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  1. Banbridge

    Looking forward to watching the progress on this, best of luck!
  2. Galgorm Hall

    Yes indeed Paul, I shall share a few pics once it looks vaguely recognisable!!
  3. Galgorm Hall

    Love the cabin - currently building a GNR one myself, this is giving me great inspiration! Well done Paul.
  4. GNR T2 Revival

    Absolutely delighted to receive a selection of photos from master model maker Colm Flanagan, showing the amazing restoration work he has done on an old Studio Scale Models brass kit of a GNR T2 loco. Here are 'before' and 'after' views - can't wait to give this girl a layout to work on, in the company of her OO Works colleagues! Many thanks to Colm for the great job!
  5. Hi all, I'd be keen to obtain a Silver Fox NIR Hunslet in maroon livery - if anyone has one they'd be happy to sell, I'd be happy to offer it a new home! Thanks, Patrick
  6. GNR & BNCR/NCC Signals

    Hi all, does anyone have any suggestions on the best means of producing authentic looking GNR or BNCR (somersault) signals? Are there any signals produced that can be modified accordingly? Thanks in advance!
  7. Alternative Point Operation

    I have an idea for a layout and I want to keep the electrics as simple as possible, to an absolute minimum. Wondering can anyone suggest an alternative, mechanical, method of operating points from a distance? Thanks in advance!
  8. GNR 442t

    Just discovered this grand old lady in my attic - made by a friend from a Studio Scale Models kit many moons ago. Des is going to send me suitable transfers but I was wondering what else I might need to do to get her going again? A far as I recall she was a solid runner but a bit noisy.......
  9. GNR(I) Station Building Windows

    Folks I came across two things online a few months ago and now can't find either - one was a brass etch of GNR(I) station building windows in OO gauge, from a UK manufacturer. I might have a reason to need such a useful product later this year but despite extensive searching I can't find it. The other was a GNR(I) station building, also in OO, from a different manufacturer, a card structure if I recall correctly. Wondering might anyone be able to point me in the direction of either? Or both? Cheers!
  10. BCDR Ballynahinch Junction

    Hi all - I'm new to the forum, and well impressed at the upsurge in Irish railway modelling and the quality of it, so well done to everyone and keep it up. My own layout is a reproduction in OO of the former station at Ballynahinch Junction on the former mainline of the Belfast & County Down Railway. I chose this location due to a family connection (bad pun) and after a few years of planning and construction it was eventually completed. The layout is now on display in the magnificent new carriage gallery of the DCDR at Downpatrick, and has been located in the appropriate setting of the former BCDR Royal Saloon, which has been preserved at Downpatrick. I have created a Facebook page with a photographic record of the building of the layout so please feel free to have a look and give me your thoughts: https://www.facebook.com/ballynahinchjunction1950?ref=hl The page also includes extensive galleries of my photographs of mostly disused railway locations around Ireland. Family and work commitments have meant that the railway modelling is on hold for now but I fully intend on making a return! Regards, Patrick

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