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  1. 00 scale corrugated iron sheeting

  2. Arigna Town - this week's scenery

    Fantastic David, thoroughly deserved - well done sir!
  3. Two GNR Structures

    Thanks for the kind comments, yes David 4mm. Here are a few more views of the cabin. The secret weapon - patience 😂
  4. Two GNR Structures

    Thanks all, I took pics of almost every stage of both builds so I'll get a thread organised shortly. I appreciate the kind comments!
  5. Galgorm Hall

    Nice neat trackwork there Paul, looks very realistic, love the double slip!
  6. Two GNR Structures

    Here are two GNR-style buildings I have recently completed, with just a few small details remaining to be added to both. Hoping to do a thread soon detailing their construction.
  7. Bantry Town Station 1950's

    Lovely building Bantree, the water tank and its contents are fantastic!
  8. GNR Works Dundalk

    Drool - thanks for these Popeye, just what I need!!! Cheers.
  9. GNR Works Dundalk

    Lovely pics - thanks for sharing!
  10. GNR Works Dundalk

    Found this: http://www.buildingsofireland.ie/niah/search.jsp?type=images&county=LH&regno=13900712
  11. GNR Works Dundalk

    Hi all, am needing to view colour photos of the buildings of the GNR works at Dundalk, would anyone know of an online gallery? Am not finding anything substantial so far. Thanks in advance.
  12. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    Just watched episode 3, must say it's holding my attention - well-put together TV with those addictive personal experiences that you can't help but warm to, like the chap whose two kids came up to visit him on his birthday and also got to drive the train, or the girl who got emotional when she saw the place where her grandfather trained as a WWII commando......and the USA-style trestle bridge across the 'canyon' was impressive, along with the bridge across the canal lock....yip am enjoying it!
  13. GNRi Railway Footage

    Awesome stuff - sad too
  14. The Biggest Little Railway in the World

    It was a bit bizarre but interesting! The 'Silver Lady' loco is actually green, but ah well. Yip next week does look like a comedy of errors but I guess that makes good TV! Will probably follow until the end of the series. Hardly a model railway though, stretching the term a bit....71 miles of a stretch!
  15. Bachmann and Hornby announcements

    Wonder will Hornby ever take the plunge into Irish RTR?

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