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  1. Railer

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    I know I've asked before and Stephen did say the Ploughs were still on schedule. Are they still on track (excuse the pun) to land this month? I know you guys are busy shipping the TOPS HOPs and preping for the show next week.
  2. Railer

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Yeah, I believe it took a few attempts to get there. I think just after that photo was taken 8208 removed 5408 and put in the Connolly Vallet plant. At the time they said they believed the coach was out of gauge to go North which I found very odd if true.
  3. Railer

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    That's the presenident coach. Actually like that for years at the time. In store under cover in Inchicore. The black roofs started to appear early 2000s. There was even a few grey roofs but they didn't last long.
  4. Railer

    Irish Bufferstops

    Figured I'd revive this thread following Accurascale's reveal over the weekend. Nice one lads. https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/rawie-bufferstop Just wondering will they do the Irish variation featured in the photos on this thread? The one at Ballybrophy seems a match but the other Irish ones feature extended buffer pads.
  5. Had a feeling this was coming from the thread a few months ago on buffer stops. A great and much needed accessory on the Irish modeling scene even though under the accurascale brand and I see myself pick up at least a dozen sets. Hope you will also get round to the new small footprint ones that have shown up in the past 5 or so years too.
  6. Railer

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    Surplus of 071s as is, already. Mainly just Tara, timber, BGH on Sundays and Per Way trains.
  7. Railer

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    The other side of 225 (no1 end that was coupled to the train at the time) , the no. 2 end was leading (as can be seem in the previous post) when it was involved in the fatal collision in 2010. It was hauling the 9:30 Ballina to Dublin IWT liner.
  8. Railer

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    The 201 fleet are considered and treated as a combined pool so it's 34 total. 12 out of service with 2 returning in the next two years. Give 22 201s available now going up to 24 in 2020 roughly. There are 8 equipped to work Enterprise services. With 6 needed daily for that including 2 spares and 1 on exam. Leaves 16 free to work the 7x Mk4 sets, plus spares and exam and overhaul locos. 201s work IWT freight liners from time to time too. 201s will be allocated IWT liners all the time once they go to 24 wagon trains from the current 18.
  9. Railer

    Mothballed 201s Thread

    210 in a sorry state on scrap bogies and 225 when is was abandoned during it's rebuild but has since almost been completed.
  10. Decided to create a new thread on the mothballed 201 to avoid derailing the 071 overhaul thread. Anyways, a few pics below of the from last year.
  11. A decade ago it was decided to store and mothball 6 071s in the worst condition to keep a fleet of 12 going. At that time 077, 078 and 087 were withdrawn from service for many years, these would were 3 of the 6 to be withdrawn which thankfully never fully happened.. 087 was basically stripped to a shell. In 2012 the plan was changed, that all 18 would be kept in service and received this major overhaul that is ongoing. 230 will supposedly (And maybe 225) be used as a test bed for a new power unit for the 201 class. 225 was to be used as parts too but plans changed few years ago and the rebuilding/repair work and body overhaul and painting is now complete on it. It's waiting parts and mods for return to service next year.
  12. Basically, yes all the block 1 201s are being used for parts.
  13. Just one of 073 early in it's overhaul process. Also with 230 being rebuilt and overhauled, 215 receiving some mods and 211 and the end being stripped of parts and windscreens boarded up.
  14. A B&T 071 would be an amazing sight.
  15. Odd rumours circulating that 086 may emerge from the paint shop in something not quite battleship grey?

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