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  1. Noel

    Accurascale Class 92.

    Like the look of the class 92 and the mk5 coach sets but will almost certainly delay ordering until they are in stock, ready for delivery. Could be perfect donors for IR Intercity CAF livery resprays, especially the mk5 DVT.
  2. Noel

    eBay Watch

    Recently there has been a flood of Murphy Model 141/181s on eBay over the past few weeks but all selling for approx €200ea. Is this a market distortion, or are people actually paying this sort of insane money for model locos (ie toys for grown ups)? Few examples linked below. They can readily be bought at swop meets in places like Bray and Stillorgan for much more sensible prices. They may be the finest models ever produced of an Irish diesel locomotives, but these things don't even come with speakers, nor independently operating head lamps, nor cab driver figure. Not to mention the lack of working windscreen wipers. 😎 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-Bachmann-Irish-Class-181-CIE-Black-Loco-MM0181-OO-Gauge/143127865264?epid=907307345&hash=item215315e7b0:g:gFEAAOSw0IBcZHra:rk:2:pf:0&shqty=1&isGTR=1#shId https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-Bachmann-Irish-Class-181-CIE-Orange-Black-Loco-MM0182-OO-Gauge/143127848281?hash=item215315a559:g:WfcAAOSwA~5cYfNx:rk:4:pf:0 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Murphy-Models-Bachmann-Irish-Class-181-IE-Orange-Loco-MM0181-OO-Gauge/143127860772?hash=item215315d624:g:EhsAAOSwt5dcYfXH:rk:5:pf:0
  3. Noel

    Patricks Layout

    What a photo scene. Stunningly evocative. I think we may have cycled through that tunnel last year as its now a superb greenway with a preservation railway a few miles outside Waterford (ie. SVR).
  4. Noel

    KMCE's Workbench

    Wow that’s a great result for scratch built brass. How did you do the super looking rivets?
  5. Converted some IR Intercity Hornby Mk4 Coaches to Kadee couplings by cutting the ugly tension lock couplings off the bogies and replacing with NEM pockets housing a mix of Kadee no 17 and no 18 NEM couplings. Test run forwards and backwards proved successful. Next is to cannibalise and respray donor BR donor DVT into IR intercity livery to go with these coaches and 222. Head hung in shame at the modernity of such a train infesting the layout. . . . but I quite like it. The kadee's also get the coaches coupled much closer together than the ugly Hornby Tension lock couplings. Height gauge essential for correct coupling and especially trip pin height over rails. The odd bogie I had to use the kadee trip pin pliers to change the radius of the pin so it would sit at the correct height above the uncoupling magnets. The coaches sit closer together than they did with the large plastic moulded in Hornby TLCs. I'll have to get an immunity certificate from the ancient society of CIE B&T brethren for infesting the layout with such incompatible modernity or I could be sentenced to 'rot forever in the bogie of eternal stench' for operating post 1974 model stock! :) PS: This was a much easier conversion job on the bogies than last weeks surgery.
  6. Noel

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Cement Pallet train waits on the up line inner loop up line at Woodvale junction while the early morning mail train over takes it on the express outer loop. Mixed pickup goods trains waits on P2 outer down line loop while B165 overtakes it running light engine on route to Claremorris to join B188 assisting with a returning 14 coach knock special pilgrims train. B141 station pilot in background waits to move Taras into sidings clearing the road to the shed for the goods train can drop off a pair of vans. An hour later 088 arrives on the up inner loop hauling a local service passing the Cement Pallet train which is still waiting for a pathway to Heuston yard. 088's buffer beam with the MM detail bits looks a lot better. I've never fitted these bits before to an MM loco, just valances to a few baby GMs.
  7. Noel

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    To finish up 088 I added the MM detailing pack to one cab end. Some nice bits it has too, as well as the valence to hide the NEM coupling pocket, it has a proper coupling hook with a screw link coupling and all the hoses which are impossible to fit even with the tiniest of tweezers. The detailing pack really does lift the appearance of one cab end but run arounds will no longer possible as coupling only at one and of the loco, but worth it for a few scale like specimens. I really like the three link screw coupling MM provide.
  8. Noel

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Not at all, informed advise especially from ‘obi wan’ is always welcome. 👍 Much still to learn. She’s heavier than I’d planned but one lives and learns by trying. Btw, thanks again for that first airbrush demo/training session you kindly gave me a few years ago.
  9. Noel

    IRM A Class; Our First Locomotive!

    Wow looks fabulous. An O gauge A class. Doesn’t get better than that. Hope they do a nice (matt/satin finish) airbrush paint job on it for you. And not a gloss sheep dip What livery will she be? Your ‘friend’ has done a great job capturing the unique and difficult shape of the cab profile.
  10. Noel

    Trathnona Rail Depot

    Well done for first loco. Looks subtly nice and grimey without being over cooked. 👍
  11. Noel

    Kingsbridge - paint shop

    Weathered 088 this evening, my first 071 weathering. A little heavier than I normally would like but the super train locos were allowed to go manky before the IR Tippex era. Mix of weathering powders and finished with airbrush. This is the heaviest I have ever weathered a loco and the first orange livery loco I've weathered. I was never a fan of the dull super train livery but the weathering seems to help the visual appeal. Circa 1984 after the supertrain livery had been allowed to get manky before the IR Tippex era. 088 looking well used. Mix of weathering powders followed by airbrush. I took the body centre section off as it was easier to weather this independently and without hindrance from the walkway rails (ie it is not a good idea to remove walkway rails from baby GMs or 071s as they are a nitemare to get back on correctly. Powders applied in solution 50% water 50% decalfix, which allows it to be reactivated when wet with a cotton bud later incase any boo-boos made or corrections needed. Applied with solution with paint brush, then wiped down/off later when almost dry using various buds. The powders are almost enough if one was doing a light weathering job. Powders now dry ready for airbrush. Panel lines well defined by powders and surface generally a little weathered and not pristine. Windows roughly masked off to avoid overspray on glazing. Grimey 088 ready for a rural run out west to Claremorris. Each time I try something new I learn so much, its seriously scary but risks have to be taken. (eg break an egg to make an omelet, etc). Anyway happy to have a weathered 071 in supertrain livery.
  12. Thanks for posting, these are fabulous to have and watch. If only there was more 1960s and 1970s film/video footage (eg like Joe St Ledgers fab clips).
  13. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Cheers. Initially the weathering went horribly wrong when I realised that weathering powders do not take well to gloss finishes (ie the curtain side had been gloss varnished). But found another way of making them look used and hiding the pristine look.
  14. Noel

    Kingsbridge - workbench

    Couldn't help a few tweaks. After some buffer beam bits were added (vacuum pipes, coupling hooks) tail lamps added for this wagon. Strap buckles now painted and buffer grease. It never ends, but that's half the fun. Now I'm going to padlock the door. This is locked. (hmm electric tail maps with wheel pickups from DCC via a few components, bridge rectifier chip, capacitor for flicker free, etc, - No! STOP )

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