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  1. Kilgarvan mafia, perhaps?

    The Sideways Mafia That's a change for you jhb Eoin
  2. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Hi BTB NIRClass80 is referring to 21mm broad gauge in his comment 'correct scale' I reckon, Peco Bullhead is OO gauge (16.5mm) you don't have to change your rolling stock for Code 75 or 100 The difference is;- code 100 is a taller rail at 1.6mm high and code 75 is finer scale at 1.34mm high which is more like the real thing. The gauge is the same on both at 16.5mm. The only time you might experience code 75 problems is with really old locos or stock with deep wheel flanges, and then you would have to replace wheels on them to run on code 75. Eoin
  3. Bit of rail

    I was thinking a door stop
  4. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Hi jhb Here is another corrugated roof I've been working on, it's scale 1:1 and has taken about 300 years to get the weathering correct! but you must agree it does look very authentic...... ....and yes Borithe ''I hear the rain'' Eoin
  5. Please vote for IRM!!

    Great result, well done guys Eoin
  6. Robert's Workbench

    Excellent idea, I like it a lot.... Eoin
  7. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Next Fair Date;-
  8. Train & Model Fair

  9. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

    Hi jhb Corrugated sheeting can be easily home spun- with a little practice;- Here's one I prepared earlier Tinfoil, cardboard or styrene base, pva glue and a long spring- cut the card to the size required, then spread the pva glue on it nice and thick, then lay the tinfoil on top, then roll the spring over the laminate with light pressure. The glue squeezes out where the spring wire makes contact leaving a nice corrugation look, a little practice to perfect the technique and you could sheet your whole kitchen.... then all that is needed is painting & decoration! Eoin
  10. Richard Chown

    Yes, some lovely stuff Pity to see it being separated, wouldn't it be nice to see the collection held in a museum or the like? Eoin
  11. AddressPal - New Home Delivery option

    Holy Moley Noel What am I going to do? - I don't have a gate code! for that matter I don't even have a gate Eoin
  12. Hi Noel 'Langley' white metal hoses, a little tweak n bend - they come in a packet with various types and enough for about 6 locs or wagons... Eoin
  13. Bray Train & Model Fair

    Don't forget Guys, the Train & Model Fair is on tomorrow. Eoin
  14. A Railway Evolves

    Hi John I love it, trains everywhere.... Eoin
  15. GS&WR green paint

    Hi popeye 4 looks OK to me on the red background. Eoin Edit;- Looking again- 3 i'm now liking but less Humbrol 2 in it??

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