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  1. jhb171achill

    The danger of talking to strangers on a train.

    You'd think they'd have used a proper Craven.......!
  2. jhb171achill

    World Cup

    But will the Dubs do four in a row?
  3. jhb171achill

    Clogher Valley Project

    Might I suggest that you DO get it right - very right!!! The most nit-picking rivet counter would have difficulties here.....! One thing though - I went into that Temperance Hotel of yours and they wouldn't give me a pint of Guinness.......☹️
  4. jhb171achill

    World Cup

    Yeah, it's "remember 1966" all over again! "It's coming home".....! You could understand this if England had won it 17 times. You could understand that sort of sentiment from Kerry in the Gaelic football, having won the All-Ireland 37 times, or almost a quarter of all the times it's ever been won. But - England won the World Cup.............just ONCE!
  5. jhb171achill

    Dugort Harbour

    I'd probably go for a smaller version of that - one tank, perhaps....
  6. jhb171achill

    Dugort Harbour

    That's exactly the type of realism I'm planning for, Mayner - thanks. I've this idea of a once-daily bus heading off to some place in the back of beyond, but to justify its existence it probably ends up somewhere - like a Clifden - Westport bus would. I like the fishing boat idea too!
  7. jhb171achill

    Dugort Harbour

    Oil cans it is.... I was thinking about getting a pack of them, actually, to use as a load for one of Leslie’s corrugated opens....
  8. jhb171achill

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Oooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Where's me smelling salts!!!
  9. jhb171achill

    Dugort Harbour

    I'm thinking something like the two smaller tanks in the foreground in that pic..... it would be a comparatively small-scale thing and based in the 1960-3 period when health and safety matters weren't taken as seriously as now......
  10. jhb171achill

    Dugort Harbour

    An update from Baseboard Dave has boards complete and work proceeding. It had occurred to me that one of a number of excuses for short workings into this terminus would be the fortnightly tanker of diesel to feed the CIE bus based locally, for the once-daily service to Slievemore village. I am aware that such practices existed at Ballina and perhaps elsewhere. In order to provide a realistic environment to where this wagon will end up at the end of a siding, does anyone have photos of anything of the sort? Presumably there would be a lineside fuel tank and all the associated gubbins. What would be adjacent to it - would it be an open tank, or a small brick building enclosing it all? I'm sure they didn't just unload fuel from a tank wagon directly into a bus!
  11. The above, mint and boxed, never used, €100. This is not the same ad as the one for a V65 which I posted the other day.
  12. jhb171achill

    Curved Goods Store?

    That works very well, by the look of it..... The new track plan looks better, too.
  13. jhb171achill

    Curved Goods Store?

    Given that passenger buildings, like Cork, are sometimes on curves, it mightn't look out of place even though I'm unaware of anything prototypical. As long as it "looks right", it's your gig! 🙂
  14. jhb171achill

    the future

    They'd never manage to have it in the right livery..... they'd probably paint the ironwork black....
  15. jhb171achill

    German V65 centre cab diesel

    Withdrawn; it has a new home.

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