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    And yet more.. And even more.. This little vignette was very impressive in 7mm.
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    It's not always drivers...
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    This was all there was for 'us'. I'm always interested in the fiddle yards.
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    Hi there .new to this page . I would like to in put . getting back into model rails after a long break . I hope to recreate bray station and some of the bray hill . I have started so far and with a little help I’m sure I can come close to finish . I will post some photos . I liked the gray stones pics thanks for having me tintin
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    Just my sequence, not necessarily the correct or ideal: Temporarily Lay the track dry using drawing pins (avoid points over board joints or cross members for later point motors) Test run trains to ensure smooth operation, no derailments, clearances between longer rolling stock items on parralell track at bends. (I.e. Avoid corners of passing coaches touch each other). Simulate prototypical operations (i.e. Shunting, run around, building formations, etc) Adjust track if required from steps 2 & 3 Accurately mark finalised track position on base board. Accurately mark holes for point motors Remove track Cut, lay and glue down track bed or yard sheet (i.e. 3mm cork or 3mm dense cell black foam), copydex a better glue than PVA because it doesn't go hard therefore does not transmit rail noise through track bed to base board Drill point motor holes under where point tie bars will be. Option - do messy scenic work now before track relaid, such as forming shapes using plaster/foam, roads, etc. Relay and pin track to track bed Wire primary track power Before ballasting perform test run of all track Ballast track with suitable ballast material using wet PVA method Weather track and ballast (air brush by far the quickest and easiest way to do thus) Clean rail tops Test run variety of stock again Finish track wiring Point motor wiring. Do non messy scenic work, scatters, static grass, buildings, trees, walls, foliage, fences, etc
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    I'm not entirely sure what you mean. My only advice would be to visualise a train running on your track. Can it get from point A to point B. For example, can a train arrive at platform 3, say, and depart back on to the correct line. Does a train get stuck if it arrives at a certain location. Installing a passing loop may be required. And so on. Just drive your train and if you come across any difficulties address the issue. Best discovering this now than when track is down or you may hamper your operational potential of the layout. From anything I've learnt, the railway company's did everything they could to save money so very expensive installation of points would have been kept to what was needed and no more. Paul
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    I don't remember seeing a price - it was all quite a blur - but, it might have been these people. https://dundasmodels.co.uk/webstore/index.php?option=com_hikashop&ctrl=product&task=show&cid=5788&name=county-donegal-style-railcar-type-2&Itemid=590&category_pathway=527 It's been there for the last few years, I might remember to ask next February...
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    Some pictures. The winning layout was essentially two excavators, shifting a pile of sand around via a small hopper train - mesmerising and surrounded by a crowd all day. Breedon. A supreme example of landscaping.
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    And there's me thinking that'll be a nice quiet evening with some light chat between members.Going by some of the comments I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie Sheen turned up at this Here's hoping Bogie Cement....
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    Another addition to the 071 fleet-0117083 fresh from its bodywork overhaul is seen here hauling a HOBS set through platform 2 where it will discharge ballast along the track, The loco has been fitted with replacement wipers to improve appearance and with thanks to Steve at Railtec who provided the waterslide transfers for 083.
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    Thanks for your interest folks. Here is the nickel-silver part of the pack.

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