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  1. Noel

    Video Website Updates

    Fabulous video. Glad to see IR retained the turn table in rosslare.
  2. Noel

    Class 121

    Extract from Murphy Models web site back in 2016 Happy New Year from Murphy Models As you will have noticed, 2015 was a rather quiet year for Murphy Models, mainly through circumstances beyond our control. However, we will try to make up for it in 2016 . First, the news everybody has been waiting for - Class 121 CAD drawings were started in December. It is expected that pre-production samples will be available for perusal at the MRSI October Show in Raheny with a first delivery in time for Christmas. It is intendeded that the IE and original CIE grey will be first to arrive with CIE Black and Supertrain and IR versions to follow within 9-10 months. Paddy's business enterprise has transformed Irish railway modelling beyond all recognition, so only gratitude and few complaints if any from me as a consumer of his products. The mk2 were fine models but indeed did not quite attain the heights that the incredible Cravens and baby GMs did. IMHO 141/181 are still the finest model locos I have ever operated, so I hope the 121 does match them should MM decide to proceed with them this year or next. If MM do not, I've no doubt someday IRM might consider them, but PM can hold his head high in the knowledge he changed the game during his time in the Irish model railway business. IRM have taken up the baton for the future and are raising the bar to new heights we as consumers could not have dreamt of only a few years ago. Clunky Lima BR mk1s repainted B&T behind Lima class 33s in CIE orange are now but a distant memory. Whenever the right time comes, I'm sure a future IRM A class may shatter 'glass ceilings' in ways we can not yet comprehend. We've never had it so good.
  3. Noel

    Layout without a hinged section

    Yes. I crawl/duck under the side despite a bad back, but I do it carefully and slowly. Never been a problem. However I can also operate the layout from the outside edge which is not comparing like with like in your set up. I constructed my layout tables in 1993 but if I was doing it again now I’d certainly consider a narrow lifting section, but it would be a 50/50%.
  4. Noel

    Derry Road Runabout

    Hi Tony. Fascinating watching the iterative evolution of this layout. Its a kaleidoscope of change as you discover what works best for you. Well done. Noel
  5. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    For a friend, I weathered this one from the original batch. I have since warmed to the Super Train livery after initially finding it rather dull. Combination of powders applied wet using paint brush and cotton buds, with airbrush for overall dusting to tone down that yellow shade of orange plastic on all the MM mk2ds.
  6. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Whoops. Not to worry curable with some weathering.
  7. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Yes deciding where to target model budgets in 2018 may be challenging with the abundance of new models shipping and about to ship from both IRM and MM and especially the 121 due near year end. I've warmed somewhat towards these CIE Mk2 coaches after seeing how they can look once weathered.
  8. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Sounds good, especially if a touch darker shade of orange.
  9. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Don't know if it is just the light, but the photos above suggest a slightly deeper shade of orange than the IE & IR liveried models (i.e. more red, less yellow).
  10. Noel

    enniscorthymans workbench

    Class job Eamonn
  11. Noel

    MM Supertrain Mk2Ds

    Sounds promising. How do they compare (i.e. paint job, shade of orange, etc)? Any close up photos?
  12. Noel

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    Thanks John. Unfortunately I'll have to pass then on this one as it's not a full kit. Thanks JB. Had a good look at that and sadly confirms it's not for me due the demanding brass skills required to do it right. Commissioning one of the few brass masters remains an option. I would not be happy attempting that myself and end up with bockety or off square results. I'll make discrete enquiries Thanks for info. Ok, more than a few bits'n'pieces to be correctly sourced not to mention postage to make a proper complete kit. Quite simply my airfix skills are not up to it.
  13. Noel

    Small production run of MGWR 6 wheel thirds

    If they are complete kits I'd take two and a brake.
  14. Noel

    Studio scale models worth it??

    Ah now Eoin - Firstly two independent chart plotters, with a third hand held backup one powered by dry cell AA batteries, and if all that fails I have the paper charted course, last known WPT, log distance, CTS, next EP and HBC ready to take next bearing. But I get my depth info from sonar rather than dropping a lead line over the side every so often! I did actually train how to navigate using a sextant and sight tables but that old stuff has been 100% redundant for many many years, as have paper charts, but I like to keep my hand in just in case all three stat nav constellations GLONASS, GPS and Galileo all get wiped out by an EMP (that's enough acronyms to keep Wrenneire happy). Agree absolutely SSM kits are of a high standard for folks who wish to tackle brass kits.

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