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    I returned railway modelling in 2002 by joining the Wexford MRC. I made a collection of Irish rolling stock eventually developed Ballybeg an Irish outline home/exhibition layout in OO. This has been exhibited at 10 exhibitions winning Best Scenic and Best in Show prizes in Wexford. I developed Llangollen in N gauge a UK outline "restored" railway based on the prototype in NE Wales which has been shown 9 times (including at Bala, N Wales) winning a Best Scenic Award in Wexford. Shunters Yard is a OO GWR compact layout and has been shown three times. Cynwyd in N is based on another Llangollen line prototype station. It has been shown twice winning prizes Best N Gauge in Wexford and Best Layout Scenery at SDMRC. My latest layout is Llanuwchllyn in N (another Llangollen line prototype station) is due its exhibition debut at Bala in May 2018.


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    Wexford, Ireland


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    Irish railways (1960 to 2000) and UK (1960 to 1980) outline railway modelling


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    Retired senior manager

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  1. Irishrailwayman

    Erne Model Railway Club Exhibition, Enniskillen

    A couple of shots from around what proved to be a very enjoyable exhibition (the 20th by Erne MRC). Well done to everyone involved.
  2. Irishrailwayman

    Erne Model Railway Club Exhibition, Enniskillen

    List of exhibitors as provided by Erne MRC: Traders-Francis Birney -Diecast Models Philip McHugh-American Railroad Bill Quick- Model Railways Billy Campbell- Diecast Robert Coalter- Railway David Bracken-Railway Adrian J Lenehan-Railway Exhibition- Raymond Wilson- Demo Building O gauge Railway Andrew O'Brennan-Railway Way Les & Leanne Conn- Road Runner Michael White- Plastics Kits South Dublin Railway Club- Haydon Lane 'n' gauge Eamon Jordan-Caitlin's Island David Wynne-Staverton 'n' gauge William Batten-Clock work railway 'O' gauge Adrian Graham-Tractor Display The Model railway Society of Ireland - St Davids MPD North Down Model Railway Society-Mill Road 'OO' gauge John Haire- Vintage Triang TT Roland Palmer-Contintental Europe 'HO' George Haire-Hornby Layout 1st Bangor Model Railway Club-Quarry Hill Jamestown Herbert Alexander-Wheal Rinn Ulster Model Railway Club-Loxwood 'T' Gauge Andrew Elliott - Old Stone Farm Roger Andrews- Models of Aircraft,ships etc Wexford Model Railway Club-Cynwyd
  3. Irishrailwayman

    Telford Exhibition 2018

    More amazing layouts at Telford:
  4. Irishrailwayman

    Telford Exhibition 2018

    Visited the amazing exhibition at Telford, UK in September 2018 with very high standards of O Gauge modelling in evidence. A huge number of very well stocked traders were there also. I have posted some shots of Arigna Road separately under its topic stream.
  5. Irishrailwayman

    Arigna Town - this week's scenery

    I had the pleasure of seeing Arigna Road in the flesh at the Telford Guildex Exhibition and of saying hello to David. Pictures hardly do the layout justice. This was probably the best exhibition I have ever attended with a very high standard of modelling and traders with huge stocks. A few of my shots:
  6. Irishrailwayman

    Erne Model Railway Club Exhibition, Enniskillen

    Another rider is performing a stunt with his hands in the air 😆
  7. Irishrailwayman

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Friends of Cultra are organising a Model Railway Exhibition among the fabulous railway exhibits there (see below for details). Wexford Model Railway Club plan to travel by bus to attend. Anyone else going along?
  8. Erne Model Railway Club are hosting a Model Railway Exhibition at Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen, NI on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Wexford Model Railway Club will be represented there by "Cynwyd" in N:
  9. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    The hall was spacious but I think they got over 400 visitors over the two days.
  10. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    A couple of shots from around the Belfast Show:
  11. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Little Siddington is booked to appear at the MRSI Exhibition in October 2018!
  12. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Thanks Noel. Yes, the O gauge is called "Little Siddington" based on the names of many similarly laid out stations on the GWR Bristol-South Wales line.
  13. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    We had a great time representing Wexford Model Railway Club with Llanuwchllyn and enjoyed meeting Tony and many other people for a chat!
  14. Irishrailwayman

    Belfast Model Railway Exhibition

    Yes it should open in Word from a download 😊
  15. Irishrailwayman

    Kingsbridge - Kadee + coupling conversions

    Noel, I use plasticard and foam to damp the axles to give heft for the Kadees to operate...

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