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  1. Seven ages of CIE coaches I've collected over the years starting back in 1972 with a hand repaint of a Hornby LMS maroon coach I was so frustrated there were no Irish trainsets available back then. Then some early Lima and Hornby stuff that was rather crude before Bachmann and Murphy Models came to the rescue in the more recent past. I seemed to have missed the entire Lima mk2 and mk3 coach era. I still vividly remember the excitement back in 1972 mixing humbrol paints in an effort to brush on a shade of CIE tan/orange. I was determined as a youngster to have at least one Irish looking toy train.
  2. Noel

    Behind the scenes at IRM

    Well done AS. Looking forward to reading the positive reactions over on RMweb when folks get delivery and are bowled over.
  3. Noel


    This project is a great idea.
  4. Noel

    Photographic Website Updates

    Fab set of photos in great light. Parts of Norfolk are living in another era, the land that time forgot. Love the shots around Brundall. Shame Broom have ceased both manufacturing and sales as they wind down the boat business. I understand their main sales guy Paul Pardon retired last year. Top guy. Nice pic of the 39KL on the hard standing. Love the class 37s, brings back memories of travelling there the late 70s and early 80s. Some of the stations seems in a state of mild decay, weed growth, etc.
  5. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Bizarre you should mention that @popeye, only about 60 seconds ago I realised I had forgotten to put the brake parcel van in the formation for the video.
  6. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    TPO running trials prior to finishing. CIE night mail train. Thought it wiser to test run before fitting the small fiddly bits in case any manhandling was needed with bogies, but all went well and CIE bogie TPO 2974 is running well at all speeds in all directions over a variety of track work and points.
  7. Noel

    Clogher Valley Project

    Very nice David. Where did you source the magnets?
  8. Noel

    GSWR 6w Bk3rd from a SSM kit

    Wonderful work looking fabulous. Filled with nostalgia looking at the subjects and the brass workmanship.
  9. Noel

    eBay Watch

    Expensive for a paper weight. Thought they generally go nowadays for between €50-70
  10. Yes wishing IRM/AS well with their first UK product delivery and hope it gets a great reception. When are the HUOs due to arrive with customers? The UK market is in for a pleasant surprise.
  11. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    I remember the shop in Rathfarnham well and especially the Diorama layouts in various gauges. Think he also carried Wrenn stock at one stage. It was the first time I saw Irish model coaches with a CIE livery and I was in awe at them. They looked custom made, were quite short bogie coaches sitting on a top shelf test track around one side of the shop. Wonder if these were part of the 'scratch built and modified rtr rolling stock' you mentioned that he made for CIE. Another time, another era in model retailing.
  12. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    Apologies, yes you are quite right, that's an omission. I never bought one of those. It was just a photo of some of my own 'milestone' models.
  13. Noel

    4 ages - RTR diesel loco evolution

    Sure, that's fair comment, it was I just had those four to hand when tidying up boxes last evening, and they seemed to represent the most significant milestones in RTR change. You could argue the 071 and 201 were incremental evolutions of the 141. Personally the MM/Bachmann 141/181 is the finest model loco I have ever owned and run. The smoothness of the Bachmann chassis seems unparalleled. The BGMs were the first authentic true scale representations and were the first to introduced centre drive chassis with AWD and AWP. One wonders what this pic above might look like in another 20 years time.
  14. Noel

    End of the DFDS liners?

    Did the trains run from Ballina to Kildare and then down to Waterford?

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