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  1. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    We’re off to Enniskillen.
  2. jhb171achill

    Correct restoration of Railwayana (Lineside Signs)

    Red lead is indeed what they used as a base to prevent rust.
  3. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    That’s it for now! I have only just got a 1948 CIE WTT, which makes interesting reading. When I get round to it, I’ll post some stuff.
  4. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    Branch lines in 1972
  5. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    They’re not going to be in the right order, due to problems uploading, but you’ll get the picture! These are from the June 1972 WTT.
  6. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    Several posts follow, to accommodate this lot as it won’t transfer in one go.
  7. jhb171achill

    Help with NCC steam loco livery......

    Ah! I’d forgotten it was “G” scale. I’m not sure.
  8. jhb171achill

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    Will do. To follow.....
  9. jhb171achill

    Grounded Bodies

    Well spotted, you’re absolutely right - NCC (well, possibly BNCR) it is!
  10. jhb171achill

    LIMA Murphy Models

    And he sells more 201s....
  11. jhb171achill

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    I'd be up for that, John. Put me down for a few.
  12. jhb171achill


    Wow! Would love to see that! What era did it cover? 1980s to present?
  13. jhb171achill

    Class 458 Build

    I’ll try to put together a rough guide to what could be mostly expected to be seen in most places. With so many classes of loco having but one or two examples, the exceptions will far outweigh the norm, however few of us will have an example if every GSR loco in our possession. Obviously, the J15 being by FAR the most common loco, was in many ways the 141 of the past. Few West Cork locos ever left their area at all, even as one-offs, though of course one of the famous “Bandon Tanks” ended up on the DSE suburban. The J15’s and their neighbours, the MGWR J18s, tended to stick to their respective areas, though J15s were very common on Tralee - Limerick - Sligo after the W & L came into the GSWR fold. Most ex-Midland branchlines had J18s or G2 2.4.0s from opening to closure or dieselisation. Most ex-GSWR & WLWR branches ended up with J15s; many having them start to finish. Michael McMahon’s GSR loco “bible” fills in the many, many blanks and exceptions, describing the operational habits of the lesser classes. Certainly, just as any layout based on UTA simply can’t be realistic without a UG or a Jeep, anything NIR must have an 80-class or three, and CIE / IE from 1963 to 2000 simply won’t cut the mustard without at least one 141, nothing CIE 1945-63 looks right without a grubby J15. The forthcoming “Dugort Harbour”, despite being just a small shunting terminus, will have three J15s and three 141s.....plus a few Cs, as befits many branch termini on CIE between 1955 and 1963.
  14. jhb171achill

    Class 458 Build

    I think a lack of exposure is certainly evident. Perhaps, with such a bewildering array of locos, differing uses, and differing routes, confusion puts some people off.... but nowhere better for an Irish model layout than any station on the South Kerry, Mallow - Waterford, or the ex- W & L lines (Limerick to Tralee, Sligo & Waterford). A prototype of Cashel, or a station on the Thurles-Clonmel line would make nice layouts.

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