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  1. Dugort Harbour

    Dugort Harbour takes shape. Highly impressed after a visit to Baseboard Dave in the distant lands of Deepest Edenderry....
  2. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

    I think there are still a small number of GNR and UTA / NIR men alive. Frank Dunlop and Barney McCrory spring to mind.
  3. David's Workbench

    The CVR stuff certainly appears to be a mix. CIE narrow gauge wagons ended up in a deplorable state - thus, rust. A few CDRJC wagons appear to have had some black ironwork, but others all grey. When jhb171Senior visited the CVR in 1937, nothing black was to be seen on any wagon ironwork - at least, not by him. However, I have certainly seen photos showing black on some stock at least, so it is likely that the policy changed at some stage. As Mayner says, however, on the NCC, UTA, GNR, GSR and CIE, ironwork was never picked out in black. Nor on the BCDR. Exception: the BCDR had eight private owner wagons belonging to C Ritchie. Initially at least, these had black ironwork. The East Downshire wagons also look as if they may have had black ironwork, but photographs are inconclusive given weathering and rust. In reality, black and white photos are highly unreliable for colour shades - very obviously!!
  4. David's Workbench

    I absolutely love this ongoing work of art. An aside, in the photo; this is where modellers have in the past assumed black painted ironwork; rust on same, despite being originally painted body colour! This will appear darker in black and white photos. (You can see one end member in better unrusted order). I always presume that this common misunderstanding is behind the "zebra stripes" on Whitehead's "Ivan" (though it doesn't excuse the cream inside balcony ends on it, also responsible for misleading modellers! Dunno where they got that one.....!)
  5. Travelogue of Northern Ireland

    Interesting stuff..... with its main line railcars, the NCC was well up to date - easy, when you had a parent with deep pockets.
  6. C.I.E. Last Steam Train Driver passes

  7. barrow street

    Warb, I am speechless. How has this one remained secret! Your layout is among the top masterpieces I've ever seen. An urban setting is rarely done with convincing scenery. Everything about that - the setting, proportions, atmosphere and accuracy is absolutely top class. Well done! Maybe more about your locos and stock?
  8. IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    I've been to the doctor, Noel. There's good news - if you have an infestation of bogies, the antidote is a pair of filthy J15s and a green "C" class. They'll shunt them into a shed, allowing proper four-wheeled goods stock to take their place.
  9. Patricks Layout

    Damn!! Todd Andrews at his work again......! He'll be shutting the West Cork and the Harcourt Street lines next!
  10. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    Very promising type of layout - and that track looks so much better than older types.
  11. GNR Signal Box

    Yes, the NCC cabins were very distinctive with their large roof overhangs. NCC and GNR cabins would be quite incompatible with layouts based on the other company; indeed, NCC cabins in particular, being unique in design, would fit in nowhere else, like DSER ones.
  12. GNR Signal Box

    I'd be interested in it, PaulC.
  13. murrayec's Projects

    Ahhh sure they're philistines, Eoin. See what it looks like in Translink "red bull" for the craic.......
  14. murrayec's Projects

    Wowww!!! (Just needs lined blue paint now, and a big "G N"!)
  15. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    They look it, yes. The 201s always seemed a slight shade lighter, but I never compared them up close. The difference is probably exaggerated a bit in the photo, as 084 is straight out of the paint pot, while 218 is a bit worn.

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