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  1. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    Well at the moment they are in pretty safe and secure hands, better than they have been in the past 5 or 6 years! The Council do plan to conserve the models and re-storage them correctly which was included for in the Museum Exhibit Tender, whether they carry out this work is another question..... Eoin
  2. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    The Fry models cannot be sold off, Fingal Co Co are the custodians but the collection belongs to the Irish People. I would say that the models fit for display will be used in the new facility, the un-fit will be held in storage, possibly never to be seen again unless the Council decide to put more money in to restore them for display!! Hi Colin A fantastic idea, one that I had many discussions about, but alas, if you take the current situation on the Fry Models;- A number of years ago in discussion with 'Irish model/ heritage railway fans' and on this thread- if you look back, we asked them to lend support on the Fry Model Cause, of which many said they would get involved. But in the end very little support was given and at the time when we had public comment during the planning process only one 'Irish model/ heritage railway fans' took the time to do so. On that basis I feel your idea would not have enough support in this country! sadly Ireland's Pendon will have to be at the Casino in Malahide- for now!...... Eoin
  3. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    Yes, and again sadly the proposed facility will display a very small part of the overall collection. Fry also had a monster loco in the 5 or 7.25inch gauge scale! it now resides in the tourist office on Suffolk Street- that should have been included in the plan!! Eoin
  4. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    and D O'Toole Table;- Kinvara Train Man & Kieran the Soldier Man will be there also.
  5. murrayec

    Bray Train & Model Fair

    Some photos of items available at the Christmas Fair this coming Sunday;- S Ryan Table;- D Bracken Table;- P McHugh Table;- ECMtrains table;-
  6. murrayec

    KMCE's Workbench

    Hi snapper That's called a 'Hold n Fold' tool, looks like ken has inverted the top clamp and used a round bar held by the clamp to do the fold over- Eileen's Emporium stock them and they come in different sizes. Eoin
  7. Hi jhb The spud motor lends it's self to conversion pretty easily, just replace the axles with longer ones, replace the pick-ups, and also the wheels need to be replace as the spud has stepped axles ends- down to 1.5mm! Here are a few photos of the spud set up for a 21mm DART;- Eoin
  8. Yes, these are patterns for making the moulds. Cast white metal sides will be available when the process is complete. Eoin
  9. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    It is very disappointing to hear the announcement that the running model will now be in Gauge OO scale, it was inevitable I suppose with the way the County Council design team ignored the scale of the Fry Layout and chose a facility & extension not compatible with what would be required. A large Gauge OO layout will be a delight to have but will in no way personify, compare or pay homage to the Fry Layout. This may not matter to the general public, but in my opinion, and others, dilutes and seriously diminishes the impact and essence of what the Fry Model is, or from now on- used to be. There is a belief on the part of the design team that the Gauge O models cannot be restored to running condition (the original Fry Models are restricted from running) or new stock prepared on the basis of the cost- 1.5 million Euro was left by Mr Gaffney, which is now probably over 2 million Euro on deposit, for the restoration of the Fry Model and housing the exhibit in the Casino, of which the majority of this money the Council has decided is going on the building and interior display systems and a very small proportion of the bequeath is going on conservation of the models and the building of the Gauge OO layout. In my opinion this is wrong and has come about because of the lack of understanding of what the Fry Model is, it's scale, and the fact that there was no 'Qualified' person on the design team to represent the Fry Model and to promote the restoration of the models and keep the running layout at Gauge O scale. Also ensuring an adequate proportion of the funds went towards the exhibits restoration and additions in the future. I have not seen the interior design for this project, but on reviewing previous work the appointed interior design company has done- it's minimalistic, with very modern feel, a design company that will spend far more money on interior finishes, display cabinets and display systems than the Council has decided to spend on the actual exhibits. There is also additional money being put into the building project by the Council on behalf of the Irish people! I made several attempts to offer assistance to the Action Team for the Fry Model, and to the County Council, but my assistance was flatly refused and ignored. I did make submission during the planning process and was successful in having a few alterations done to the design- but the main point of 'Scale' was ignored. An opportunity lost, it could have been so much better, though it would have required a larger budget and a lot more visionary thinking and planning on the part of the design team to achieve it. It is great to see the project proceed, although in diminished form. Eoin
  10. murrayec

    Fry Model Railway

    I have a difference of opinion on this matter, but it would be wrong to take up issue on this thread as it relates to the Gauge OO layout of which I'm sure Dave will provide a superb layout as per his brief from the design team. I and a few others campaigned for retention of a Gauge O Layout for the new facility but it fell on deaf ears- the councillors are more interested in the kudos of the project than getting an understanding of the scale difference and the significance of the Fry Model Layout display and what it could be into the future. I suggest further debate on the Gauge O matter be carried out on this thread;- Eoin
  11. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge 1 Upgrades

    Hi Horsetan I really only took on the cylinder parts, valve gear, coupler rods, and bake system- though the firebox is something I will discuss with the client and we will see if something needs to be done? Eoin
  12. murrayec

    Class I3 Tank GSR Gauge O Upgrades

    Hi Ken Thanks for offer of help but alas the loco work is complete and it's gone back to it's crew. Having done this work on 674 I really like this loco design and would very much appreciate any drawing information you wish to impart, I may build one for myself. Your build is looking great- both of them Eoin
  13. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge 1 Upgrades

    Looks great KT, you've been busy Eoin
  14. murrayec

    Class 800 Gauge 1 Upgrades

    I should have put the wheels on the rail! Eoin
  15. murrayec

    LIDL Display case

    That's the problem- no walls left in my place! Eoin

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