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  1. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Sorry lads but do these have to be paid for now? Or is it a reserve job.
  2. Sligo to Castlebar direct

    Hard Lines the railway closed and others under threat? We had a better service 40 years ago.
  3. Thanks for posting, massive job, i took the train sunday, bus transfer from kildare, smoothly opperated both ways, it has to be said.
  4. LIMA 201's

    Is 209 nir still availible?
  5. LIMA 201's

    nir blue?, pm sent.
  6. Grand Hibernian - Respray opportunity for someone....

    The set is for 8 coaches, emlems and window vents name plates ll need, im currently finishing a genny van for the GH, will only need enough to do 3 coaches, ii post pictures soon.
  7. Tara Junction.

    the pictures tell a thousand stories!! this is a masterpiece, bueses trains and scenics.....
  8. Worsley Works kits

    on the subject of donor and building coaches, would the mousa mark3 kit be ok with a lima mark 3 doner? want to do a belmont genny!!!!
  9. Blue Cravens coaches

    Lads ive just opened and tried to run the new r.p.s.i blue craven set, the buffers are catching each other on corners, ive compered them to the buffers on the ie versions and they are Longer on the r.p.s.i ones. this along with the wobbly running makes it hard to run them?
  10. Popeye's Workbench

    top notch weathering! brilliant really brings them to life
  11. Tara Junction.

    magic setting as always here!!
  12. Blue Cravens coaches

    indeed Noel, ever the gentleman i spoke to you in galway in august when you on the belmont, aleast we still have that belmont set and the fabulous cravens out and running.
  13. belmont colour blue?

    lads, going to try repaint 2 old mark 3,s i have, what colour blue is the belmont express?
  14. int attempt

    int resturant fresh from the paint shop.
  15. junction 0

    a few photo,s of action at my junction,183 runs around a cement, while 078 is hooking up to the int set i attempted.

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