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    One of the two items shown publicly this evening at the SDMRC was a 3D print of the plough van. We're delighted how this has turned out and tooling continues with production slated for after the Tara. There are a good few detail parts missing, such as brake gubbins, glazing and grills but it does how off the finesse and fine detailing of the model.
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    Yes, the first time I drove in I thought I was going to end up going over the M50 pedestrian bridge! The big news tonight is that we will have two new things to show you all on top of the decorated Tara. So make sure to pop along if you can!
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    We will, we will have some pics up later tonight after the event for you night owls!
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    I think someone with a background in IT would be a welcome addition to the IRM team?
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    This CAD also made its debut tonight at the SDMRC event. We will have more details about preordering and price in the coming weeks!
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    A sincere thank you to everyone who came along tonight, we were delighted with the turnout considering the very short notice and the stormy weather! A big and sincere thank you to the SDMRC guys for facilitating us. We may do it again in the coming months! As for the news this evening , you can see it here and here If anyone has photos and / or video of tonight please stick it up (I spent the whole night talking that I forgot to take any!)
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    Will you be posting some images of the 2 mystery products online?
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    My 6th layout is designed to be a compact/shelfie exhibition standard layout to show off mainly Irish locomotives of a variety of liveries. It will be sufficiently versatile to allow diesels locomotives of CIE, Supertrain, IR, IE or even UK/BR liveries to be shown. The size will be my usual 4.5 feet by 9 inch dimensions with a 2 foot fiddle-yard at one end which easily and accurately attaches/detaches with snap toggles. It will be controlled by DCC with sound in most locos. It will fit neatly into the boot of my car for easy transportation to exhibitions. I intend to allow for shunting of oil wagons. I have already built the base-boards using techniques trialled by Wexford Model Railway Club for their innovative new O gauge layout.This involves accurately cut 6 mm X 100 mm high-quality birch ply-wood sections (available from www.woodworkers.ie). The appropriate lengths of ply are hot-glued to the base-board and 15 mm sections used for face pieces. Metal connecting dowels are hammered into these pieces to align the fiddle-yard. Lengths of fibre-glass webbing are glued in place with PVA at each interface of the ply-wood elements beneath the board. Sections of wood are also glued/screwed in place to support the back-scene and side-boards. A couple of pictures: the ba
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    Very impressive, soon be "ploughing" into my hard earned ( I think so anyway) cash. Robert
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    Well that looks ideal for someone with a "fertile" imagination. I like the pallet inserts will these be "plug and play" user changeable inserts for empty flows and or available on their own for lineside details. Looking forward to pricing and ordering info - have to save and eat less Thanks IRM! Robert
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    Cross wind, air pressure, and a host of other factors can't get current aircraft to land on a 4 inch centre line of a runway perfectly, no mind into a perfect gauge rail system. Absolute nonsense.
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    Put a kadee 321 magnet on the layout for DCC uncoupling trials using WheelTappers DCC sound project for 141 using function 12 'uncoupling'. F12 automates the loco movements with uncoupling sounds as the kadees release and the loco backs off. It will also automate coupling movements with appropriate sounds (i.e. brake hiss, air, engine, etc).
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    Seems to operate quite smoothly Noel without any issues
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    Any nice pics There is a full set of times posted in the RPSI 2018 thread if you are looking for tomorrow or Fridays times. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/6753-rpsi-2018/
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    This was the 1st reasonably dry weekend we had in several weeks, so I started work on the benchwork roadbed for the east leg of the wye. I decided to construct this section in situ and install the piles rather than pre-fab the roadbed on the deck, there was also the little matter of marrying in with the existing roadbed at either end! Stringers are 4x2 fencing rail I had over from a job, piles are offcuts of fenceposts, Rapidset also surplus from a job so in a way the Pacic Extension is being built from revenue like the Ballina Branch of the Great Northern and Western in the 1860s. This form of construction with heavier section timber was basically the standard for house construction in New Zealand from Colonial days until relevatively recent times, quite a shock for someone with a construction background from Ireland There was also some Monteiths Black for refreshments. The right of way had to be planned to avoid the Kauri and a Feijoa tree. which produces a lot of fruit in late Summer and Autumn. It has been difficult fitting the eastern leg of the wye into the space available, ending up with a 5' minimum radius curve rather than the preferred 6' minimum, I temporarily pinned down a section of track at 5' radius to check if there were any problems. The crew of 464 agreed to run over the temporary tracks while on their way to pick up some empty cars further up the line. I once heard a Canadian Pacific track gang asking the crew of a short line freight in Minnesota if the had time to spare to divert their train to run over a newly re-laid diamond a couple of times to check that everything was ok. It was getting late in the evening and the next CP train was not scheduled for several hours and the track gang wanted to go home after a long day! The test was a success so installed the road bed for the eastern leg of the wye. The wye is under the drip line of a number of large trees and is a popular place for visitors to congregate on hot days, which could make the wye a very popular place indeed. Th end of the wye is supported temporarily on blocks, for the present I will extend the tail of the wye about 6' long enough for a couple of locos to clear the switch. Rail for the wye will come from a re-lay job on the main line, where I am planning to swap out about 20' of AMS track with bleached out ties (sleepers) laid in 2007 with new material during August-September. The wye will be laid with the old rail AMS on new Sunset Valley ties which should be good for another 10-20 years.
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    Stunning and beautiful. I love this picture.
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    This exactly, This time last year a full tank from empty was €50 and in the past few weeks it's knocking on €70. Starting to consider public transport again to get to work capped at €40 a week. Costing me around €90 a week with toll tag to and from work. There's alot of inflation but wages are not matching it. Cost of living for me gone up drastically this year, find myself having to cut back more and more.
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    Llanuwchllyn makes its Exhibition debut at Bala Model Railway Show, North Wales.

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