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    Well everyone, you told us that you would like to find out the 2018 IRM range in advance, so make sure you join us on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 in Ryan's Bar, Store Street where we will announce the models coming in 2018 as well answer your questions and host a social event for Irish railway modellers. Ryan's is a special place for IRM, as it's where we held our very first meeting way back in 2015, so it seems only right we have our launch there. We kick off at 4pm and food will be provided. If you want to come along, it is essential you RSVP by 6pm on Wednesday, Feb 28th to info@irishrailwaymodels.com as we need to know for catering requirements. All are welcome and we hope to see you there on the day! Now, feel free to speculate what we may announce!
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    Here are two GNR-style buildings I have recently completed, with just a few small details remaining to be added to both. Hoping to do a thread soon detailing their construction.
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    Mr Musk is joining the IRM team and we all get a slightly singed used car? Is there a prize, is there a prize? Eoin
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    Drop in when you get there Noel
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    I don't do the weathering myself as I could never get anywhere as good as these photos. This is the latest batch of stock I sent away to get weathered and as usual the gent that does this work done a fantastic job. Mark
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    And handy for the Guards, if it all kicks off..
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    Hoping to have some at Stillorgan on Sunday And maybe another new MM model, fingers crossed
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    Hi Noel I'm sorry but I believe you are in the same fantasy movie Mr Musk is in! there is a purpose to all the low orbit space tech going on, building up the foundation work for doing the 'harder things'. Its small steps over time that lead to Giant Leaps, based on sound research tech, tried n tested over again which leads to big and hopefully safe success- not blasting a car into space and being unable to control where its going. NASA and some of their buddies have a relatively good track record, although they have killed in the region of 300 people in the process, they are building on previous experience and hopefully will do better... NASA's program for a manned mission to Mars seems to be structured well, they are developing their system over a long time- a more experienced base structured system (Mr Musk would not be in position today without all that has gone before) and believe their manned launch time is 2050 or thereabouts. Their not planning space tourism or a commune on Mars, its R&D on the path of 'harder things', they plan to send them up do the work and bring them back, if successfully they move to the next step..... No one is planning a probe to another planetary star system, some are developing propulsion systems for the future- ion drive, partial drive, solar sail... etc and they are the future, also for fantasy movies and Nova TV. Its our planetary system their interested in and they know the limitations..... Eoin
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    Update from Murphy Models Announcing the arrival of our 2 vehicle set, comprising a Leyland Fire Engine and Daimler APC (armoured personel carrier). Available from our usual stockists, deliveries starting later this week.SRP E55.00. In their own way, each vehicle is unique. The fire engine is the first on a Leyland chassis and the first Dublin motorised appliance. It was designed in 1909 by Capt. Purcell, chief fire officer for Dublin. Three examples were built in Scotland. One remained in southern England and the other went to the Indian sub-continent. Nothing further is known about them.The Dublin version was scrapped c.1950. The Daimlers were leased from Guinness by the British Army and fitted with 4 smoke boxes in Inchicore Railway Works. They were welded together, gun ports cut, dummy gun ports painted and rear smoke box door left in situ. The forerunners of the modern day APCs! They were returned to Guinness in due course. The Leyland Fire Engine is supplied with decals (inc. spares) which should be placed on the gold outlined panels forward of the "Dublin Fire Department" plaque (behind the front seat, not on the side of the front seat.)
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    You are a real craftsman.
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    Flying Scot tender chassis All cleaned up and ready to go, spent a few hours removing the cusp and getting things all straight again Out with 100watt Iron, 180deg solder and sizzled some flux I sussed the axle bearing issue- the two centre bearings are over sized for the bends. In the previous build they had been installed in the wrong place! Jigged up and ready to solder, 180deg again in at the back of the bearings Bearings done and underframe stuff soldered on with 70deg solder after the brass was thinned with 180deg solder Wheels on and break gear test fitted ready for soldering Wheels off again and all brass areas to take white metal pre thinned with 180deg solder Same on the break cross rods Wheels back on to position the break shoes for 70deg soldering, I decided to not solder the break pull rods on, as there is 2mm tolerance between the pull rods and the wheels and I cannot see any way in getting the wheels off if their soldered on. They will be epoxied on after painting is complete. I did use the pull rods to get everything lined up for soldering and this is a photo of the set-up Soldered up and a good wash A bit of a sand blast and ready for painting..... Eoin
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    Another addition to the 071 fleet-0117083 fresh from its bodywork overhaul is seen here hauling a HOBS set through platform 2 where it will discharge ballast along the track, The loco has been fitted with replacement wipers to improve appearance and with thanks to Steve at Railtec who provided the waterslide transfers for 083.
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    Like your thinking @Noel. Lots of CIE era stuff there.
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    Lovely work patrick. I would like to see how these were built.
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    Top class. Very elegant buildings both.
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    I X ringside seat please
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    Very nice bit of craftsmanship displayed there.
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    Thanks George. Yes hope to finish that up tomorrow. Thanks for your advice BTW.
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    Hi Gerry Not for the C class but yes for the Sulzer. There was careful consideration and research about using these two MM chassis as donors, and the decision was not taken lightly or without considering alternates. In case anybody thinks I'm being wasteful, I waited patiently over the past two years to acquire both of these donors at very low cost, both costing less than alternate Bachmann BR donor chassis on eBay. I ruled out using Hornby railroad style chassis as often recommended with SF kits because they do not run anywhere near as precisely as Bachmann/MM centre drive chassis, and also ruled out spud drives like Tenshodo with 15:1 gear ratio because of their running quality. Hollywood Iron foundry was another option but are more expensive than these donors, they don't even have PCBs, and not DCC ready. C class: Ironically the MM 141 is the ideal chassis for a C class in terms of length, bogie wheel spacing, lights, speaker space, easy of replacing bogie sides, NEM pocket heights to clear buffer beams, etc, and requires minimal work to fit the SF C class resin body, just cut a few mm of the both ends of the chassis using a mini drill disc cutter. You end up with a top class centre drive double flywheel runner AWD, AWP, lights, etc. Sulzer: The 071 bogie axle spacings are a perfect match for the SF B101 Sulzer, but the chassis requires to be shortened by way of two cut and joins each side of the centre drive motor, including shortening both carden shafts. The reason for two cuts is so the shafts are still long enough to allow both bogies pivot freely when the shortened chassis is reassembled. The MM chassis has all the lighting on the PCB as well as the snap fit bogie covers that are easy to change sides while retain the NEM pockets. Other considerations were that I am already familiar with these Bachman/MM style chassis, they are 21pin DCC and sound ready, both with speaker cradles, both with lighting PCBs, and most importantly of all both run as smoothly and reliable as a Swiss clock.
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    Its certainly not essential and really comes down to what the modeller is after. If watching trains running is your bag then a roundy roundy can have more potential. If organising freight in goods yards etc is more your thing then an end to end can be the perfect setup. Some dislike an end to end because they can't get trains up to full speed. Equally a roundy roundy can prove to be a no go as it tends not to appear prototypical. The corners on any layout tend to be the problematic areas for achieving any sense of realism as we have to bend that track so much from the prototype. It can also make things difficult to install points unless these are hand made. Just to throw another idea in to the pot. Have you considered the option of using, say, two or three sides as scenics and the third/fourth as a fiddle yard much like you would get with exhibition layouts. You might be able to get the scenics more to your liking with smoother curves leaving tighter non protypical corners for the non scenic areas. Sorry if this adds to the thoughts rwttling through your head! Paul
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    Thanks for the info. I must look at adding it to supplies. Paul
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    I have had a good few customers that had wanted a layout and wait years, then see the baseboards and order. Now that I am set up in the new workshop I have a guy making baseboards full time so waiting periods have dropped from months to a week or so.
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    Storey Wing Window Frame CAD Designs now up!
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    Came out nice Noel, Bit work Weathering lower down to blend it in but I imagine your working on that!!
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    Irish Freight Models have both the vertical door and curtain side wagon on their site,a bit pricey though as their not supplied as a kit as far as I can remember. D&M models also have a resin version of the curtain side wagon.Might be of some help to you.
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    Doh - that's nowhere near any of the canals! I told you guys before you can't trust Chinese rockets.
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    Noel, I am adding you as the 3rd candidate Hopefully they wont allow any airbrushes or Mr Surfacer on the trip. And hopefully there will be no WiFi on Mars!!!
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    Fair comment Eoin. 'To infinity and beyond' is a while down the road yet.
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    As daft as flinging the car up is, I suppose the idea is to get people 'interested'. It was a test of a vehicle that you can't really try out gently round an empty car park and maybe a 'serious' payload wasn't worth the risk? We have come to rely on earth-orbit satellites for a lot of daily life, not just GPS and re-runs of old TV programmes. The fact that stuff has become commonplace and a bit boring is often a sign of great progress. Airliners still fly at much the same speeds as they did fifty/sixty years ago, but they don't kill us as often and they're a lot cheaper to use. Landing a thing on a comet has to be counted as impressive, surely? The current Russian system for travel to the ISS hasn't killed anybody for a very long time. Having said that, I would have been impressed if we had stuck a radio telescope on the far side of the Moon, shielded from all the fizz down here.
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    Was apprehensive when I got to this stage and wondered had I destroyed the wagons. Luckily the next steps went ok.
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    He sure is, with a fast 85 degree learning curve. Great ability to adapt and learn practical ways around engineering challenges.
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    Simply having half a dozen people in space almost continuously for almost the whole of this century to the point where hardly anybody takes any notice any more, or would be able to name even one of them, is a massive change from the excitement of the "old days". It's an interesting task to find out when there was last nobody off the planet...
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    Particularly for your sort of product, there is nothing like actually seeing one in front of you. Many people will consider buying one for years, even decades, and just keep putting it off, but seeing the reality in front of them can easily be the tipping point.
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    Great stuff Noel. Would you consider adding grafitti to the heavily weathered bubbles?
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    A scary tale of weathering IRM cement wagons. I have enjoyed learning and trying different ways of weathering IRM's lovely cement wagons. Scary I can tell you especially yesterday (Batch 3 and 5) which I painted Mr Surfacer 500 on the tops of the bubbles to create a sort of caked cement texture. This is the journey so far starting with batch one the night after the SDMRC show. Batch 1 - Ivory - Light weathering Batch 2 - Ivory - Moderate weathering Batch 3 - Ivory - Moderate weathering plus caked texture on tops of bubbles Batch 4 - Orange - Moderate weathering Batch 5 - Orange - Moderate weathering plus caked texture on tops of bubbles Yesterdays stages: 1. Start pristine 2. Apply Mr Surfacer 500 grunge on tops of bubbles stippled using short bristle brush. 3. What have I done to these lovely wagons? 4. Phew - scary but worth the risk 5. Some tidying up left to do but I am relieved and happy with Batches 3 and 5 I can tell you my heart was in my mouth after I applied the grey texture material to the tops of these and thought I had destroyed them.
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    The next show (and the first one of four taking place in 2018) will be happening on Sunday 11th. February at our usual great venue, the Talbot Hotel at Stillorgan, from 10.30am to 3.00pm. 85 tables packed by top traders and collectors from all over Ireland plus a sprinkling from the UK. Strong on model railways of all types and great for value; traders are also keen to take your surplus items in part-exchange etc. Quality catering at great prices available throughout the show, level and easy access and FREE parking on site for up to 350 vehicles. Admission: 4 euros. www.chrisdyerfairs.co.uk
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    And the progress continues......... Goods Yard (Top Right) - sidings (centre) - mainline out to fiddle yard (bottom) - station area (Top right) - single line circuit (coming off Y-point, bottom - this will allow trains to cross the flap across the entrance to shed. Can the experience men advise me if my point arrangements are ok and if they see and trouble ahead? In the foreground of this view I may make changes to the track arrangement so the inner circuit is clear of the shunting pointwork.
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    yes, superb layout by @driver301. Looking forward to any progress that may have occurred
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    I don’t want to post photographs until l have track laid, I have a lot of points to buy - they are expensive. In the meantime, here’s a pic from last week when I started setting out my centre lines using handmade ply curves.
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    Hello. After studying the photographs more carefully, I was able to identify at the best of my ability where the doors on Storey Wings #2, #3 and #4 go. Here are the CAD Drafts below.
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    More Gravestone CAD Designs, this time, Celtic Crosses.
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    Great images of your Carlow Layout. can't wait to see the final result. Keep up the good work.

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