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  1. Andy Cundick

    Source for non-upright loco vacuum pipe hoses?

    Alan Gibson does a variety of hoses for 4mm in lcast brass,much more durable.Andy.
  2. Andy Cundick

    CIE green paint

    To be honest i wouldn't worry about the correct shade as the moment they left the Paint shop the shade would start changing a combination of weather and light will start changing the colour.It was brought home to me looking at a rake of GW vans at Didcot,all in the same livery but varying between ex works dark grey and light grey.Andy.
  3. Andy Cundick

    Kit building v RTR - Sometimes a false economy?

    A point to bear in mind with modern ready to run is that you are effectively buying a time bomb the good old days when your Triang loco died and you just put another X04 in are long gone modern ready to run along with short production runs and changes does'nt seem to have the parts backup at least with kit/scratchbuilt you put it together you can fix it.Andy.
  4. Andy Cundick

    David's Workbench

    Couple of points for the Blessington cars as well as Donegal 2 & 3 only the bonnet is usable.For whitemetal kits i find the the gel/thick type cynos do a good job and as for glazing on vehicles Microscale Crystal Clear works really well.Andy
  5. Andy Cundick

    009 Scale

    Does a scale model of Llanfair Caereinion in 009 count?,off to the Southampton Show with next weekend Andy.
  6. Andy Cundick

    Solder for brass kits 188 or 145 degree?

    I always use 188 fluxed solder and don't bother with flux,just make sure the brass is clean(glass fibre brush)and use a decent size iron about 30w,The only time the flux comes out is when i'm soldering the steel droppers on DG couplings and then its good old Bakers fluid ,still used some that was liberated from Swindon works at closure!,Andy.
  7. Andy Cundick

    Milton Keynes Model Railway Show

    Slight problem with photos as i don't have clue how to stick them on web sites(don't do computers),however you'll see it at Warley this year,hopefully we'll be together there,Andy.
  8. Andy Cundick

    Milton Keynes Model Railway Show

    Slight correction there,David 50%,Courtmacsherry up and running,concentrating on the scenery,ready for its first (work in progress show)arch,Andy. in M
  9. Andy Cundick

    UTA 2-6-0 Ex-NCC 'Earl of Ulster'

    Theres always the 2f to consider,vaguely Aish with the lights turned off,Andy.
  10. Andy Cundick

    A good read!

    Very good selection of photos in there,one bit that amussed me was when he went back to Arigna after closure he couldn't find it and assumed it had been demolished,can't quite see how he missed it as if it was any nearer to the road you'd hit it! Andy.
  11. Andy Cundick

    NCC Harland & Wolff kit

    Go onto RM Web then onto Small Suppliers in the trade section then Judith Edge theres some photos of the model,Andy.
  12. Andy Cundick


    Brassmasters do a couple of very good kits for 6 wheel coach chassis.Andy.
  13. Andy Cundick

    David's Workbench

    Been there tried it no it didn't,Andy
  14. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Sleeper spacing is totally irrelevant to most of Courtmacsherry as you can't see them(currently burying them at the moment)Andy.
  15. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    For trackwork i use Copperclad sleepers and Code 75 Bullhead which i get from the EM Gauge Society,its all built to EM standards.The useful thing about soldered track construction is that its easy to tweek after being laid,just the touch of a soldering iron.Andy
  16. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Tony,The only ready to run conversion i have is a Halling motor bogie under my C Class.For any one who hasn't come across these rather fine beasties,they are made by Leopold Halling in Austria and are mainly used under tram kits,they are however readily regauged as all you have to do is replace the existing axles (1.5mm)with longer ones,for the C i used 14mm coach wheels instead of the 9mm ones.The usuful thing with these bogies are they have a variable wheelbase and flywheel drive infinitely better than those dreadful Tenshodos.Andy
  17. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Just finished doing the trackwork for Courtmacsherry and a quick calculation shows that it cost about 45 quid thats for a 196 foot layout(excluding fiddleyard) with 7 1/2 points (ones a catch point).So 21mm track needn't be expensive,Andy
  18. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Coach bogies are dead easy MJT do a range of basic compensated coach bogies in various wheelbases the two sides and centre bolster are connected together by wire so all i do is make the wire longer then solder up the whole lot,they work a treat and you can fix whatever cosmetic frames you want.As for wagon chassis i don't know whether SSM still do their 21mm RCH w irons but those plus the wheel spacing jig from Brassmasters makes the job easy,Andy.
  19. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    A few points (Pardon the pun) about doing 21mm gauge,like most things its a lot to take on board at first,however it really isn't that difficult.For a start my first attempt at track building was a 21mm point,The way i did was to buy an SMP point kit ,they come with a full set of instructions plans copperclad sleeper strip,rail,and even a crossing gauge.then what i did was blew the point plan up to 21mm gauge and built a point,and heres the scary thing it actually worked!up to that moment trackwork had been a black art worshipped from afar,incidentally the second one was a complete disaster as i was overconfident.I would sugggest as first go copperclad construction has a lot going for it as its easy to adjust track after construction with a touch of the soldering iron.My way of building the track is to mark the centres of the tracks directly onto the baseboards then lay the sleepers using double backed sellotape(the type used for laying carpet tiles).a 3ft steel rule on its side helps with marking out as bending creates its own transistion curve.Obviously a couple of roller gauges are needed,now the Scalefour Society do them,but they are easy enough to make yourself with some tube cut/filed to length and some washers with a bolt through the lot.There is a set of dimensions in Alan O'Rourkes "Modelling Irish Railways".I would suggest sticking to the EM standars then at least you can see the flanges.Back to Back gauges are usfull but a Vernier caliper does the job just as well,incidently i jst checked my back to back gauge which came from Terry McDermont back in the day and that comes out at 19.6mm. A lot has been said about the cost but especially if you build your own track it shouldn't cost any more than doing it in 00,especially if get into kit building.Andy.
  20. Andy Cundick

    21mm gauge track; the pros and cons?

    Totally agree with David,steamers especially look odd,the photo in the Modeller of the Loco Works U says it all with the wheels so far in they would virtually inside the firebox.Just started laying track on Courtmacsherry which will at least increase Broad Gauge on the circuit by 25%(Due at Warley next year so no pressure then!).Start small and have a go Andy.
  21. Andy Cundick

    Worsley Works kits

    Dead easy way of making an eliptical roof is to use 5 thou brass easy to form the ellipse over a bar.iv'e used on all my Worsleys from Castlederg to Creat Northern dead easy Andy.
  22. Andy Cundick

    Wagon Chassis Colours and ?

    Wouldn't bother too much in my experience of working on wagonry at Swindon they all ended up as a gungy brown colour.Andy
  23. Andy Cundick

    Warley 2017

    Signalling error at Ballinamore Leslie.Now need to get on with Courtmacsherry for next year.Andy.
  24. Andy Cundick

    Warley 2017

    Not quite the Emerald Aisle (Sorry couldnt resist),but at least altogether,i echo Leslie sentiments and if anyone wants a test run of their stock on Arigna come and have a chat we're there all weekend Andy.
  25. Andy Cundick

    Brighton show, 25% Irish Broad gauge

    Never had any problems with SSM Kits done most of them now or in the case of the J15's twice,with Valencia a must. As to the cost,its not really any more expensive building a kit to 5'3" rather than 4'1 1/2".Andy.

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