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    Tara Production nearing Completion! Production of our highly anticipated Tara Mines wagons is nearing completion and should be finished early next week before dispatch to Dublin by air! As you can see, components such as the chassis features high levels of details and the final assembly and checking is now taking place. We anticipate that orders will begin shipping during the final week of August. It's been a long wait but we firmly believe that they will be well worth it. Have you placed your order yet? Don't miss out on what promises to be our best model yet! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/tara-mines
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    re arranged barrow street end full weekend of works where does it go
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    For a friend, I weathered this one from the original batch. I have since warmed to the Super Train livery after initially finding it rather dull. Combination of powders applied wet using paint brush and cotton buds, with airbrush for overall dusting to tone down that yellow shade of orange plastic on all the MM mk2ds.
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    A lift up section is well worth doing. Yes it's a bit of a pain soldering track but once it's done you will be happy you did it. Most of the layouts I do that go around a room have a hinged lift up section. I wouldn't use copper clad sleepers, they can come away from the baseboard over time. I use brass screws, once soldered I trim them down to the width of the rail with a dremel then fill in the gap with sleepers. The best thing about using screws is once they are soldered to the rail they can't unscrew and come back out. Iv'e seen people use nails but they just come back out with expansion and contraction. Here's some pics of how I solder track across a baseboard joint, same principal applies for a lift up section. (There is a joint there, it's perfectly joined together!)
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    I've just had a message from Allen Doherty at Worsley Works. The body kit for the long awaited "WT" class 2-6-4T is virtually ready, and can apparently be adapted to fit the Hornby Fowler 2-6-4T chassis. The chassis etch designed for 21mm gauge will follow afterwards. I've waited many years for this!!! Contact Allen to ask for prices and hopefully order yours! http://www.worsleywo...uk/WW/Email.htm Update: Body £50, Chassis fret £25
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    Jubilee for a Queen Here we go again...... While Maedbh sits on her perch comfortably the difference in size between her and Macha (converted fromissions an airfix royal scot) is quite noticeable. So then what to do. What I've always disliked about converting the Royal Scottish is the cab is quite different along with the tender drive of the airfix models. Now while the Scot has a semi enclosed cab, the Jubilee has a fully enclosed one. But the noticeable tapered boiler is a problem. Or so one woold think. Some of the Jubilee class were rebuilt, with a somewhat striking resemblance to the 800s. So for 30 quid on Ebay, came Comet. Trails needed first of course No problems there. Ran in, it was off to the workbench! First things first, removing the boiling fitting ahead of the dome As usual, my thumb bears the brunt of the assault. One boiling fitting gone, another added Next job is the smoke box door. All detail removed, and holes and dents filled. Boring the hole for the smoke box door wheel and Handrails added Starting to look a bit like an 800
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    Re-arranged the corner at the Goods Store.......
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    56 070 rests in the head shunt while the 2x20s have arrived from the MPD and will work the Speedlink liner in the morning. The 08 will shunt the wagons into position out on the running loop before departure.
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    Just something that may be of interest Envelope from JC Dwyer of Harrington & Goodlass Wall Ltd, of Nassau St to Cyril Fry, then working for Jacobs of Bishop St Apparently Mr Dwyer made all Cyrils transfers for his locos Cant find the letter at the moment but enquiries are continuing ........
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    For headlamps try Road Transport Images,they do 3 different sizes in 4mm.Used them on my F when i built it.Andy.
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    A quick photo from the footbridge at Tara junction,161SA hauling the pallet cement liner is held at the junction to allow the bogie bulk cement train depart from the freight yard, Its a busy time at the freight yard and congestion has been a common problem recently.
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    Brings back memories of a layout I once had in my attic, back in the mid 1980s
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    Dave, a very nice piece of work there, a clever technique. In my case I have a double track going around the corners of the lift out section and it's not my cup of tea. However, I don't need to do it now, I can think about as it become absolutely necessary. Thanks
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    Knock yourself out JB, still hunting for the letter
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    So you thought I'd forgotten the Walker! No word back from the supplier on bogie parts since March?? so I decided to fabricate my own- based on the rubber band drive idea I'm working on for the N 141..... The drawing was completed for the bogie frames, bogie bolsters, motor system, fuel tanks, bogie sides, cranks, and crank counter weights- all to be cnc cut from .3mm NS sheet;- A close up of the parts, all the cutting worked out fine with a 1mm end mill and the half cut done with an 45deg engraving tool for the fold lines;- The chassis plate was cut out of .7mm PCB board with engraved lines to position the fuel tanks and bogie bolsters when soldering on, one of those D shapes will be pressed out for the motor pulley drive to go through to drive the bogie ;- All the parts removed from the sheet and on the right is the motor bogie frame cleaned up and about to be folded, soldered and wheeled- though need to make a few long axles as we have outside cranks. There are 110 parts to make up the wheeled motor bogie with side-frame details, I have only cut out parts for one set of side-frames, if all goes together OK! I will be making moulds from these for casting white metal sides;- So a bit of processing over the week end........ Eoin
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    Went back to baseboards to start again to re arrange barrow street end Photo1 and updated photos of same with a delivery some of the evergreen strip for google buildings alone.
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    Comparison of the old and new coaches 2 standards, old on top and new beneath And 2 Diners, again old on top: End detail of all the new coaches looks like this
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    082 with the weedsprayer on the south Wexford Line, June 2018
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    That is an absolutely superb story. Best wishes to your daughter.
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    Hi Fran, Sorry that wasn’t clearly scripted. I meant that the ploughs didn’t come in CIE style/livery and the orange bubbles cane after the ivory and with only six individual numbers, bauxite Tara’s and more recent version of the Ferts wound seem to indicate a preference for IRM models to be more contemporary. than some modelers🤔 K
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    Can they not be implemented like the buffer options on the HUOs, or is it a case of not enough demand to go down that road? It's just that they feature on the 42 flats overall and I'm sure others will ask for it too, if not now but in the future near release.
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    VIDEO. 20.1.18. Belmond loco 216 with the NIR Ballast Train passes Lurgan on its night run from Poyntzpass to Lisburn.
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    I've just uploaded a video of RPSI No. 461 passing Booterstown on 15th June 2017. And my previous video of 077 on 'The Slaney' railtour on a wet August day.
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    I've just uploaded a video of 086 and 'The South Kerry Railtour' passing Clondalkin/Fonthill on 5th May 2017. [video=youtube;XzFPAD_oR-g] Also my previous video of the Belmond Grand Hibernian arriving and stabling at Gorey Station on the 29th April 2017 is also available:

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