 My Channel:Rails_of_Belfast. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrmtvHTm4RHcUnDQCxMOOA?view_as=subscriber
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    Short Video clip of RPSI Craven coach Blue/Cream Set.... Please Subscrible 2 My Channel:Rails_of_Belfast. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIrmtvHTm4RHcUnDQCxMOOA?view_as=subscriber
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    Hello jhb171achill i would b interested in both Irish Railway Books if there still 4 Sale.
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    Given the safety record, these must certainly be ambulance coaches on the Knock special? You're sure about the year then?
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    The top two are more accurate; the bottom one is too deep a shade, by the look of it. The same tanny orange was used right through from 1962 until about 1990, when painting techniques changed, leading the slightly brighter shade seen latterly. Paint fades depending on the ingredients. If a mix had, say, brown and orange pigments in it, and the orange faded quicker, it was fade to having a more browny tint. CIE's tan paint tended to show a slightly more flat tan colour when badly worn - however - in traffic locos and coaching stock were generally looked after well, so you never got that variation on vehicles in traffic; they'd be repainted long before. Variations in new batches of paint were rare and so infitesimally small that you couldn't really discern them. In contrast, in the 1950s, many green carriages ended up extremely worn looking, and quite faded in some cases - but the greens were absolutely standard when new. Look at yer man in the photo above. He's waving Bachmann Mk 3s at the pilot in order to spoil his day, as he knows he's a steam man.
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    This has to be the longest time to reply in the history of this site ! my apologies I have moved house in the meantime and am only getting back to sorting modelling matters now attached is a picture of Irish Rail Mk2a 4113 which was converted from a bachmann Mk2a FK , I filled in the centre door and fitted an open seating arrangement which is how Irish Rail converted the original. Interestingly enough the Bachmann Mk2a FK BR number is E13468, Irish Rail 4113 original BR number was E13469 the next in sequence .
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    The 1905 Amiens Street to Sligo on Fridays
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    Playing around with different locations for the footbridge in Glen More.
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    A possible source of aerial views of railway locations? Warmest of congratulations from all of us here at the#IrishAirCorps to the two newest members of our#Officer #team - 2/Lt Richard Cleary and 2/Lt Stephen Best, who received their Officers' commissions along with their colleagues from the 93#Army #Cadet Class at yesterday's ceremony in the#DefenceForces Training Centre.Richard hails from #Wexford & is 22 years old. He joined the Air Corps in 2014. He is a former student of the Christian Brothers Secondary School in Wexford town and plays #hurling and #football withClonard GAA Club. His other interests include #golf, and Irish dancing, where he was a national champion as a teenager. He will be posted to 503 Squadron in No 5 Support Wing when he returns from his post-commissioning leave. Stephen is from #Dublin and is 24 years old. He is a past pupil of St Declans College in #Cabra. He is a former Air Corps #Apprentice. Having started his military career in 2012, he joined the 33rd Air Corps Cadet Class in 2014. Stephen plays soccer forNewbridge Town FC and has represented both the Air Corps and the Defence Forces. In his spare time he builds model railways and collects postage stamps. Stephen will be posted to 506 Squadron in No 5 Support Wing when he returns from his post-commissioning leave. We wish both young Officers every success as they embark on an exciting, rewarding and fulfilling career as junior #leaders in the Irish Defence Forces. May they carry themselves always with our values: respect, loyalty, selflessness, physical courage, moral courage and integrity. Congratulations guys!! https://www.facebook.com/IrlAirCorps/photos/a.280110362016594.81601.148942718466693/2072965892731023/?type=3&theater Should we start making a list?
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    Costs are one thing, but we're also keen to push the boundaries of what's possible. A certain detail implemented on a UK wagon, which transfers in spirit to the Irish scene, is a no brainer. That said, there'll be some stuff coming to our shores, in terms of tech, that's normally only seen on locos, because it's worth doing. Interesting times ahead, Gents. Rich
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    It's Great to hear about new products early enough, just not to many seasons ahead of completion, gives something nice to look forward to. Thanks
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    Glad to have taken delivery of a 3 pack of IRM Ballast Hoppers today, they look fantastic and although these may never have made it up the 'Derry Road' I have to be imaginative and optimistic that if things were different today, we'd have still had a railway network running through Omagh. Indeed, I have taken a sideways step and decided that my new layout will feature a 'flavour' of everything that was Omagh but brought into modern day practice. Therefore, ballast hoppers are welcome too!
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    I'm glad there is a fix. That's some of the worst wobbling I've seen in a while. I have 6 sitting somewhere but have have not had a chance to run them so fingers crossed. Otherwise, very nice cosmetically but running is a must
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    Excellent, Weshty, that was quick! I'll be along to you for some in the Noo Year.... Is it possible to do the stencil version of the snail? Weathering of wagons after applying transfers is of course feasible, but they used to get so bad, so faded, that watery wishy-washy grubby looking numerals and decals would also be a distinct advantage. Of course, anyone striving for visual accuracy in goods trains would need to weather the lot anyway! Yes, I was thinking of stock other than the IRM stuff. The ballasts are already sufficiently "used" looking, with accurate reproductions of ad-hoc repainting of just a patch to put a number on, as typical for many years. Bubbles, would of course be weathered within an inch of their lives, heartbreaking as it would be to stir a 3-pack of them in a bucket of watery cement*! What I had in mind were wooden open wagons, Palvans, old wooden goods vans, repainted ex-GNR stuff, H vans and the likes. (* Do not try this at home. No bubbles were harmed in the making of this comment. May contain traces of nuts. For illustrative purposes only. Terms and conditions apply.)
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    CIE had a few ambulance coaches, created at various dates from at least 1950, or possibly before. They carried their original numbers for a long period, but were renumbered into a special series in the Autumn of 1965. AM10 to 13 were formerly 94M, 163M, 1097 and 1900. They were joined in early 1966 by AM14 and AM15, converted from Park Royals 1380 and 1408. The latter was the driving trailer from the Waterford & Tramore and had been in store since returned to Inchicore, following closure of that line. The extra two were probably there to allow withdrawal of some or all of the earlier coaches. Edit: I see from notes that 1097 replaced 346 about 1957, so perhaps there were other "Invalid" coaches that didn't get re-numbered as "AM".
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    Good news is MM have a fix for the wobbly RPSI Cravens. Chatted with Paddy Murphy yesterday at SDMRC and he has a fix for the RPSI cravens that will be available soon. It's a thin sprung brass shim washer that sits between the bogie and coach floor. Apparently the RPSI Cravens were built with the exact same tooling as recent MM B&T Cravens but in a different factory. No rhyme nor reason for any difference but something about the process in the other factory may account for the tiniest difference in clearances where the bogies snap fit onto the chassis. Alternatively a very thin plastic card shim washer between the bogie and coach bottom will do the same job.
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    I know someone in this group may find this useful - I Hope
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    Although not technically a model,I thought the above photo's were worthy of inclusion. Having recently celebrated my 50th birthday,my daughter and her friend made me a birthday cake to remember.She nicked my Hunslet from the layout and used it for a template for the cake and I think they done a good job.It was tasty as well,although the first cut into it was hard
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    They look stunning Stephen. I would have to agree with you regarding Eagle as I thought they looked at their best in maroon with the longer handrails. Rich,

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