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    072,073,076 and 083 at the MPD earlier....
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    Testing the ballast wagons tonight at South Dublin MRC.
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    If of any use Lima BR mk1 BSK conversion to GSV last year. Due to the way the Bachmann coach dismantles, it should be marginally easier to do than the Lima. The Bachmann will make a much better donor and has better grazing and window frames. http://irishrailwaymodeller.com/topic/6213-kingsbridge-workbench/?do=findComment&comment=104272 The main mistake on mine was I made the water filter recesses far too large Roof vents Before weathering
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    210 in a sorry state on scrap bogies and 225 when is was abandoned during it's rebuild but has since almost been completed.
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    Decided to create a new thread on the mothballed 201 to avoid derailing the 071 overhaul thread. Anyways, a few pics below of the from last year.
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    It's only taken me a month (I was in Switzerland leading a tour for two weeks, mind you) but my website seems to be up again. It's still a work in progress, as I get the hang of a different website builder. To make it worth your while looking, there's a new offering to ogle at (although if you model Irish Railways AFTER 1965, it's honestly of no interest!). When 00 Works announced their J15 last year, I suggested to My Man (Michael!) that we might do a CIE brake van to complete a branch goods train such as would have been pulled by these little engines - we have already offered the corrugated open and the H van, of course. As two other manufacturers offer the CIE steel 20 ton brake, there was no sense in replicating that, so we looked a bit further. Then I visited a model railway show here on John Bull's Island and there was our old friend Andy Cundick showing off Valencia Harbour. For that layout, he had scratch built a GSWR 10 ton brake. I duly photographed it and sent the photo to Michael, who was seduced by its venerable appearance. Michael will admit to being a brake van fan, so we were on the way. I must also thank Genderg, another brake van freak (or should I say geek, these days?), who produced a pile of useful data and photos. Six months on, the van exists and I hope to be selling it at Raheny. When I showed the van to Andy he complained that everyone would think that HIS was actually our kit, but it isn't - his is all his own (very, very skilled) work! Leslie
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    20063 has charge of two TPOs which have been looped to allow an afternoon express to overtake....
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    Hi everyone, Just a reminder; we will be at the Great Electric Train Show at Arena MK, Milton Keynes this weekend on stand 63. On our stand we will have pre-production samples of two new Accurascale models; one is rolling stock, and one is an accessory. We will be able to take pre-orders for the rolling stock online and at the show. On top of our new Accurascale announcement we will have pre-production samples of the Cemflo and our 7mm HUO to see in public for the first time. We can take pre-orders on both at the show too. As well as that we will have packs of our pre TOPS HUOs and buffer accessory packs for sale on the day, and (hopefully with a bit of luck!) a very limited supply of the new TOPS and NCB packs of our HUOs. We're currently trying our best to arrange logistics on that. We'll keep you posted! Finally we will also have samples of our IRM models, with pre-production plough van and Tara Mines on display and orange cement bubbles available to buy. Patrick and I will be on hand to chat and answer questions and queries, so make sure you stop by and say hi! We look forward to seeing you there! Cheers! Fran
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    Ah, Tony, I was on that train!!!! My first rail tour in 1961, I believe! This looks like us waiting to come off the Markets Branch at Omagh. The model is built from the Rowlands kit (forgotten the guys first name or his trading name) - now available from Des of SSM. It IS a nice model and runs very well with 4 bogies or so - I took it off a train of Richard Ellis-Hobbs' GN coaches to set up this "photo shoot". David, thanks for the heads-up on the LNWR six wheelers. There is a rake being made by Richard McLachlan for a DNGR layout based, happily enough, in the Dundalk area. I'm owed one of those six wheel full brakes, because, one was at Portadown roundhouse, presumably in some use as a tool van, or whatever.
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    Well done Leslie, a fantastic kit and will be very welcome.
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    The other side of 225 (no1 end that was coupled to the train at the time) , the no. 2 end was leading (as can be seem in the previous post) when it was involved in the fatal collision in 2010. It was hauling the 9:30 Ballina to Dublin IWT liner.
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    The 201 fleet are considered and treated as a combined pool so it's 34 total. 12 out of service with 2 returning in the next two years. Give 22 201s available now going up to 24 in 2020 roughly. There are 8 equipped to work Enterprise services. With 6 needed daily for that including 2 spares and 1 on exam. Leaves 16 free to work the 7x Mk4 sets, plus spares and exam and overhaul locos. 201s work IWT freight liners from time to time too. 201s will be allocated IWT liners all the time once they go to 24 wagon trains from the current 18.
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    Yet another hare to start running, I have been reading DSM Barries book on the DN&GR, now while the locos are still available from the GEM successors and Worsley work do most of the ex LNWR 6 wheeled coaches, I am at a lost to find anything about the Bogie Composite coaches they used on the Belfast Boat Express. I understand they where 54ft but that does not make any sense as far as the LNWR is concerned since they where only building 50ft coaches at the time so to build something which was longer does not make any sense, so I am wondering if anyone may have that rare photo of these coaches while the DN&GR was still operating. If you have the original of DSM Barrie's book, there's a photo of a painting of the Belfast Boat Express. I'll scan it when I'm back home where the book is. Well, these aren't the coaches in the painting in DSM Barrie's book, but they're close - in the painting they are being hauled by a Class PP - so my No.42 fits the bill. The coaches were built by Jol, owner of London Road Models (see David's reply). They are LNWR "English" coaches, but all became Irish coaches when the GNR(I) bought them from BR in 1948 or so. I had the opportunity to buy them at Scaleforum recently and thought it would be nice to recreate the painting on my layout! Actually, I've always loved the LNWR coach livery, so that was the original attraction. This is similar to the painting, but an attempt at a side on view (not easy among the struts in my loft!). Although each of these is identifiable as a GN coach Class, I'm not going to repaint them in Mahogany!!!!
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    I’ll think I will go back to being a pilot. Flying is a way easier.
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    Hi Guys Just to be clear on the NMRA advice about weight- generally their rule is being applied to long 'Cars' as they call them, we have coaches! The NMRA's idea of adding more weight if experiencing problems, is to do with long cars and mainly with bogie running gear- because of the transverse buzz over curved track! 2 axle 4 wheel wagons are not referred to and 35grams total weight is adequate- if still difficulties after that its down to- track, wheels, couplers, and general straightness of the model- ie;- all four wheels sit on the track and the model when pushed lightly will roll along without de-railing Eoin
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    It sure would. Even better a GM 201 class in B&T livery!!! I am half tempted to respray an orange MM 201 that I have in B&T livery.
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    A B&T 071 would be an amazing sight.
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    oh you big tease! I was thinking either black and tan or A class silver would've looked the part! 😂 Sounds good all the same!
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    Latest arrive - Marklin 39006 BR01 Christmas digital sounds with tree light up .
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    If you had an egg........
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    Great pics and realistic formation too! Pity Harp's not still brewed there, with the old marketing campaign, rather than this "pure here" drivel that they're doing now...
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    The permanent way department took delivery of some new track maintenance machinery, It is seen here being tested under the supervision of the chief inspector, In the background the Hydrema dump trucks deliver ballast to the waiting JCB excavator, and in the fore ground some re-railing is taking place using the new machinery.
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    Andy Cundick has been doing this on Valencia Harbour and latterly Courtmacsherry for years. Have had the pleasure of operating Valencia and the system works perfectly well. A pleasure to operate. Meanwhile, my own Fintonagh does exactly the same, albeit 7mm scale, but to 21mm gauge for 3' gauge. I've used 1mm flangeways on 900mm radius points, with 19- 19.5mm back to backs. What I have found is that, using 4mm finescale wagon wheels on code 83 flat bottomed rail is that there is a lot less margin for error than on Arigna Town, where Slater's 7mm scale wheels work really well on code 100 FB track. Derailments are virtually unknown, even though the gauge varies by up to +/- .5mm. This with a back to back on loco axles that Slater's quote as 33.98mm! On Fintonagh, tolerances are much tighter (using EM standards, as outlined by Mayner), so back to backs cannot be out more than 0.5mm max, or derailments occur on point crossings (frogs). However, apart from a degree of fettling to ensure tolerances are kept within these limits, all works well. The moral of the story, as Andy will tell you, is that 21mm gauge does NOT require P4 standards. EM/4mm finescale is fine! You still need to lay track carefully, but otherwise, it is no harder that doing 00. Whether your models are capable of running with wheels at 19mm back to backs is another matter, but 21mm gauge (or indeed 36.75mm in 7mm scale) looks so much better and if that appeals, this is so worth pursuing.
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    Nice autoballasters, Robert. Both old and new Irish Rail logos fit perfectly against the yellow livery.
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    Agree, especially with a rake of blue/grey mk2. Bachmann Class 37s in original BR blue livery with later generation chassis with operating lights have been difficult to source on eBay. The Class 37 has had an amazingly varied and extended working life in so many different liveries starting with BR green hauling maroon ex-LMS and ex-GWR stock.

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