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    Alan Keef Open Day

    I think you will find that "Nancy" has been cluttering up Alan Keef's since October 1997, not 1999 but I wouldn't expect you to know that.
  2. What an eejit! Antiquated locomotive and carriages - would he prefer the rubbish ICRs that are inflicted on most of us? He's correct on the poor timings which were far better 30 years ago. Let him get the Rosslare 'Europort' service.
  3. Ultra rare share certificate from the Parsonstown & Portumna Bridge Railway. Known as the 'Stolen Railway' this railway linked Birr in County Offaly with Portumna in Co.Galway it operated from 1868-1878. After this time it ceased business and its assets including the track, station buildings etc. were removed by local people, creditors etc. Paper share certificate in nice collectable condition. Signed by the notorious local landlord - the Marquess of Clanricarde - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_of_Clanricarde Just in case any of you haven't seen this gem that I'm selling on eBay here it is again - and offered here for only €100 which includes p+p by registered mail on the island of Ireland. It's 100 sterling on eBay so your chance to pick up a rare gem for a song.

    Harcourt Street Line photos (11) 1979

    Stephenson Locomotive Society magazine from October 1974 – including a 4 page article on the Isle of Man Railway; Manx Steam Railway News Spring 1999 – includes an item on the return of IMR carriage F21 from Ireland. Both in good condition – and scarce! €3 plus p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16mm Today – 9 copies + Modelling In 16mm (members guide). Issues are as follows: 2006 – No.118 – November 2007 – Nos.120/121/122 2008 – Nos.123/124 2009 – Nos.127/128/129 All in mint condition – €12 for the lot. Too heavy to post but can be collected from Enniscorthy or Dublin (adjacent to Connolly Station – payment in advance!)

    Limerick Junction changes

    The farcical new Down platform will at least be handy for the inevitable Greenway between Limerick Junction and Waterford.
  6. (11) 5″ x 7″ black and white photographs taken along the Harcourt Street line circa 1979 – long before the Luas was even contemplated. Prints are good quality i.e. better than the scans here. €10 plus p+p or can be collected from Enniscorthy. Don't forget to check my other posts for books, timetables etc. still available unless otherwise stated.
  7. It didn't have 10-15 passengers per day - where did you get that from? It was a poorly patronised line of late due to a useless timetable and deliberate neglect by CIE for decades. Your thinking is blinkered and typical of so many who talk about the route like it was a Loughrea type local branchline. I could go on but I'll only get banned. Have a nice day.
  8. A 'working' copy of "Irish Railways Today" - in nice clean condition throughout but at some time in its life the bottom right hand corner has suffered water damage. This damage has resulted in slightly rippling of the very bottom corner of each page (the bit containing the page number) and does not look bad or take away from the otherwise good condition of the book. Cover is worn - see scan - but show me a copy of this laminated type cover that isn't. €20 includes p+p on island of Ireland. Also offered is a copy of the scarce "Hill of Howth Tramway" by Clifton Flewitt - in good condition and also €20 or €35 for the two (Irish Rlys Today + Hill of Howth tramway). Also still available are Irish Rail Working Timetables from 2011 and 2013 - in pristine condition. Very Heavy €20 each including p+p (€8) each or can be left for collection adjacent to Connolly station. SPECIAL OFFER - €25 for the two WTTs if collected from Dublin (nr.Connolly) payment in advance.
  9. Locomotives and Rolling Stock of the Coras Iompair Eireann and Northern Ireland Railways By Oliver Doyle & Stephen Hirsch. Signal Press (1979). Stapled Paperback. Very good. 1st edition. 96pp, b/w photographs. JUST SOLD! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some Industrial Railways of Ireland (and other minor lines) By Walter McGrath (Cork) 1959. Card Covers. Good condition: 96pp, photos, card covers tanned worn/faded. A nice clean copy of a rare publication. JUST SOLD! €20 including p+p on the island of Ireland. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Hill of Howth Tramway By Clifton Flewitt. Published by Transport Research Associates, Dublin (1968). Paperback. 64 pages. Illustrated, folding map. Laminated cover beloved of TRA publications showing minor wear otherwise very good. A nice clean copy of this elusive work. €20 including p+p on the island of Ireland. Don't forget my two - as good as new - Irish Rail Working Timetables advertised previously and still available!

    MGWR Inspection Saloon

    What's happened to the Irish Railfans News online? Page is gone off RPSI site.

    MGWR Inspection Saloon

    Just watched the film again tonight and my memory had been playing tricks as the saloon had no balconies. E424 was the Maybach involved. During the film the French resistance lads go "underground" in Lett's brewery Enniscorthy - encounter a train of Guinness narrow gauge wagons being shunted - before re-emerging under a lorry parked outside Lett's brewery in Enniscorthy. Some tunnel Enniscorthy/St.James Gate! The GSWR Carriage Diagrams book by Pender & Richards (1976) would have supplied all the answers - alas my copy long since sold.

    MGWR Inspection Saloon

    The German one is also in Enniscorthy circa 1969 for the filming of "Underground" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Underground_(1970_film) I have it on VHS but I'm too tired tonight to drag out the VCR from wherever I've put it but I'm almost positive that it was also a balcony end carriage. A Maybach also featured in the filming at Enniscorthy. I'll try and find it tomorrow.

    MGWR Inspection Saloon

    Just to add some more confusion... Here is GSWR 353 as supplied and in Enniscorthy in 1966. The latter for sale today on eBay here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/35mm-Slide-IRELAND-CIE-Coras-Iompair-Eireann-Attymon-Carriage-Enniscorthy-1960/372208047315?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 But what is the last one?
  14. Two nice WTTs in almost mint condition. No writing on or other damage. Sept.2011 - 242 pages. Jan.2013 - 236 pages. Very heavy - postage will be expensive. Can be left in Dublin - near Connolly Station - payment in advance. A bargain at just €12 each - no offers please! Can also be collected from Enniscorthy.

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