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  1. jhb171achill

    The Fry Model Railway

    The red numbers were on the silver carriages. Silver locos had “eau-de-nil” snails and numerals (not black, as sometimes seen on some models).
  2. jhb171achill

    Help with NCC steam loco livery......

    You’d be able to get LMS crest transfers and lettering. Little need to worry about coach lining as most ncc narrow gauge stock (and occasionally secondary main line stock) was unlined. It is my understanding, though, that they lined all locos. Standard LMS wagon grey is available to buy. They used the same grey here that they used in England. Depending on the era of your layout, there were several quite different styles of wagon lettering.
  3. jhb171achill

    UTA and NIR colour schemes

  4. jhb171achill

    The Fry Model Railway

    Wrenn, this WILL be of interest. If you’re happy to share please PM me?
  5. jhb171achill

    UTA and NIR colour schemes

    DCDR should have details; the 80 class yoke stands out, as apart from it, the sugar puff locos, the pair of E class, and ITG stock (excluding G611), every single thing there is in the wrong livery. Often hopelessly wrong. i just don’t get this; preservation? A similar majority of inaccuracies exists, unfortunately, at every single preservation site in this island. Anyway; try DCDR for proper RAL numbers.
  6. jhb171achill

    Help with NCC steam loco livery......

    NCC livery was (colour wise) a straightforward copy of British LMS “red” (actually mid-maroon). Lining same colour, but lettering / position of LMS crest etc - different in some cases.
  7. jhb171achill

    Class 458 Build

    Wow! Seriously impressive!!!
  8. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Latest is..... roughly £30 stg per coach. Floor & chassis & footboards included. more anon
  9. jhb171achill

    Planning and budgeting

    Build the layout first, Sam, and get any old pair of Hornby coaches and any medium sized locomotive to test the track and curves. Bear in mind not to have curves to sharp for an 0.6.0. The absolute minimum radius is 2ft, but if space permits it looks better less sharp. For ease of operation use as large radius points as you can get away with. Think about wiring. Will you use DCC, fir example?
  10. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    I think the best thing is look up the Worsley Works website. Have a look at their 4mm scale GSWR kits. The MGWR ones would be the same type of construction and probably a broadly similar price. However, when I have answers to a few of my own queries I’ll post details here.
  11. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    One of their distinctive side-corridor bogies, possibly? .....Anything MGW is welcome! I have made enquiries as to likely cost. yes - these would be standard Worsley "Srcatch-Aid" models, requiring a certain amount of work by the purchaser.
  12. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    OK, folks, it's viable! I'll get onto Worsley and post details of progress here. If anyone else wants them, as long as they're in amounts of four (that's my understanding) they can be done too. Or contact Worsley directly yourself. Regarding the brake 3rd, I'd take one; Popeye is a second - anyone for six more?
  13. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Four now committed to, possibly five. Any takers for three or four more?
  14. Hi folks I've been speaking with Allen Doherty of Worsley Works to enquire whether it is feasible to do a small run of this most essential 1950s CIE coach. The answer, of course, is yes - depending on numbers. There need to a minimum of only eight to allow him to break even. I want two, so that's only six left. I wonder would anyone here be interesting in committing to ordering a few, and letting Allen know? As stated, I'd take two, maybe three. I don't know what the price would be, but his kits are very reasonable indeed. If successful, the brake third which was so common would be another possibility.
  15. jhb171achill

    Photographic Website Updates

    Me too! I remember the shed road full of As and loose coupled trucks, and of course the Sligo Leitrim railcar and an old Midland six-wheel third in the shed. naturally, an enthusiast could hop down off the platform and wander at liberty all over the tracks..... I took a pic of a grubby A on a fertiliser train that way. And that great day on the RPSI May tour in 1978 when three engines were in steam there at once - 184, 186 & 4...... I got a Limerick - Waterford train in both directions, with all that convoluted shunting involving going round the back of the station and reversing umpteen times! Great days, ending with a steak in a laminate dining car with dribbly teapot on the way home.....with one of those brand-new 071 things.

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