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  1. jason brady


    That stand is the dogs gangly bits, very impressive looking. Best of luck with the show lads.
  2. jason brady

    LIMA Murphy Models

    As far as I'm aware none of the Murphy 141/181's with the plug'n'socket logo came with the smaller marker lights or silver window frames. They had the newer LED markers and the frames were the same colour as the body, which points towards transfers.
  3. jason brady

    LIMA Murphy Models

    Certainly looks that way. If you zoom in you can just about make out the points logo under plug'n'socket the transfer.
  4. jason brady

    Robert's Workbench

    Hi Robert. I used Tamiya XF-18 on the bodies and chassis's on my cement wagons.I later repainted the chassis's black as I felt they looked better when weathered. As far as I can remember the curtain was done in Revell 52 gloss blue. The XF-8 that you have there looks ok to me, but as always with these things you don't really know until the colour is applied.
  5. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    Beautiful finish on the Sulzer Noel, as said above it looks very well. C class with the ferts in the background looks great aswell.
  6. jason brady

    Foolish drivers

    I'd reckon the lad that clipped his helmet was only one of many near misses going under that, along with the odd head on collision
  7. jason brady


    Cheers Paul. Yes I have to admit the temptation to just get things up and running after the shed went in was certainly there. But I was adamant I wanted to do this right from the very beginning, so hopefully it will pay off down the line.
  8. jason brady

    barrow street

    Absolute monster of a build. Love the glow of the lighting in the lobby.
  9. jason brady


    Thanks Noel, long long way to go yet but it's a start I suppose Cheers Eoin, thanks for the advice. Yes I've already looked at installing the gutters and it's definitely something that needs doing sooner rather than later. Your spot on regarding the rain water running down the sides. I've only recently noticed it myself with the change in weather and it's certainly something that could cause problems down the road if it wasn't addressed. Nice and secure on that front heirflick
  10. jason brady

    For sale to fund "A" Class purchase...

    I'd advise against JB. More than likely it will end in disappointment once you find a flaw in the shade of livery supplied after purchase
  11. jason brady

    IRM Rawie Buffer Stop

    One of those little things that can often be overlooked on a layout, but make all the difference when they look as good as that. But maybe that's just me, I've got a bit of a thing for Buffer Stops
  12. jason brady

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    More of a tippex man myself. But I have to say the black with yellow panels is a rather attractive livery, even though way outside my preferred era.
  13. jason brady

    Robert's Workbench

    Couple of nice little projects on the go there Robert. The curtain side pallet cement has always been one of my favourites so looking forward to watching these progress.
  14. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    That's a beauty Noel. I always see the 2600 lurking in the background in alot of your posts. Nice to see it out and about.
  15. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    The finishing touches with the handrails etc have made all the difference Noel. Very impressive looking model, great job
  16. jason brady

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Ordered mine today. IR livery with dayglow panels. Happy as a pig in s***. Stand looked seriously impressive aswell guys.
  17. jason brady

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Absolutely fantastic news lads. What's been achieved to date has been incredible, but this is on another level. Plus there's the added bonus that this might finally stop Noel dropping A Class hints every 3 or 4 posts
  18. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    Very busy evening at the Junction Noel. Love the shot of 221 sitting at the MPD.
  19. jason brady

    Murphy Models 121

    Spot on JB, they'll be well worth the wait no matter how long it takes. I know what I'm blowing my Confirmation money on when they finally arrive.
  20. jason brady

    Foolish drivers

    Unfortunately seeing something like this doesn't surprise nowadays. Some of the driving I witness on a daily basis along with their attitude to the rules of the road is beyond belief. Luckily these type of planks are in the minority.
  21. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    Last pic does it for me. Top notch as always.
  22. jason brady

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Going by the releases to date these will be well worth the wait. Yet again this just goes to show that IRM won't just throw anything out there unless it's of the highest quality. Really looking forward to adding these to my ballast wagons.
  23. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Progress of sorts on the Ammonias...
  24. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Cheers Robert. Yes the powders seem to work well when trying to achieve that caked on lumpy appearance. All going to plan it will still be visible after airbrushing etc is eventually finished.
  25. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    The logos have now been removed on all but 4 of the bubbles, so I've moved on to adding some cement spillage to the top of the tanks. This was made up from a mixture of Humbrol weathering powders and Matt Cote. When the mix had dried I began removing it until I got a look I was happy with. It was then fixed in place with matt varnish.

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