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    Hi lads, working on this now over the past few months, got most of the wood work done need to re done the far end curve as the wood somehow warped which is a pain. Plan is for 3 rai southern 1950/1960's so I can run Steam, Electric and Diesel together. I have one point motor installed, a cobalt digital job, Pretty simple enough. Just need to pony up for another 13 Dying to get onto the Scenery aspect of it now but need to sort the Track out first, the Yard is a bit too compressed but I will have to live with it. Where the O Gauge track / APT is will be a 6 road fiddle yard. the double portal bridge was bought around 10 years ago, Came in the post broken so I will need to re scribe the brickwork to blend it in with the other stone work. Wish I got the 40ft Portacabin now Amazing how much therapy watching the trains go by is...
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    Hi IRM Very disappointed with you guys that Mr musk got there before you! I know he has loads more money then you but your rocket would not be as big as his and it could be made out of lightweight materials- though I do recommend using metal near the engines just in case - plastic might melt with the heat.... 'Space Bubble' Eoin
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    Also started some months ago (1 wagon about 6 years ago) are these there pallet cement wagons. With help from the upper echelon of Railway knowledge here I hope I have the Chain arrangement correct. I did not get enough chain to do each wagon so a trip to H Samuels is due to obtain suitable additional chain. (without the missus of course)
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    Been beavering away on these yokes for about 2 months now, Thought they would take a week or two. The Shed is pretty cold these nights so difficult to leave the fire to glue some stuff together. It has heaters but it add on about 50 notes a month which is nuts. These are the MIR Curtain Sided Cement Wagons. Gave them a test run and they look pretty sweet behind the 141. just waiting for the Varnish now to cure and harden which should be 2020 with this cold and then a tad bit of weathering
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    Hi Lads, Mentioned some time back I was looking at O gauge, Managed to give some track and a building a good home and came across this on Ellis Clark Trains for £165.00. when the box was popped open underneath the loco was DCC Sound instructions. Yeah!! Put some track Together to give it a test run and by gum does she look good. Going to look at some Connoisseur coaches no to go with it. They are generic but look the part. It is a lovely scale to handle, Feels the part, looks the part, Puts the OO stuff dare I say into 'Toy' Category. She is on about a Patio now so how to incorporate a Branch line outside now is the truck into one is the trick!
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    Great stuff Noel. Would you consider adding grafitti to the heavily weathered bubbles?
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    Finally he 2 RAF one were finished late November last.
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    Weathered 6 more cement wagons today. Added some texture to the tops using 'Mr Surfacer 500'. Then weathered over it. I've a little more to do to the grey chassis on the orange wagons. Orange wagons with some texture on top. Ivory wagons with some grunge on top. Orange livery cement wagons moderately weathered Ivory livery cement wagons moderately weathered
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    Thanks Chaps, it does seem that the baseboard manufacturers don't do many shows anymore. Maybe it's a case of they feel they have their name out there and don't need to be at the shows anymore. It's just going to take a bit of time to get established with the club's. Many thanks for all your input. Keep the ideas coming!
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    Thanks everyone, here's a look at the chassis and some of the details going on the wagon. There are 74 separate components going into each wagon! We will have some factory samples in the coming days and will have at least the 3D print on show at the Stillorgan fair this Sunday.
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    "establish viable human colonies", We done such a good job here in the last 100 years I pity any Planet we visit and will call home. Remarkable tech to do this though.
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    Brave move but worth the risk Noel. I think maybe some whiteish weathering powders to add a variety of texture and they'll look great.
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    One word - "Fab-U-lous"
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    A scary tale of weathering IRM cement wagons. I have enjoyed learning and trying different ways of weathering IRM's lovely cement wagons. Scary I can tell you especially yesterday (Batch 3 and 5) which I painted Mr Surfacer 500 on the tops of the bubbles to create a sort of caked cement texture. This is the journey so far starting with batch one the night after the SDMRC show. Batch 1 - Ivory - Light weathering Batch 2 - Ivory - Moderate weathering Batch 3 - Ivory - Moderate weathering plus caked texture on tops of bubbles Batch 4 - Orange - Moderate weathering Batch 5 - Orange - Moderate weathering plus caked texture on tops of bubbles Yesterdays stages: 1. Start pristine 2. Apply Mr Surfacer 500 grunge on tops of bubbles stippled using short bristle brush. 3. What have I done to these lovely wagons? 4. Phew - scary but worth the risk 5. Some tidying up left to do but I am relieved and happy with Batches 3 and 5 I can tell you my heart was in my mouth after I applied the grey texture material to the tops of these and thought I had destroyed them.
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    Yes pretty cool technology, it is a great development for getting into space and keeping costs down- such a pity that their first test lift flight was a car, something that's totally useless in space! Would have been far better to have programmed the test lift with a necessary space exploration probe- many are been worked on and need to get into space, but hay that's American Candy Shop Corporation buzz! At least SpaceX have changed their idea about sending people to Mars and leaving them totally stranded with no escape, they are now talking about bringing them back- this may be to do with NASA refusing to hire out the launch facility to send people to their doom... Mr Musk gave a number of talks last year about their plans for the Mars missions, its like a Fantasy Film- I read in the Geographic last year SpaceX had 25,000 applications to go to Mars after the release of 'The Martian' He claims that their system will move 1 million people 100 at a time every two years to Mars in about 40 to 100 years, and Mars would be terra-formed by the time the 1 million are there! He doesn't seem to be able to do the maths- one spaceship will move 5,000 people in 100 years!, he will need 200 spaceships in the proposed time scale. Also previous estimates in terra-forming Mars are 500 to anywhere near 1,000 years and there is a big doubt that it can be done- one theory on the Mars atmosphere is that it was once like Earth and the atmosphere leaked out- whats to stop that happening while terra-forming it again, its all guess work at the moment. He also talks about building a city on Mars for the 1 million Martians, a surface city, but says absolutely nothing about the radiation problem that exists outside our severely protected Earth. A large solar flare without Earth protection is instant death- one of the main reasons astronomers/cosmologists believe Mars is dead. The people working on the radiation problem while going to, and staying on Mars, recommend living 20m under the surface, under solid rock- cant do that in a spaceship. They could bring a radiation protection vessel on board the ship, but that would take up all the flight payload- though they could use it on the surface to live in until they dig the mine..... Mr Musk mentions none of this! He also says that an initial flight ticket will cost 250,000 dollars and may reduce to less than 100,000 later on. When he was asked about who they would choose to go on the first human flight, his first words were 'if your prepared to die you can go'... 'it's going to be pretty risky at first'.... 'but hay you got to live it up'.... He also said that the first flight would be in 2022! In the same Geographic article mentioned above it said;- after SpaceX achieved the first booster return and landing in 2016 Mr Musk announced that they would be sending people to Mars in the next couple of years- NASA said 'Not from here mate' Its interesting stuff but....... Eoin
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    Nearly finished. PS: JB the chassis are not black
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    Oh yummie. Great scenes as ever.
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    I agree.Plenty to see and lots of action.Great layout.
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    And the progress continues......... Goods Yard (Top Right) - sidings (centre) - mainline out to fiddle yard (bottom) - station area (Top right) - single line circuit (coming off Y-point, bottom - this will allow trains to cross the flap across the entrance to shed. Can the experience men advise me if my point arrangements are ok and if they see and trouble ahead? In the foreground of this view I may make changes to the track arrangement so the inner circuit is clear of the shunting pointwork.
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    the pictures tell a thousand stories!! this is a masterpiece, bueses trains and scenics.....
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    Hi Lads, Hard to get out to the shed with this flipping cold snap but did a wee bit more on the few buses. I have ordered some more transfers from Sunrise in the UK to finish the KC2 off. Hopefully they will come sooner that later. The Dart feeder would be a nice little Additional to Eoins Darts. Maybe a train pack and and bus at some stage!! The Van Holl is nearly complete with just the window frame to do and the bottom floor to Cement in place.
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    Sorry Cant seem to Edit the previous posts. Heres some more KC and a Van Hool Now out to the Shed with some Frank and Walters for company :)
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    Next up is another Shapeways, The is the E class, Again rough ol sandpaper finish so Mr Surfacer and some Brass Etch from Mr Mayner. New Step is another coat of Varnish and then the Windows.

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