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  1. Ballybrophy.

    Yep, that's the man- we can also thank him for the design of the hatch-back car = Mazda 323, and the VW Scirocco, also big private ships for princess and rather rich people, but his best stuff is the futuristic artwork, I have a book from the early 80's about him- one wheel gyro cars, levitating cars that drive themselves guided by a central divide beacon, one wheel gyro personnel transport units one wares on your back, press the button, down drops the wheel and your away.... and oh he has designed passenger train interiors! I bet he would appreciate the architectural quality of this station building- he does modern-futuristic but with an old quality Here is a link if you want to see his stuff;- https://www.google.com/search?q=syd+mead+art&client=firefox-b&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjzrfDVjcfaAhWJKFAKHVNJBJAQsAQIKA&biw=1280&bih=890 Eoin
  2. Bray Train & Model Fair

  3. kadee's and Hornby couplers

    Hi Noel Do you remember this one?;- Eoin
  4. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Hi Guys Here are a few photos of an OTA going to bogie'd Irish timber wagons for the Greystones Layout A mould is made to do the uprights in white metal, there will be seven of them with plastic additional beams, ladders n stuff Jig for making the batch of logs from silver birch twigs from the garden, held together with PVA and one will have ballast weight in it Y25 bogie with CNC cut (i can say that now) brass NEM 362 pocket soldered up and ready to epoxy to bogie Not finding much time to finish these, making 3 and getting there slowly..... Looking back at it, the OTA wagon is stripped down so much its nearly worth considering starting from scratch, we are using these because the 3 of them will fit in the station siding and not obstruct the main line- we started with them, we'll keep going..... Eoin
  5. murrayec's Projects

    Hi jhb Don't think the client would like it in blue, wasn't there a story about one of the restorations on the Flying Scot? - they painted it blue and they got death threats from the fans & sponsors were displeased and requested their money back.... Eoin
  6. DART roof details

    Hi MikeO I'm still waiting the drawing from my source, I enquired & reminded him again at the Wexford Show! If you do a Google search 'DART 8500 or 8600' you'll find plenty of images including roof details that might help Here are two links which show roof detail in among other photos 8500;- https://hiveminer.com/Tags/8500%2Cdublin/Timeline 8600;- https://hiveminer.com/Tags/8629%2Ctrain Eoin
  7. murrayec's Projects

    Flying Scotsman Tender main chassis stuff complete;- So the springs needed a bit of cleaning up, the spru ran across the back of the axle box and out the sides to support the spring hangers- this had to be removed, I made a little jig out of styrene to hold the units while filing, I filed down the spru flush and then cut off what was left, the styrene protects the hangers from getting out of shape. The springs required some metal to be removed as they would not tuck in under chassis brackets under the floor plate. All ready to go soldering, note the pencil lead to stop the solder running everywhere- 70deg lead solder will do that! So the plan is to put 180deg solder to the brass, inside n out, and 70deg lead solder to the back of the springs, then sweat solder together using gentile persuasion with a stick! The heat is applied to the inside of the frames, with the frames fluxed again and 70deg solder on the iron. One side done and the pencil lead works a treat, virtually no solder to be cleaned off on the front Other side done, a good blob of 70deg solder used on the back, the iron is held there until one sees the solder flow through to the other side and around the axle box- nice shiny line! All the bits, and wheels back on for...... ....... Oooooh! lets put it together Looking like a tender Eoin
  8. New DART 8100 Model

    Beautiful village, great model village, rivers, chimneys n mill, Red Arrows flying overhead 5 days a week a modellers paradise..... Eoin
  9. murrayec's Projects

    Yes Noel, it's the water scoop all right, I saw a film of one of these in action, they slow down a bit, lower the scoop and bash water everywhere- hedgehogs and frogs flying! Eoin
  10. murrayec's Projects

    Hi Guys thanks for the great comments Some more stuff on the Flying Scotsman tender;- I bent up the coal bunker and top of tender plate, a bit of persuasion to get it into shape, taped it up and tack soldered it and then got it into final shape for soldering all over All worked OK and fits almost like a glove- surprising.... Some small adjustment done to the bunker front as the tender front face would not sit in properly, mainly metal filed off..... The first of the front tender parts, cut out, cusp removed, folded up, soldered up, and cleaned up Footplate, frames, drag beam, buffer beam, and brackets prepared for soldering up Soldered Chassis test fitted Axle springs on next but the brass work needs a clean up in the blast cabinet first Eoin
  11. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Hi TinTin The accident was reported to have happened at the 'Brandy Hole ravine', as far as I'm aware the location we are discussing is the Brandy Hole? this is going by local history, I also assumed this was the only cove that had boat landing and access up the head by a ravine for the smugglers When I first saw the wood-cut image I saw it as this ravine, in discussion, and not further South, but looking at the three images you posted has helped me to understand the photo in the Permanent Way book- the third image is the same as in the book, the rocks always puzzled me- the rock formation on the sea side lines up with the rocks in the other two images! This is a link to a report on the accident in the Freeman's Journal, 10 August 1867 http://www.greystonesahs.org/gahs1/index.php?id=386 Eoin
  12. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Hi TinTin If you look at the image I referenced above, on the South side of the bridge one can see a square platform under the track-way a short distance from the ravine edge, also on the Northern side note a small trestle supporting the track-way above the ravine edge- so the track-way seems to have been elevated above the structures of the ravine and the ground level If it was a crane structure! it would have been built after the new line was complete, it could not have been built before because the old line was repaired and used while the new stuff was been built! Why would they use a crane to take stuff up from the sea (if that's what your thinking) when they have the existing track to bring materials in, and risk of boats founding on the rocks below! There is another photo, worth a look, of the bridge after the accident- page 20 of 'Tales of the Permanent Way' by Michael Barry. The author dates the accident in 1865, it also indicates that the track on that side was raised, it also indicates how much artistic licence was used in the engraving image! Eoin
  13. Bray late 50s and Hill

    Hi Guys That's the remnants of Burnel's 2 trestle timber bridge spanning the Brandy Hole Ravine, I reckon. In 1867 a train with passengers crashed off the bridge into the ravine due to poor track maintenance, 2 died and many were injured Here is a link to a engraving picture, an artist impression of after the accident;-https://www.magnoliabox.com/products/bray-head-ireland-1867-scene-of-the-accident-on-the-dublin-wicklow-and-wenford-railway-kerry-liszt-060430-0678 Eoin
  14. Excellent video, great to see Love that big crane- especially the counter-weight system hanging off the back with its mobile deck manoeuvring around under the weights- deadly Eoin
  15. Wexford Model Railway Club Exhibition Easter 2018

    Well done John , lovely layout and well done Fran, lovely wagon Edit;- Oh and well done dartstation on your award for the SDMRC layout Eoin

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