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  1. Railer

    Irish Bufferstops

    I've noticed that the old buffer stops fitted with actual buffers at Fairview DART depot have got a spruce up as of late. Instead of being finished in typical red they are are now in PWD yellow, all over even the buffer faces. Any authentic Irish style buffer stops on IRM's accessory project list?
  2. Railer

    CIE/IR Mk2D formations.

    As things got tight in January 2008 as scrapping of Mk2D began in full swing. 5610-5212-5205-5211-5236-5221-5154. This was an evening Limerick service on 08/01/08 with no 54xx buffet coach as there was none free. On the 10/01/08 13.25 Limerick: 5602 5403 5102 5159 5106 5203 17.10 Athlone: 5610 5212 5205 5211 5236 5221 5154 17.50 Galway: 5607 5410 5155 5156 5152 5101 By the end of January there were only 2 sets in service and were regularly a 8 and 9 piece. 5607 5208 5219 5410 5155 5156 5152 5101 5236 this set was noted being hauled by 085 on a evening service ex Heuston.
  3. Railer

    CIE/IR Mk2D formations.

    Managed to dig up bits myself in the mean time. Example below was a Belfast service in 1976 B174 + 5228,5231,5208,5406,5101,5608. In the final days of Mk2D sets below: 5602 5403 5102 5159 5106 5203 5221 (28/1/08 1750 ex Heuston) 5610 5208 5410 5155 5156 5152 5101 (30/1/08 1750 ex Heuston)
  4. Railer

    SALE: N gauge Class 08 and wagons.

    Price drop to €65 for the loco and 3 wagons sold together.
  5. Railer

    Preorders of IRM Tara Mines Wagon begin this weekend

    August going to be bust with the Taras and Ploughs landing in the same month. Hope you have the postie on standby 🤣
  6. Railer

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    Off hand, From the 1970's to mid 2000s around 2005? In the 70s and 80s a tractor would haul a rake of oil wagons down the tramway of Alexandra Road to Northwall crossing ramps for locos to collect. Used from Alexandra Road to Connolly shed, and Heuston. There was also a Alexandra Road to Sligo Quay oil liner. The Connolly and Heuston trips typically had a brake van at one end attached right up until the fuel oil flows stopped. The Sligo oil liner had a 20ft barrier wagon at each end. Sure they are many more but its all I know details of. I'm sure there were Drogheda, Limerick and Cork links too.
  7. Railer

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    No doubt 4mm scale versions are in the pipeline (see what I did there) at IRM for the future.
  8. Railer

    CIE/IR Mk2D formations.

    Just wondering on the Mk2D formations they ran in as introduced and in general. I know the Mk3s were EGV+First+Restaurant+Standards. From pictures I have seen the Mk2Ds were EGV+First+Composite+Restaurant+Standards in the early days. 13 piece specials were 11 whatever sandwiched between 2 EGVs. Later on EGV+First+Restaurant+ mix of Composites and Standards. In the twilight years on the Sligo line, EGV+Restaurant+ mix of Composites and Standards. Was there are general rule of just use whatever?
  9. Railer

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    To me the biggest suprise was that there was no issues moving the wagons or releasing the brakes after 12 years since they were ever moved. Also why they have yet to be scrapped along with the others in Limerick. It's nice that they kept a few along with an old ballast rake at Northwall. But why go on a mission to scrap all the Mk3s but keep redundant wagons for 12 plus years that have no future, yet the Mk3s could have had a future, even in preservation. Funny that the wagons were taken but the TPO 4 wheel van was left in place, possibly the van will be scrapped?
  10. Railer

    IRM Weedsprayer

    Very understandable. Just such a shame to have a full IRM standard weedspray train only to have to shove my Silver Fox van in the middle of it. Like a weed in the middle of a flower bed.
  11. Railer

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    Word is that the wagons were moved as the Heuston Guinness sidings are to be lifted to make way for a new CTC building. Apparently 079 had to return to Inchicore before it could complete the move to be fitted with a coupling adaptor as it could not couple up to the barrier flat wagon with the 4 oil tanks.
  12. Railer

    Weed spray mallow

    Catch those photos while you can, the MPV is setup in weedspray config now. Its the MPV's reliability that's in question and curve radius clearance.
  13. I believe 072 has been out on a test run and 075 is almost complete. Love to know why they number spacing is so inconsistent. 075 has the older closer spacing compared to 072, while 079 is somewhere in between. I'll leave it to tcc aka Noel to put up his pics of 075 sitting next to 225 in the works.
  14. Railer

    Wanted: MM Mk2Ds

    Looking to see if anyone has any MM Mk2D standards they are looking to sell. I really missed the boat on them. Looking for orange roof 5229 and 5236 and black roof 5210 and 5217 only. I see a few up on ebay but rather not get into a bidding war on these.

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