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  1. North Down Model Show

    Might be a pack or 2 of A + B and some ballasts on the Chris Dyer stand, first come .......
  2. Just on the Fleischmann gig one of the lads was running a 3 rail 2-8-0 by Fleischmann this evening Stunning model with extraordinary detail. I never knew they did 3 rail, thought Marklin had that market wrapped up? It's a sad day when you don't learn something new
  3. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Unfortunately you have a like button Noel, but I cant bring myself to press it
  4. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Will have some nice Irish bits at the show Mk2A's, Lima original Mk3's, some 141/181's some DCC on board, any 2 Cravens for €65 Other bits and bobs. Part exchange in good to excellent condition accepted Luke warm tea and stale biscuits also available
  5. Look What We Found: Irish Cement Bubbles!

    I might have a pack Of Irish Cement at Bangor I will be with Chris Dyer who I think may have some ballasts
  6. LIMA Murphy Models

    I was looking in the vaults last night and I found these gems First is a Railway Modeller mag from 1980 featuring Adavoyle. There was some industrial action around the time this was to be published in May so the month does not appear on the cover. instead is is labelled as ""The Special Extra" Price 25p in pencil, UK price 20p It also has a "The Model Railway Shop" stamp on the cover, so a few unusual things about the cover. 8 pages of pics and info about the layout so loads there for anyone interested in this superb 21mm layout. I must say that this model of the GN Weedspray had me mesmerised for over half an hour when I first saw this layout some years ago, stunning. A cfew other bits that were also lurking in the vaults Looking for any info on the Sealink NIR logoed coaches, Lima did some back in the day but I never saw them with the NIR Logo on them
  7. DART roof details

    Kilbarrack has 2 footbridges which are accessible without a ticket
  8. DART roof details

    The footbridge at Raheny station?
  9. Kingsbridge - workbench


    As opposed to the Drunk Killer Lego Postman...
  11. 7mm scale 071 kit

    He was at Wexford show a couple of years ago and was offered money up front to do another run but he declined, I think there were several different suppliers involved and he was totally stressed trying to deal with them all at the same time Nice guy though, we let him run some stuff on the MRSI O Gauge layout and he had a ball
  12. 7mm scale 071 kit

    Made by a chap from Wolverhampton He only made 10 as far as I know Hells Kitchen was the name of his business Have some pics on Photobucket but I cant download them, can anyone see them? Winging its way to D5 as we speak, thanks again Robert. OO71Blurb.jpg.html.urlhttp://s612.photobucket.com/user/WRENNEIRE/media/Irish O Gauge/OO71Blurb.jpg.html?sort=3&o=102 OO714.jpg.html.urlhttp://s612.photobucket.com/user/WRENNEIRE/media/Irish O Gauge/OO714.jpg.html?sort=3&o=101
  13. 7mm scale 071 kit

    PM sent Robert
  14. Kingsbridge - paint shop

    You can mess all you like with your weathering powders and air brushes but when it come to it its hard to beat the real thing
  15. IRM’s first loco announcement!

    Apology wholly accepted

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