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    photos of the malting tower on grand canal quay
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    Video demonstrating uncoupling wagons using compact rare earth magnets. The magnets are a fraction of the size of kadee's own magnets and are easy to install. They are cylindrical 5mm diameter and 6mm long. A pair are required offset each side of the track centre line. The magnets need to be almost need to be flush with the sleepers because they are so powerful they would pull the wagons upwards if they were flush with the top of the rail. Much easier to install and hide then kadee's own magnets. Cost €3 + €4 postage for twenty magnets = 10 uncoupling points at a cost of 70 cent each. I will install on the layout as I reballast sections of track. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Neodymium-Super-Strong-Magnet-Small-Round-Disc-Rare-Earth-N50-Grade-5mm-x-6mm/272064785631?hash=item3f58532cdf:m:mHD0AMFopaXcU6hNXdPOqZQ Before I got them I thought I might have to double them up (i.e. 2x6mm = 12mm deep), but they are so powerful one 5mm x 6mm magnet each side was enough and I had to recess them more than I'd expected to avoid the kadee trip pin being pulled downwards towards the magnet causing the other end of the wagon to lift off its axle. One of the things to bear in mind is if the magnets are not carefully placed could cause wagons to jerk (i.e. if the metal wagon axles and trip pins are too close to the magnet surface). NMRA standards advise that typical 2 axle wagons should have a minimum weight of 40-70grams which reduces unwanted movements. https://www.nmra.org/beginner/weight
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    Hi everyone, Not to cause a panic or anything, but we have two pack C bubbles left in stock, and D is running pretty low too. So, if you want some ivory bubbles, now is the time to snap them up or run the risk of missing out. We wont be doing another run of that livery for a loooooonnnng time. Dont say we didnt warn you! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/cement-bubbles Cheers, Fran
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    Hi Kevin, we’re working away on it but it’s proving to be a most complex beast to say the least. We will have an update on it in the coming weeks though, so watch this space. Cheers, Fran
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    richie, heres my weedspray coach....far from perfect but the best i could do as a first attempt. will try another conversion when time permits.
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    Unbelievable price for this respray. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Model-Northern-Ireland-Railways-3-car-DMU/263737511502?hash=item3d67fb0e4e:g:VwUAAOSwbA5bFa~X
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    Please don't say Richie is pulling his hair out trying to model working sliding door hinges. 😁
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    Catching up on this old but rather interesting thread. I quite like the look of the old CIE weed spray trains with their two coaches and five 2 axle chemical wagons. @Glenderg Richie just wondering did you have a go at one of the weed spray coaches in the end? I quite like the idea of the five tankers on two axle container flats. I'm wondering if I could use the tanker loads from the future IRM release with a kit bashed old style spray coach (i.e. converted brake parcel van). There is a great picture of the old weed spray train on page 105 of "From CIE to IR the changing face of Ireland's Railways" (ISBN 978 0 7110 3476 1). Train consists of spray coach (ex Brake parcel van), five yellow 2 axle tanker wagons, one 2 axle short yellow engineering coach, three 20ft CIE containers on 2 axle flat wagons. (see video clip below) Youtube clip of old CIE weed spray train formation Must have been awkward repositioning these trains between traffic once CWR became common due to the speed limits imposed on 2 axle wagons running on CWR. Higher speed limits permitted on jointed rail lines. Some good views of the old weed spray train on this clip below.
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    Good morning all, A few photos from the first week or so in June, featuring the following: -Stradbally Running Days -Spray Train in Connolly -Lansdowne Road -Pearse -Heuston -Connolly -O'Connell Street Click on the photos below to view them full size, or https://www.flickr.com/photos/hurricanemk1c/albums/72157697807791245 Regards, Kieran
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    I am very much looking forward to the plough vans.I remember seeing these vans on a Ballast at Enniscorthy Station,must have been 1978.It had a 001 class at the head of affairs.That time you could walk up to the loading area and watch the ballast wagons been loaded.My late father would normally end up chatting to the driver for ages while I watched the action.
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    203 on its way for a bit of a clean- been working hard! Also requires a bit of a engine tune up- it's been belching out a lot of black stuff! Eoin
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    All 3 kits are built now.I need to buy some primer tomorrow so I can get cracking on the painting.

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