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  1. Warbonnet

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Internal promotion. Jim has worked up through the ranks and has been acting CEO for a while I believe.
  2. Correct Graham, we are delighted to announce that our first batch of pre-TOPS HOP 24 / HUO hoppers are due to leave the factory next week! As you know they're being air-freighted in so we will have them for dispatch before the end of the month. The buffers and the special pack for Railway Museum / Rails of Sheffield are part of this shipment too. Exciting times for all of us here at IRM / Accura Towers. As the landing and release date draw ever closer, we have seen a big surge in orders over the past week or so for these wagons, which is heartening for us, but also shows that the demand for them is high. Some packs are well over half way to sold out already, so it's a bit like IRM in that sense! We have in the past week put the TOPS variants and the private owner pack on sale too and they have both seen strong orders as well. Focus now turns to next Accura models. Tara production and pushing on with the plough tooling. Not enough hours in the day currently.
  3. Warbonnet

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Just to let you lads know, we're at the 40% presold mark on the ploughs and it's pretty neck and neck in the order books. Looks like they're not going to hang around too long!
  4. Warbonnet

    Irish Railway Models login issues

    More info on this:
  5. Warbonnet

    New Irish Railway Models Website

    Hi everyone, We have just launched a brand new Irish Railway Models website! To make our website even more user friendly and accessible, we have carried out an extensive redesign. Now, shopping with us online is very simple, while all the latest news is nice and accessible! With all the latest models coming down the line in the near future, it's now easier than ever to keep abreast of all the latest news. We also have included 'Live Chat', so we can answer any of your queries in double quick time! You can also track all your orders placed with us in your online account, including models you buy from us at shows! Due to the latest online regulations, we now need you to reactivate your account. You can do this by simply clicking on the link we have just emailed you and following the quick instructions. YOUR ACCOUNT WILL NOT WORK UNLESS YOU REACTIVATE IT! Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email. If you have any queries or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@irishrailwaymodels.com Cheers! Fran
  6. Warbonnet

    Photographic Website Updates

    Managed to catch Merlin today now I'm back from the other side of the water. She powered through West Dublin on her way to Connolly for the trip back north. Merlin at Clondalkin Fonthill by franburke, on Flickr
  7. Warbonnet

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Good spot, it's a typo on our part. Still August!
  8. Warbonnet

    Irish Railway Models login issues

    Hi Mmie, Yes, we have upgraded the site to make navigation even easier, while it also plugs into a slick stock control system for us, so no more finding sold out bubbles down the back of the sofa! We will be sending out an email later this morning which allows you (and everyone else) to reactivate their accounts. cheers, Fran
  9. Warbonnet

    Behind the scenes at IRM

    It was a tough one, but we managed to smuggle him out of the country on some Accura business....
  10. What's better than an orange bubble? An orange bubble weathered by Richie.... A gentle dusting really makes these the nicest of all the cement bubbles if you ask me. Really makes the detail pop out! Still in stock, but who knows for how much longer? https://irishrailwaymodels.com/product-category/freight-stock/cement-bubbles/
  11. Warbonnet

    barrow street

    Stunning, love the street signs (as well as our bubbles rolling through such a great layout!)
  12. Warbonnet

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    Thanks for the support Tony, we appreciate it as every sale helps us. re doing GNRI wagons. Do you think we’d sell 12,000-15,000 units of say, a GNRI open wagon in the UK? I thought it was a pretty niche part of a niche market tbh, but I could be wrong.
  13. Warbonnet

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    Hi Tony, simply becuase the market is much smaller and we wouldn’t sell them. It’s a catch 22 I’m afraid. How many cement bubbles do people need for instance? thanks, Fran
  14. Warbonnet

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    Exactly correct! We are making three times the amount of Accurascale wagons as IRM wagons and we can spread the tooling cost across their price compared to IRM. Simple as. It’s the same reason MM locos cost more than Bachmann etc.
  15. Warbonnet

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Our Technicial Director weathered an orange bubble up today on his coffee break and it needs to be seen to be believed. They weather real welll if I do say so. Will snap it on Tuesday as Accurascale excitement took over today. 🙂

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