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    Slight difference with the new Snack car 1509 on the top in both pics
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    I have nearly finished my 201silver fox bodied locomotive,I used a 141 chassis to improve running, I also fitted a 181 loco sound chip in order to recreate the replacement GM B645 engine which were fitted to the real locos in their day I purchased the A/C class detailing kit off des at SSM to improve the look of the loco and also gave it a repaint. Here we see the loco on test with the IRM ballast hoppers. Another view from the present is of retro liveried loco 073 working a reconfigured Sperry train with the addition of a bogie spoil wagon attached to the rear for added brake force..and 071 working the IWT liner,
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    Thanks The main modelling set up is at home, but with the addition of a few essentials, LED strip and some inspiration I might be able to get a bit more done with this mini set up. @leslie10646 might be interested to see the above video!
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    Slight improvement on Medical Problem
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    Must be new moulds in use for the air vent to have changed location. Strange one. Also, looking at Dave's photos, the white lines on the new model seem a bit thicker and the top orange portion seems to extend slightly further up the roof. Not a deal breaker but the older 1508 model seems more accurate livery wise to the real thing. Cant wait for the 121's to be released but the wobble issue on the Cravens released in the last while, the vent in the wrong location and slight livery variations on the new Cravens buffet worry me slightly, as it seems the standard coming from whatever factory is used now doesn't seem to be as high as the previous factories used for these models.
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    http://www.contikits.com/Page_3.html Geof Poulter at Contikits has a couple of s/h Hobbytrain V65's listed. Geof and Alison are old friends of mine, we have done shows and travelled extensively on the Swiss railways over the last 30 plus years and I regularly buy stuff from him (and then sell it back when I decide to do something else - usually a couple of months later!) ERnie
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    Good luck, Robbie58.
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    I put in a bid for a little above the $70. If it climbs higher I'm not that interested. I thought if I can get one cheap, fair enough, but it's by no means a priority. We'll see!
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    Roco or the Kato/Hobbytrain are ideal. Both need a little cosmetic surgery to resemble the Irish one. The HO difference is not a big one, given the size of the prototype and the Irish loading gauge etc
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    Its HO Scale and I don't think its in production at the moment but there are probably secondhand ones about. Ernie
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    Attempt using washer to remove RPSI Craven Wobble failed. I made 120 plastic card shim washers and fitted them, perhaps 115 might have been better. Unfortunately they did not improve the wobble one iota. Will try MMs washers when they become available but not optimistic based on my experiment with a plastic washer. Yes the RPSI craven bogies are harder to remove, as somebody suggested it must be a harder plastic, flat screwdriver underneath helped prise them off by hand. Shim washer cut from 120 plastic sheet - perhaps 115 might have been better, but I filed it a bit thinner anyway. This had no effect whatsoever on the RPSI Craven Wobble.
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    One of our dear brethren over on the FaceBook site asked how to get the bogies off an RPSI craven in order to fit the clever Murphy Models shim fixes for the wobbley RPSI cravens. My answer below. (tongue in check you understand and which sub-forum this post was made in). Get a decent vice grips out of the tractor toolbox, clamp the coach body firmly in a bench vice, then clamp the vice grips on the bogie, place a 1" chisel between the bogie and under frame, then give the chisel a belt with a block hammer and the bogie should fly off, but recommend tying some bailing twine to it beforehand so you don't lose it when it flies off! Just kidding Seriously the bogies just pull off by hand. The are plastic snap fittings. See real pic below.
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    Couple of corrugated buildings on my layout Scaledale R9803 & R9810
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    Excellent idea, I like it a lot.... Eoin
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    That's a handy piece of kit Robbie, like it alot.
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    First Class Cravens: 1147 Converted from Standard Class coach 1551 on 27/01/1970. Reverted to Standard Class coach 1551 in June 1973. 1148 Converted from Standard Class coach 1547 on 16/01/1970. Reverted to Standard Class coach 1547 in December 1974. 1149 Converted from Standard Class coach 1558 on 01/05/1970. Reverted to Standard Class coach 1558 on 31/12/1984. 1150 Converted from Standard Class coach 1548 on 02/09/1970. Reverted to Standard Class coach 1548 on 25/10/1984. 1151 Converted from Standard Class coach 1547 in March 1980. Reverted to Standard Class coach 1547 on 04/03/1985.
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    Deadly! Really good light to work from, even if it's tedious decal stuff. As an aside, Lidl/Aldi do an A3 cutting mat every now and again, 8 Bobs or thereabout, if you ever start running out of cutting surface.. Richie.
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    Coach now got.Cheers.

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