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  1. Popeye's Workbench

    Leonardo da Popeye, that is modelling from another dimension. Words are not adequate. The work of one of the great masters Whatever is in your spinach it is working. Utterly sublime scratch building beyond professional results.
  2. Failed loco

    Hi Ian If you placed a DC loco (without a decoder) on a DC layout as you say above, the fact that there is another loco on the same powered track would NOT cause damage to either. If there was power to the track both locos should have moved. On the other hand If you placed a DC loco (i.e. without a decoder) on a DCC layout that was powered up, the motor would have hummed and buzzed and there is a slight risk of damage if left there for more than a few seconds. Putting a loco with a DCC decoder on a DC layout should be perfectly safe for the loco, it just won't drive unless the decoder's CV 29 settings have enabled DC mode. Hope this helps Noel
  3. Of course. It would only be logical to have a decent stable of Metrovicks to go with the GMs, and as Richie will be the chief design engineer we can expect details from another stratosphere including not only DCC operated windscreen wipers, but opening doors and windows, electric uncouplers (like the German stuff), waving driver with emoji facial expressions, and operating windscreen washers. . . . and doppler effect DCC sound functions for horn, motor and rail noise pumping out of built-in twin bass reflex speakers.
  4. I didn't realise they'd be that keenly priced A new breed of power, Certain to haul, Largest order of power, A new era calls, Silver horse power, Stronger than steam. By G.S.Velliot
  5. That's an excellent customer service. Looking forward to availing of the free postage when I order some of IRM's first loco models.
  6. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Lima GSV conversion update. A few more cycles of fill, sand, prime, etc. Roof more or less finished except for exhaust. I tried as much was possible with my limited skillset to mimic the roof of the GSV in SSM's photo (inset below). Added vent brackets, lifting rings, air intake, boiler overflow, etc. Louver vents and water intakes framed Primed once more after sand'n'rub down, almost ready for buffers and gangways, etc. I've decided not to attempt flush windows as this old style Lima body is quite thick. May attempt flush glazing with the Bachmann donor for the BCK GSV which will start as soon as this is ready for spraying. B5 bogie couplings will be changed to Kadee's in the future. Pondering some sort of internal lighting and tail lamps, but might leave that for 3173 which will be on RPSI duty with the MM Blue Cravens.
  7. Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Hi @aclass007, I agree, I will gladly rethink that one. If RPSI do produce three more coaches next autumn, they will be worth waiting for with a much better paint job than a respray. Happy to sit this one out Now the question is, eventually when finished do I paint the GSV on the bench CIE single stripe B&T, or all over RPSI blue as 3185 is detained for?
  8. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Hi Jim. I've been using Humbrol model filler, but it dries far too fast during application. By chance I gave it a second treatment last night. I need to thin it with some poly liquid so I can spread thiner quantities slowly with precision before it starts to get sticky. That's the plan, use the plastic sides from both BCK donors to make up one plastic GSV (BCK derivative like 3173), and use either Mousa or SSMs brass sides with the other donor (i.e. which had its sides robbed), but still has chassis, ends and roof. Does anybody have an interior layout diagram or drawing of either GSV derivative?
  9. Aerial photos of Ireland from the 1930's+

    Super photo. Tralee used to be a major railway station and significant junction with Fenit, Dingle, Listowel, etc. The OSI map viewer is great when viewing the "historic 25 inch" maps. Shows every single piece of railway track in detail when the railways were at their zenith, especially for goods traffic.
  10. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Hi Jim. Thanks, yes on the brass sides I had noticed the extra double doors to the right of the guards door on the lower etch which should be just a single door. As I have two BCK donors I may try plastic cut'n'glue using the sides from both for the first 3173, and then use the brass sides with the 2nd Bachmann chassis and roof. Or alternatively if Des has his brass sides available in the near future I could try those instead, especially if they have relief features such as window frames, door hinges and handles, etc. Then find an eBay home for the spare as I won't need more that one 3173. I'm just loving this learning curve and all the experimentation. Takes lots of time but that's half the leisure and relaxation benefit. Noel
  11. Kingsbridge - workbench

    2nd hand Bachmann BCK for £16 arrived from Hattons today as a donor for another GSV conversion, this time RPSI 3173 in maroon. I am tempted to spray the current Lima BSK GSV conversion in the RPSI blue livery planned for 3185 when its overhauled is completed. Current Lima BSK project on top. Planned Bachmann BSK below, with option for cut'n'shut plastic mods or optionally brass sides from Bill Bedford (Mousa Models) seen below. The brass sides looks rather flat, whereas the Bachmann plastic has a lot of relief detail as well as flush glaze windows.
  12. SSM 42' Flat Assembly Guide

    Just discovered this superb instructional thread. Don't know how I missed it first time around. Richie's photo instructions are so good I could almost be converted brass!!! Very impressive and informative thread especially as it was the maestros first attempt at brass.
  13. LIMA Murphy Models

    That's great news. Dave, your thread has been one of the best resources on the forum and it would have been a great shame to loose it. Well done and thanks for taking the time to reinstate the lost photo treasure trove from "Middle Brackenville".
  14. Kingsbridge - workbench

    Roof primed for first sand'n'fill. Trying to get the roof 'gubbins' looking vaguely similar to pics I have of actual GSV roofs. First prime coat before the vent and other roof bits are added New diesel tank, battery box, and louvers primed. Holes drilled for door grab rails. Every time I think I getting closer to the finish line I see more that needs to be done. At some stage I'll have to call a halt and be content with the Lima conversion. Louvers and water fillers need framing, and the twiddley bits for the roof need adding (air intake, exhaust, boiler overflow vent, etc).
  15. Kingsbridge - workbench

    One of the down sides to converting a Lima mk1 is the roof is made of plastic glazing and its a pig to cut compared to plastic. The photo is self explanatory. Taking a break, had enough of GSV, going to watch a movie. Lots more to do but there's no grass to cut this time of year.

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