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  1. Warbonnet

    LIMA Murphy Models

    As can be seen here JB!
  2. Warbonnet


    Between packing more orders (we can barely keep up atm, lots of new orders have come in with people adding to their rakes!) I managed to get some pics of each set. As per usual, we have done lots of individualism on the deco, all per the real wagons of course! Pack A Pack B Pack C Pack D Pack E. Get them while you can! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/tara-mines
  3. Warbonnet


    Well we tooled the correct lid for them, and we have a couple of SuperTrain A's on the way in the not too distant future.... We're coming up on 70% sell out on these beauties already, and we're doing our best to keep up with demand. Thanks to everyone for the support! Cheers, Fran
  4. Warbonnet


    They're here! Tara Mines Now in Stock!! The wait is finally over, after a long and perilous journey from China, the Tara Mines wagons are now in stock and how good do they look? A perfect companion for your 071 or our forthcoming A! The first tranche of orders left our warehouse today, with another huge amount to get through tomorrow! Here are some close ups, and with over half the production run already sold we cant see them sticking around for long. Don't miss out, order yours today! Thanks to everyone for your patience in waiting for these. It's been one hell of an ordeal, but we're delighted to finally have them here and making their way to you all! Cheers, Fran
  5. Warbonnet

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Haha you’re right, 018 is above, I blame Warley!
  6. Warbonnet

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Hi everyone, Sorry to have neglected this guide to our A class variants, but with Warley etc it's been very a very busy period for us. Anyway, today is 018 in Supertrain, Staff snatchers; no CAWS; original windscreens 018 will be in the same condition as 004 above, with original windscreens and snatcher equipment in the iconic SuperTrain livery. 018 entered CIE traffic in January 1956, was rebuilt in Inchicore in November 1970 and was withdrawn in September 1993. If 018 is the A for you, you can place your order here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/018-a-class-locomotive Cheers, Fran
  7. Warbonnet

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    It's been some saga, but I am happy to report that this time next week we will be wrapping and packing parcels with lovely Tara goodness for dispatch, save for any more disasters!
  8. Warbonnet

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Hi everyone, We have just received some decorated factory samples of the plough vans and here are some pics for you to enjoy. Yes, there should be no doors on the IE variant, that's just for us to assess them for the CIE one! Cheers, Fran
  9. Warbonnet


    Hi everyone, We’re back after our first and a very successful Warley show! It was great to see so many familiar faces among the crowds and Thanks to all of you for stopping by and saying hello. Thanks also to Robert who was a massive help to us when we were getting set up! Roll on 2019, though right now we could sleep for a week! Cheers! Fran
  10. Warbonnet

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    Hi Dave, A few companies did unnumbered Locos with decal sheets thrown in the box and they were always reported as poor sellers as most customers do not want to do it for fear of ruining a loco. Our numbering will be fairly easy to remove to facilitate renumbering for those who desire it. Cheers, Fran
  11. Warbonnet

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    A Class Insight: 018 in CIE Supertrain Livery, Staff snatchers, no CAWS, original windscreens Next up in our look at our A Class models is 018 in CIE Supertrain livery with original windows and staff snatchers, placing it firmly in the mid-70s to mid-80s condition as per the shot of 004 above. 018 entered traffic in January 1956, was rebuilt in July 1971 and was finally withdrawn from traffic in October 1992. 018 displays the classic Supertrain era A class, a livery and loco that is often seen as iconic in the late CIE era. Replicate this era on your layout, order one today! https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/018-a-class-locomotive
  12. Warbonnet

    The Great Model Railway Challenge - Channel 5

    Pretty sure it was just called 'The Garden Railway' Snapper.
  13. Warbonnet

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    A Class Insight: A23r, CIE Black & Tan Livery, as Rebuilt with 'dipped' tan band. This evening we look at A23r in Black and Tan livery, one that is remembered fondly on the network. When A23r and her sisters emerged from Inchicore after rebuilding, it was in this livery. This variant of the livery features a dipped band, which runs under the body-side grill, rather than through it, as illustrated here with special thanks to Jonathan Allen. A23 entered traffic in February 1956, was rebuilt in June 1971 and was withdrawn in October 1991. You can place your order for A23r here: https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive/products/a23r-a-class-locomotive
  14. Warbonnet

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    We could always do it as A1 in that livery which certainly didn’t last very long at all! 😂
  15. Warbonnet

    A closer look at our A Classes!

    We probably will do it in a future run if demand is there, we didn’t want to do A1 twice in the same rn as we’re already doing her in silver of course, but nothing to stop a future run!

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