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    some photos of barrow street forgive the quality
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    Plasser Tamper No 5 complete. Some pic's of the tamper machine finished at last.
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    We're delighted to announce that we will open the order book for the Tara Mines wagons this weekend at our range launch! The first run of models will see five packs of two wagons in the current red oxide scheme, giving you an authentic ten wagon train. The wagons promise to have a level of detail yet to be seen in 4mm, including rotating axle caps, kinematic couplings and a wealth of separately applied detail. We will be able to take orders at the event on Saturday and online. Prices will be €79.95 per pack. Excited? We are!
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    The wait is finally over. March 3rd has arrived, and we can now reveal the most ambitious range ever announced by Irish Railway Models. It’s disappointing we could not do this at our planned IRM Social event, but we’re sure that our 2018 range will warm you up with excitement during this cold snap! We are releasing no less than six completely new models over the next 12 months, not including the Tara Mines wagon due in June! We have put the Taras on pre-order, and almost 20% have sold already. Remember, you get 10% off a rake (all five red oxide packs) if you use the discount code you got in the ballast packs bought from us directly. Click here to secure your pre-order. CIE Fertiliser Wagon Project 4 will be the distinctive CIE bogie fertiliser wagon, an iconic Irish wagon which could be found across the system for over 30 years. This will be the first wagon in our ‘Project 42’ series, which sees a number of wagon releases based around the humble 42ft flat wagon. A total of 90 were built by CIE to carry pallets of fertiliser from the IFI plant near Arklow, Co. Wicklow across the country. The IRM release will consist of multiple packs of two wagons in a variety of markings to allow the formation of a prototypical train. The Ferts are due late Q2 2018. CIE Ballast Plough Van Book-ending the ballast hopper wagons already made by IRM, the CIE ballast plough van will be project 5. Four of these vans were built by CIE in 1978 and were used to spread the ballast dropped from the hopper wagons. These will be highly exclusive, made in very limited numbers and will be released in packs of two vans in original CIE yellow livery and the later IE livery they wore before withdrawal in 2013. The vans will feature a full lighting package including interior lights and tail lamps with analogue switch and DCC operation. CAD is complete, and this will be in stock in Q3 2018. Guinness Train The ubiquitous CIE 42ft flat wagon, as used as the chassis on the fertiliser wagons, allows us to offer a variety of authentic freight train formations. Guinness trains, featuring keg cages and loads to replicate another iconic Irish freight flow, forms IRM project 6 and they are due in Q3. Modern Spoil Train We want to offer something else from the current scene to complement our Tara Mines wagon, so project 7 will see the modern spoil train complete with the spoil containers used on current permanent way traffic across the country. This is also due in Q3. Weedsprayer Pack Picture courtesy of The Wanderer Another current train (and a gricers favourite!) due in Q3 is Project 8, which will be the weedsprayer train with tanks and CIE container. The train will be a special triple pack made in a limited production run, featuring the wasp stripe headboards which can be affixed to your 141/181 or 071. The weedsprayer coach itself is under consideration as a future model, subject to demand. If you want it, let us know! Iconic Liners Finally, thanks to a collaboration with C-Rail Intermodal, the iconic Bell liners will be available for the first time in accurate RTR format, with 40 ft containers on IRM 42ft flats being released. These containers will use new tooling from C-Rail to give an alternative pattern to other Bell releases. These containers will have new identities not previously released by C-Rail. We are also looking into other containers that ran on the flats, such as B&I containers. The headboard will be a separately applied item that comes in a baggie. There will be packs of flats featuring the humble CIE 20ft container, which is being tooled as part of our weedspray train. The 20ft container will be released as a separate standalone item too to pose on the back of trucks and yards on your layouts. The liner packs form IRM project number 9 and they are due in Q4. Bare wagons may also be released later, allowing customers to add containers they already own The container, Guinness and spoil wagons will be released in packs of two with a variety of running numbers. Prices for all new releases will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Cheers, Fran (on behalf of the IRM Team - Patrick, Richie and Stephen)
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    As one of the silly, overpaid consultant "engineers" who worked on the construction phase of the LUAS Cross City, I always find it funny reading comments from armchair planners and engineers criticising the designs. Do you honestly think that every route option for the LUAS Cross City wasn't examined in detail. The project began planning not long after the red line was finished, and the final route was decided upon following public consultation and agreement between all stakeholders; including DCC, NTA, RPA (now TII) Grangegorman Development Authority etc. These projects are designed with long term thinking in mind (the new metro and other proposed lines for example) not the short term that many seem to criticise. The chosen route serves the largest agglomeration and provides the most conveniently located stops. It is no coincidence that many large cities around the world - such as Edinburgh and Sydney - are returning to light rail as an option for public transport. As Mayner mentioned above, the grass is not always greener. Having lived in Auckland for a year it makes Dublins public transport look like a well oiled machine! As for the underground options, Dublin is sitting on a bed of limestone covered by boulder clay and other glacial till deposits. These make it a nightmare to tunnel through as there are many fissures and water pockets which are difficult to pick up during site investigation works. Other tunnelling projects in Dublin, such as the Port Tunnel and the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme were far from smooth sailing and encountered many difficulties, but none that couldn't be resolved by the "clueless" designers involved. For the LUAS to work as intended, it requires the cooperation of other road users which, unfortunately is not always the case - how many incidents involving trams are the fault of the trams/drivers? Look at how well the trams work in cities like Amsterdam as they have priority and car usage is reduced. Hopefully the proposed metro will resolve some of the issues with Dublins public transport but it is an old city with old, and hidden problems so it may take some time.
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    A few more beet special photos.
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    For those curious about what a freshly outshopped orange bubble looked like, here's one of the photos we used as a reference point. Thanks to Barry Carse for providing his photo for research purposes, and for allowing us to post it here now.
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    We have received some sample images and video of our first Tara Mines sample from our factory in China. We think it looks pretty special so far but they will get a more forensic examination when they arrive in Dublin in the coming days. Check out below. WARNING! The underskirt pics are very x-rated!!! Please note however that this is a hastily thrown together hand assembled pre-production sample. The tooling is still to be refined and the fit and finish of the models you will receive will be much better! As you can see there is a wealth of detail in these wagons, using real springs, fine brass wire and close coupling with sprung buffers. It also has the rotating bearing caps which you can see working in this video! This bogie will also be used on our forthcoming fertiliser and 42ft flat wagons! Over 25% of the first Tara run has been sold. Make sure you don't miss out on this groundbreaking model. Order now https://irishrailwaymodels.com/product-category/freight-stock/tara-mines/ We will have this sample on display at the forthcoming Wexford and Bangor shows. Cheers! Fran
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    Studio scale models 42 FT Flat wagon. I had a go at building the 42 FT brass flat wagon and i soldered it to give it more strength. There were a few modification made but just small things. I put in plastic blocks for the bogie screws to go into so no nut would be needed. It is pained in a new condition but it will be lightly weathered. So here are a few pictures to look at.
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    In readiness of a busy 2018 for the RPSI a number of the Cravens coaches were brought in to the MPD for examination. The purpose of the work was to fit washers to the bogies to improve the ride quality, It was a busy morning at the MPD when the team of volunteer's under the instructions of Stephen and Joe shunted the first coach 1505 into position by loco 076 in order for the jacks to lift it off its bogies, All went well and as the following images show the work was completed in a short time, Thanks must go to the Irish rail CME team who facilitated and assisted with the work.
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    We've just been gazing at our pre-production samples of the orange bubbles at IRM Towers, and we're getting very giddy indeed! We're delighted on how they turned out, and some of the fine tampo printing in particular is testament the skilled souls in our factory. These are due to be with us next week and we will be working tirelessly to get them to everyone before Christmas! Have you ordered yours yet? www.irishrailwaymodels.com/shop
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    A few more pictures of Richie’s filthy bubble. Tis a stunner!
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    thanks warbonnet street scene macken street regards
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    Various location on barrow street
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    Our progress on 'project 42' continues apace, with CAD currently working through our Weedsprayer pack. One element required for the weedsprayer is the humble CIE 20ft container. These were once a common sight across the country, on the back of CIE trucks, in freight yards and of course on CIE liner trains. We will also be offering these on 42ft flats for liner trains and we may sell them separately. Should we sell them separately? Comment below and let us know!
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    other photos towards barrow street/grand canal dock
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    Hello All, Decided to start a new layout & also dabble in the dark art of P4 21mm. Quite a bit of work, but not a daunting as I thought it would be; building points is quite rewarding and there are plenty of resources out there to help you. The bit of info which is a little more difficult to sort out are the stretchers and tie-bars. Finally settled on using strips of copper clad PCB (on order at the moment) as the other attempts were not really working for me. In the interim, I decided to get started on some buildings. The idea is a fictitious Irish Port terminal – goods mainly but some passenger traffic from a small station. The plan is get some experience in building track and re-gauging locomotives & rolling stock. A little bit of scenery will help to set the track in its environs. Humble beginnings: Simple track-work with two sets of points & hopefully two wagon turntables at the end to pick up the track running at 90 deg to the mainline. Small engine shed - much more work needed! Factory / Warehouse to close out the ends of the track in a slightly more interesting way (?) . Plan would be to have the doors closed. I'm thinking only one wagon turntable would be active, as there would be a huge amount of work would be replicated for no real benefit. Long way to go, but this is to give a general feel as to where it is going - hopefully!! Enjoy, Ken
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    As stated elsewhere, we're delighted that the Tara managed to win 'best model' at the Wexford show this weekend. So, our model has won an award even before release!
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    I think I will stick with the DART......
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    First off, many thanks for the positive waves gents, its been an inordinately busy 2018 from the Research and Design team. To that end, I need to thank Kieran Marshall, Colin Brack, Herrflick, the per way group on FB, Finbarr O'Neill, Neil Dinnen, aka The Wanderer, the bauld Weshty, even Jhb with his Australian photography, but especially John-R for some lifesaving shots of the older 42's. Without the resources that folk post here and elsewhere, we'd be hamstrung at times, and I'm enormously grateful to this wonderful community for saving me going to the North Wall with a measuring tape in the rain! As for the release of all these projects at the same time, this is a practical decision from both a design and manufacturing point of view. All loads and wagon variations have to be designed at the same time to ensure compatibility with the base wagon. Similarly, our manufacturer would not be impressed if we were to stagger this over a number of years, which would involve forklifting the moulds in and out of cold storage every 12 months or so. So, from a design and manufacturing point of view, it makes sense to get them to D12 as soon as possible. I, personally, don't expect a bread/milk scenario of zombie proportions that we've seen recently, with our wagons. We have the shelf space, and when it suits to purchase, they will be there. Fran alluded to various savings and payment options earlier, and he'll expand on that in the coming week. Richie.
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    Hi Guys While waiting for the revised body test prints to come back I set about completing the bogie design and started into prototyping it on the CNC machine. The design is more or less as the above sketch in the previous post, I decided to run the axles in the brass sides without wheel bearings to aid assembly, if using bearings the drive gears on the axles and wheels have to removed to assemble and disassemble. So .4mm brass was chosen to provide a wide running surface for the axles with a brass keeper plate screwed on under to keep the axles in place. The pulley drive system makes it difficult to install a standard coupler socket, so I've come up with an out-up-around the pulley affair off the bottom front of the bogie frame with a PB spring to retain the coupler that hopefully will allow the required coupler movement- assembly will tell if this works! Drawing exported as a CNC script and away it goes;- 1mm end mill does a nice job on cutting out the outline of the parts, unfortunately I got my settings wrong for drilling the holes and broke the end mill drilling the first hole. The above is the motor bogie complete, halfcut lines, tabs and open sockets for folding up on assembly Above are the completed parts, the motor bogie and keeper plate came out fine, but the motor-less one suffered from incorrect cut depth on the holes. The red 3M glue used to stick the brass to the MDF backing really did its job, very hard to get the parts out! A slight offset happened on the holes and the halfcut lines- stupidly I removed the spindle from the machine to replace the broken end mill! I do know never to do this but being annoyed at getting the script wrong I just didn't think about it..... I'll have to do it again as these parts wont go together square. 34 minutes total cutting time, but this can be speeded up. I reckon milling is faster than etching- in the drawing work and the cutting, no cusp to remove except a little burr to remove on the edges , just milling- your limited to size of the tool and internal corners are round. Very happy with these results, I'm going to stick with milling and see how assembly goes. Eoin
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    Not really concerned about the couplings one way or the other Brought some Bubbles for a jaunt this afternoon One 141 was able to pull them all but I thought 2 would look better
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    Thanks for your interest folks. Here is the nickel-silver part of the pack.
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    I got my bubbles today. Delighted with them.
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    Comparison of previous photo

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