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  1. How to get the bogies of a Craven

    I now have about 100 of the shims given to me by MM They are basically small washers, not the brass affairs that we saw at the 3 day show in October I will have them at the IRM annual boxing tournament on the 3rd if anyone needs them
  2. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Couple of corrugated buildings on my layout Scaledale R9803 & R9810
  3. LIMA Murphy Models

    Once again I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory MM1509 is a Late Liveried Snack, not an Early one as I have previously mentioned Shims need to be affixed
  4. Murphy Models Craven coaches white stripes

    Just for your info Controller there are 2 more single striped Cravens, MM1504 & MM I515 both standards Generally a bit harder to pick up than the later liveried ones as there were not the same amounts of them manufactured Some pics of them on Page 7 of the Lima Murphy thread on this forum
  5. How to get the bogies of a Craven

    The RPSI bogies seem a lot harder to remove than the original MM ones Plastic is harder or something Kieran asked me about removing them and as I had not removed mine I tried this afternoon Used a trusty Leatherman blade to force them apart Be careful when returning the coaches to their packaging, it is directional so the coach only goes in one way.
  6. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Watching it in Nerja Noel More Brits there than Twickenham And a good scattering of Paddys as well
  7. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Cant make this one troops Granny B has some R&R organised so we can watch us defeat our neighbours to win the Triple Crown and the 6 nations
  8. LIMA Murphy Models

    Some more useless Jouef HDI info Light coloured pics on the box gables are Made in France Darker colour are Made in Ireland Made in France Mk 3 on the left Made in Ireland one on the right, the Made in France has just been blocked
  9. Richard Chown

    Cheers Bosko Some really interesting pieces for sale
  10. Richard Chown

    Just received a mail which is listing all of Richards layouts and rolling stock for sale The site wont allow me to paste it here so if anyone is interested in a copy mail me and I will attempt to forward it wrenneire@gmail.com D'fhéadfadh go mbeadh Dia trócaire ar a anam
  11. Bray Train & Model Fair

    RRP from MM is €57.50
  12. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Should have MM's new launch at the show Update from Murphy Models Announcing the arrival of our 2 vehicle set, comprising a Leyland Fire Engine and Daimler APC (armoured personnel carrier). Available from our usual stockists, deliveries starting later this week. SRP €57.50 In their own way, each vehicle is unique. The fire engine is the first on a Leyland chassis and the first Dublin motorised appliance. It was designed in 1909 by Capt. Purcell, chief fire officer for Dublin. Three examples were built in Scotland. One remained in southern England and the other went to the Indian sub-continent. Nothing further is known about them.The Dublin version was scrapped c.1950. The Daimlers were leased from Guinness by the British Army and fitted with 4 smoke boxes in Inchicore Railway Works. They were welded together, gun ports cut, dummy gun ports painted and rear smoke box door left in situ. The forerunners of the modern day APCs! They were returned to Guinness in due course. The Leyland Fire Engine is supplied with decals (inc. spares) which should be placed on the gold outlined panels forward of the "Dublin Fire Department" plaque (behind the front seat, not on the side of the front seat.)
  13. Tara Junction.

    Yep Those boxing gloves will come in handy on the 3rd

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