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    Needed a bit of light relief from the 101, so with the AW tractor nearing completion, decided it was time I finished it off. Mostly it was painting. Started with a couple of coats of Halford's grey primer, then once that was dry, could paint the interior fittings black and the buffer beams red [both acrylic]. Glazing came next, then a single crewman, after which it was time to fit the roof. Lettering is my preferred method of dipping pen with white ink. The assumption is that the CVR did buy the loco, after further testing, so it became No 8 on the loco fleet. Talking to folk, there is feeling that the CVR crews might have scuppered the original deal, as the tractor was intended for one person operation - thereby doing a fireman out of a job. The unusual firebox [the door was in the floor of the cab], may have caused problems too. The photo in Patterson's book shows it to be a fairly grubby condition, so I've tried to replicate this with weathering powders. A word of warning here. Humbrol black weathering powder is pretty strong stuff and if anything, sticks rather too well - creating unwanted streaks when I tried dusting it on. Extensive cleaning up was required to get rid of these, using cotton buds dipped in meths & wiping off the streaks with a vertical motion, to simulate the effect of rain running down the sides. The Humbrol powder is ok on the chassis and mixes well with other tints, but will not be using it on bodywork again - indeed the roof will probably need repainting.
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    David It all started seeing a photo in Michael H.C Baker book The railways of the republic of ireland 1925 - 1975 of a push pull set passing Grand Canal Street Sidings (photo 1973) which captured a scene and hit a nerve to have a go albeit modern image in the 90's onwards.(photo 1 Michael H.C. Baker) regards warb
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    Down to our last 25% of stock on these already. Thank you to everyone for your custom, our fastest moving model yet!
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    First layer of plaster bandage applied this afternoon, starting to take shape
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    Latest building under construction is the large goods shed-still some way to go on this. Thought I would post a couple of photos of a weathered mineral wagon. The method used is based on ideas by Gordon Gravett and Martyn Welch
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    They’re all in the wrong livery......
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    Thanks Paul - Find the history of such things fascinating. Presumably, there was no CAD when Terry created the kit? If so, it was real state of the art for its time & stands up very well indeed against more recent kits I've built. Have managed to get the footplate area built. There curved sections certainly require patience! The latest photo shows it attached to the frames, to check clearances & again appreciate how much tighter things must be for Mayner and his 4mm scale models. Probably less than a millimetre clearance in 7mm scale, so down to fagpaper in anything smaller.
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    And dont forget the Kitchen
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    and D O'Toole Table;- Kinvara Train Man & Kieran the Soldier Man will be there also.
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    Cut some formers from ply for my embankments, thought it was worth doing while I wait for my plaster bandage to arrive. This adds a sound foundation for the embankments. Maybe a bit OTT.........
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    A rare move took place earlier on Tara junction when the Enterprise was delayed at platform 2 with door trouble ,the following Mk4 service which was hauled by Belmond liveried locomotive 216 was routed around the Enterprise to serve platform 3,it then operated in advance of the Enterprise which in turn followed five minutes later.
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    It wont make that much difference when they are passing through Ringsend
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    Thanks for the reply Eoin I will just have to keep bashing away at the Euro lottery in that case. I guess for now Ireland is not yet ready for such a model center. I would be more concerned for those items which get stored, as I have know items to just disappear without trace unless some sort of independent audit take place once a year. Colin
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    The Fry models cannot be sold off, Fingal Co Co are the custodians but the collection belongs to the Irish People. I would say that the models fit for display will be used in the new facility, the un-fit will be held in storage, possibly never to be seen again unless the Council decide to put more money in to restore them for display!! Hi Colin A fantastic idea, one that I had many discussions about, but alas, if you take the current situation on the Fry Models;- A number of years ago in discussion with 'Irish model/ heritage railway fans' and on this thread- if you look back, we asked them to lend support on the Fry Model Cause, of which many said they would get involved. But in the end very little support was given and at the time when we had public comment during the planning process only one 'Irish model/ heritage railway fans' took the time to do so. On that basis I feel your idea would not have enough support in this country! sadly Ireland's Pendon will have to be at the Casino in Malahide- for now!...... Eoin
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    Dare i say would it be worth thinking in terms of setting up something like the UK Pendon style project between all Irish model/ heritage railway fans, it won't be cheap but if a fund could be started that if any of this collection came up for sale funds would be in place to purchase them, where you would then display and store them well that is another matter to consider. Colin.
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    Fry had a large collection of railway artefacts as well as his models. His models ran into the hundreds. All are in varying condition. The artefact list is currently being perused to see what bits are of the highest historical interest for display. I understand that all concerned may be meeting again very soon to evaluate progress.
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    Some photos of items available at the Christmas Fair this coming Sunday;- S Ryan Table;- D Bracken Table;- P McHugh Table;- ECMtrains table;-
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    Sound interesting. Here are a few pics of a few fictional stations in the region
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    Good for you gents well deserved and hopefully future batches in forthcoming years will keep the cash flow going - need a large bogie wagon to keep it in I guess .. Hopefully if you can catch breath between locos for UK and IRE markets you will enjoy the festive season. I guess the heat still on the 42foot flats and Ferts to keep you busy. This is quite a "monster" you have created .... Thanks from this three thumbed modeller ! Robert
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    Cheers Dave. Already sorted.
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    Definitely seems appears to be a sequel to "Narrow Gauge Album", the original is definitely worth while seeking out in second hand bookstores or Amazon for its account of the early days of the preservation movement and stories of railway operation. Following on on Noel's suggestion a series of pictorials of lines in the Midlands would be nice, perhaps combining colour and black and white photos with condensed versions of J P O'Dea's John O'Meara's, and N J McAdams IRRS papers would really bring the operation of these lines in the 1950s & 60s to life. The IRRS papers are very useful from a modelling perspective usually including details of motive power and traffic patterns and station track layouts. John O'meara published papers on the Meath Line and Tuam Branch, NJ McAdams The Mayo Line and J P O'Dea just about everywhere else including the Banagher & Ballaghdereen Branches The more recent Ian Allen/Midland Publishing Irish Railway Pictorial series contain high quality photos through from the steam age to the present including albums on the Great Southern Railways, Great Northern Railways, a number of regional and narrow gauge albums.
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    Jhb, the 071s worked the timber to and from Derry when it operated.. think it was a three month period in the early 2000s.. The Irish rail freight to Adelaide would have ended around this time also.. would have been a mix of fertiliser, cement and keg beer worked in a mixed train
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    Main controls completed for barrow street with circuit breakers on each dcc section and a separate 12v line

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