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  1. 850 Nearly there!

    Just found this blog after reading your article in NIL. Excellent job Mike sorry I missed this build
  2. Timber Wagons

    I wonder if anyone has drawings of the 6'2" Timber Wagons for a future project. The only drawings I've seen has been the 47' 6" wagons? I did some Timber wagons years ago using the Hornby Railroad Liner wagons but some have warped. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Just finished reading this book by Irwin Pryce & Leslie McAllister on the 101 Class locomotive. I did not know of the books existence until Leslie McAllister modestly mentioned to me at the Bangor Show “Of course you’ve read my book on the 101’s” I always had a liking for the J15’s and they ran in such numbers for so long on Irish Railways. When you look at photographs of the Irish Steam era the 101 Class were ubiquitous and it’s great that two were preserved. I must commend this book to anyone having an interest in these locomotives and it has 'loads' of great pictures.
  4. CIE Skeleton Wagon

    Just completed two Provincial Wagon kits. Great detail on its skeleton structure, pity it will be covered up by it's container load.
  5. Handy tools

    While it may not be for everyone some dental tools are a handy addition to any modellers tool box and they have the benefit of being reasonable cheap. Here I used one on a Provincial Wagon CIE Skeleton wagon kit which had a considerable amount of flashing to remove. Just as I'm posting this I'm thinking Broithe is bound to make comment on it, here goes.
  6. At last made a start on dismantling the old layout in the Roof Space. I started it in 2009 but moved to the Shed Layout in 2012. I kept the loft layout to test run stock on DC but really that was only an excuse. So I decided if I lifted the track then I would have no reason to keep it. It took me months to build but an hour and a half to lift the track. Looks a bit like the Derry Road. I've still to disconnect the points motors. Looks like some stock got marooned. This is to remind myself I have to declutter.
  7. Dropbox

    Since 2015 I have been using Dropbox to upload most of my photographs for my Workbench and Layout threads. Earlier in the year Dropbox announced it was no longer supporting the upload of photographs for Public viewing. Since then I have used this Sites own method of uploading photographs direct from my PC but I did not realise that all my Dropbox uploads would disappear from the Site. Please accept my apologies for anyone looking up old posting and not finding any photographs. There is just to many to upload them all again.
  8. Museum At RPSI Whitehead

    The Museum At RPSI Whitehead is now open with Guides to take you round the site. Just some of the treasures to be seen there.
  9. Model Rail Scotland 2017

    Visited the Glasgow Show yesterday along with a Group from North Down. Met up with some Site Members including The Derry Road, Hunslet, TTC 0169. Lots of good Trade Stands. Three of my favorite layouts; Porth St John (Bristol) Great attention to detail Liverpool Lime Street (Jim Holden) The scale of it took your breath away. Mostyn (Barrowmore Group) A 34 road fiddle yard.
  10. BUT Railcars

    At long last I'm getting near the end of the 700 Series build. There is still a good bit of work to do to finish them before finally attaching the roofs and the water pipes but that's after I test the engines.
  11. Curved windscreens

    I’m currently building Railcars that have curved windscreens. I had a couple of unsuccessful goes at building these before I hit on this method. I cut the clear plastic longer that I needed and clamped it to the inside of a sweet tin. Then heat was applied using a hairdryer and it resulted in forming the correct shape. I had left the protective film on the windscreen and it is wrongly showing up in the photo as if the plastic had melted. The end result.
  12. Not the easiest thing to get completely accurate and is so obvious if its not. This is my current method but I’m sure that are other better ones out there. I measure out the pattern and draw it on MS Publisher. That way the curves are completely accurate. I magnify the drawing up to 400% to get everything right. Then it a matter of selecting the drawing (using the select objects button) and paste into Word and print it off. I apply a length of Tamiya Masking Tape to my cutting mat and then place the pattern on top of it cutting through the paper and masking tape underneath. It’s straight forward applying the tape if the surface is flat but invariably there will be lights in the way. If that’s the case I place the tape over the light marking out it’s circumference and using a small drill to get the center. Then I put the tape back on the cutting mat and drill a larger hole and make a number of small cuts across the hole. It’s worthwhile using a new cutting blade. Then place the tape back over the area gently easing it over the headlight and cutting off any waste. Don’t forget the mirror image of your pattern to mask for the second colour. Hope this makes sense.
  13. BUT Grills

    I'm currently building a number of BUT Railcars. As you can see in the attached photograph (Keith Bannister) the engines were covered with mesh grills. I hope to replicate this but am at a loss as to where could I source mesh as fine as this, can anyone help please?
  14. I was going through the junk box yesterday and found a Lima DMU with this piece of electronics stuck to the underneath of the roof. The DMU is only wired for DC and I'm not sure what this bit of gear does or is supposed to do, the motor is not running. Anyone know?

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