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  1. Have you thought of using MJT bogies,they do a basic etch for various wheelbases and you can use the existing sideframes as cosmetic overlays as well as the original wheels.Andy
  2. Andy Cundick

    Omagh archaeology.

    Definitely a loco type boiler looks a bit small for most standard gauge locos.Andy.
  3. Andy Cundick

    Looking for a good book any suggestions?

    Feeling slightly qualified to answer this one,the best coverage is The Railways of West Cork ,Reflections and Reminiscences,its privately published so no isbn or even an authors name.Mine came from the County Donegal people at Donegal Town station.The Bluebell Railway markets a large range of Irish photos with some very good T&C ones in there even better there are thumbnails of the pictures so you can see before you buy. go onto the Bluebell website then their museum link then photo collections the John Smith one is the one to check up on.Andy.
  4. Andy Cundick

    Courtmacsherry at Southampton

    Period is mid 30's,but with the odd passenger train.running on 9mm rather than 10mm,so my other 009 stock can have a canter.It is however built to full scale size just because i could.Andy.
  5. Andy Cundick

    Courtmacsherry at Southampton

    Courts next outing is to Swindon on the Saturday after Romsey,with Arigna at Ally Pally the end of the month,and the weekend in between slight change of location,i'm taking Llanfair Caereinion to Abingdon.Must pay more attention when accepting invitations.Andy.
  6. Andy Cundick

    Arigna Town - this week's scenery

    And then there were three.ANdy
  7. Andy Cundick

    Markits Irish Broad gauge axles.

    I'd certainly be up for some.I've never checked the back to back of my stock having relied on my faithful gauge i bought from Terry McDermot 30-40 years ago,its turns out to be 19.7mm,so far i've had no issues with clearances on the 20 odd locos i've built so far.Andy.
  8. Andy Cundick


    Not next year and thefollowing year i'll my W&L layout there,Andy.
  9. Andy Cundick

    ooworks, J15

    Definitely iffy cab fit,tender springs look odd as they don't have any spring hangers.Andy.
  10. Andy Cundick

    Etched parts for MGWR Horsebox & Fish/Meat van.

    Splendid pair of kits if look on the last picture of Courtmacsherry at Warley you will see the horse box in the middle of the rake.Don't ask me to explain what its doing there but give some time and i can come up with an unconvincing explanation,Andy.
  11. Andy Cundick


    Thanks for the photos Leslie,as can seen Courtmacsherry is far from finished,but in my defence i only built the boards last Christmas,and this was only the second time the layout was fully erected.Hopefully by her next show(southampton the end of January).It should be well on its way.The main thing is the row of buildings,a lot of chimneys and slates,still something to potter on with over Christmas.Andy.
  12. Andy Cundick


    All in the fullness of time Leslie,all in the fullness of time,Andy.
  13. Easy enough to make your own axles.Minidrill, grinding block and a bit of 2mm rod cut to length takes under a minute.Andy
  14. Andy Cundick

    A Gaggle of J15s

    Two up and running, with Valencia what else ?,third one to build as a superheated one to complete the set.Andy.
  15. Andy Cundick


    I might bring the station building along to Warley Andy
  16. Andy Cundick


    Err sort of done about half of it (the Donegal half)but wasn't happy with the trackwork (Peco) it ran alright but the points are a bit sharp for the Donegal stock so currently dismantled waiting its place in the layout queue,roll on early retirement next year Andy.
  17. Andy Cundick


    Glad you you enjoyed Castlederg,it would be nice to bring another across as always enjoy it,after all theres another 3 here at the moment,with work starting on Lough Eske in the new year that won't take long as theres already more than enough stock for it(Donegal layout No5) Andy
  18. Andy Cundick


    Thanks,it wasn't unexpected in fact a bit of a relief as if one of my dogs was in the state Mum was in the last week,i'd have been straight round the vets.Andy.
  19. Andy Cundick


    Corutmacsherry won't be quite finished as my Mum died last month which has obviously put a spanner in the works.Still its mainly the row of buildings along the road which seems to go on forever,anyway come and have chat.Andy.
  20. Andy Cundick

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Just got back from the Show (only 440 miles plus sea crossing each way)Throughly enjoyed the Castlederg behaved itself despite said trip in back of the Landie especially the drive down from Larne when the rain was so bad i expected the ferry to pass us.Never been to the Museum before but agree that its all jammed in there a bit,still at least its there.No to get on with Courtmacsherry for Warley.Andy
  21. Andy Cundick

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Curious way of doing things ,still it will save me a few pennies with Warley on the horizon Andy.
  22. Andy Cundick

    Cultra Model Railway Exhibition

    Any idea what trade will be there,need to know whether to bring shopping list as well as layout,Andy,
  23. Andy Cundick

    CIE Locomotive Grey specification

    Looks like Humbrol 27 to me,all my GSR locos use it with degrees of weathering.Andy.
  24. Andy Cundick

    Clogher Valley Project

    Defiantly echo Davids comments on the Uckfield Show,i've had Valencia and Castlederg there and throughly enjoyed it.There again this year with Llanfair Caereinion.Andy.
  25. Andy Cundick

    Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway

    Worsley do the 6wheelers ,off the top of my head i believe that the panelling is slightly different to the LNW ones,Andy.

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