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  1. jason brady

    Robert's Workbench

    I have to admit I was never a big fan of the beets and was always in two minds whether to start a rake or not, but their really beginning to grow on me of late especially since watching you working away on them over the last few weeks Robbie.I think I'll definitely be adding them to the "to do" list in the near future.
  2. jason brady

    GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train

    Not bad at all Noel considering it was just a bit of fun,looks very well.Keep them coming I'd love to see a full circuit of the layout.
  3. jason brady

    IRM Cement Bubble Latest News

    Love the look of them crossing the bridge Eamonn.Really is top class
  4. jason brady

    enniscorthymans workbench

    Very nice Eamonn.Great to see you back posting your work again.
  5. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Nice work Noel.Especially like the grime around the weld join's it looks great.Might not be the heavy prototypical weathering we are so used to seeing the bubbles carrying but their your models to run as you like.
  6. jason brady

    Robert's Workbench

    Very nice Robbie, that'll be proper rake when finished.Is that 20 you have now?
  7. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Looks good Noel.The detail on the chassis is highlighted really well with some weathering applied.Are you still planning on keeping the logo visible or are you going to cover the bubble completely?
  8. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    What I lost in detail is miniscule compared to what I gained in correcting their height.It's certainly nothing I'll be losing any sleep over, life is a little short for that.But that's just my opinion.
  9. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Have to agree, they look that good it seems harsh to cover them in cement dust.I think I'd have to go all the way though
  10. jason brady

    Glenderg's Projects

    Beautiful Richie, fancy doing mine
  11. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Noel you've definitely come across to the dark side.Only have the bubbles since yesterday and your already weathering them Have to say even though its only a light dusting you've given them its already highlighted the incredible detail these wagons have.
  12. jason brady

    Galgorm Hall

    Excellent build.Love the brickwork it looks very realistic
  13. jason brady

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Nice start Noel.Looking forward to watching this progress.
  14. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Thanks Craven Cheers Noel
  15. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Thanks for the comments lads:tumbsup:
  16. jason brady

    The Munster Double (double head 071)

    Nice video Noel.Both locos looking and sounding great especially climbing the gradient out of Killarney.
  17. jason brady

    Jason's Workbench

    Not got much done of late so before starting anything new its back to a post from early January and to some work I had started on my bagged cement wagons from Irish Freight Models.At the time I had got as far as cutting the bodies down to sort a small issue I had with their height,taken off the plastic hand wheels which are located on one end of the wagon and had also removed the buffers and replaced them with the chunkier looking white metal type. Anyway I've recently got back around to finishing them off so here's a few pics of them now completed with some weathering and additional detail added which I've made up from plasticard and SSM break wheels/wire.
  18. jason brady

    RPSI Cravens (Set of 3)

    Agree totally with Rich.You can use areas like door recesses to break up the decal.But even on long uninterrupted straights like on a Craven the decal can be cut into 2 or 3 pieces and even then you'd find it hard to see the joins if applied correctly.It's like most things in modelling,plenty of patience needed.
  19. jason brady


    Now that's a proper ballast train
  20. jason brady

    IRM Ballast Wagons

    Nice video Fran love the close up shots.Class looking layout.
  21. jason brady

    Tara Junction.

    Very nice Noel.Like the Ammonias
  22. jason brady

    New 1/76 cie model

    Beautiful model.The detail is fantastic.
  23. jason brady

    Popeye's Workbench

    Popeye,it's been a while since I've seen something on here to get anywhere near this especially a scratch build.Top notch work,absolutely fantastic
  24. jason brady

    Video clip - 1960-1974 nostalgia

    Not my preferred era but another great video Noel.Love the Bell's in the last shot
  25. jason brady

    eBay Watch

    Likes his hub caps.

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