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  1. Its worth bearing in mind that the Greenore engines  were in reality saddle tank versions of the  LNWR "DX"goods with 5'2" wheels rather than the Special tank 4'6" wheels.London Road do a Special tank kit which far better than the old GEM kit and can also supply the proper size splashers from their DX kit,an almost finished one has been spotted at Courtmacsherry recently.Andy.

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  2. One small point some of us model 21mm gauge using EM standards,in fact 100% of 21mm gauge layouts on the exhibition circuit are so constructed.Its very simple to make pinpoint axles using just 2mm rod a mini drill and an emery grit block.Stick rod in drill grind point on one end he actual angle isn't greatly important then cut to length and do other end,simples!.About half the stock on Coyrtmacsherry are running on them quite happily.Andy.

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  3. A good supplier of drills in all shapes and sizes are Chronos.Its a good idea to have a set of broaches for easing out holes much less stressfull and more control in getting to a finished size.Andy.

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  4. The original Lough Swilly livery was to quote The Railway Magazine article on the line for November 1899,"The carriages are painted almost exactly like the LSWR" so Salmon Pink it is.Just as well as at the moment by coincidence is Swilly No 23 and L&B No1 both being painted in that livery(Dam fiddley).An article in the Irish Railway Record on the line by S Carse and D Murray (No21  Autumn 1957.)Also states that the Swilly coaches were originally in LSW livery whereas the Burtonport stock was supplied in Crimson lake with white or cream panels(I suspect they would have been white but the varnishes of the day turned them cream).I seem to remember reading somewhere that the their were painted vermillion,looking at the works photos that would certainly be the case.Hope this is of some use,Andy.

  5. Sort of familiar with having built it signalling wise it comprises of a starter ,home and indicator for the catch point,nicely illustrated on a set of photos avaliable from the Bluebell Railway.If you go onto their website,,then go to the museum section you will see a bit for Photograph collections ,the one you want is the John Smith collection,there is a large Irish section done by dates,try November 1959 Photo ref 7-98-7vis  especially good in that respect.The great thing about these lists is the prints are displayed so you can see what you are getting.Hope that helps Andy.

  6. For a smallish shunting layout Castlederg has a lot going for it,plenty of operational interest,all the coaches brakes and most of the wagonry available as kits as well as the railcar (a nice beginners  kit with a ready to run chassis available)No6 available as a complete kit nb not the Branchlines kit which advertises itself as such but the GEM one for IOM11-13.Its one of the few Irish lines which the PECO 12mm points look right with(bit too tight a radius for most).Whats more 4 and 5 are pretty easy to scratchbuild.Incidently it looks like i'm bringing Castlederg over for the Cultra model railway show  on the 10th of november(Land Rover willing) Andy.

  7. Been there done it built it.Chivers Finelines did a kit the LSWR Beyer ages ago,the basic difference is the cab and bunker which i modified.I found it quite simple to build up to 21mm gauge.The main problem now is that its inappropriate for either ,so perhaps Balliascarthy?.Andy.

  8. Certainly don't have the skills of a watchmaker having done my time as a boilermaker,Valencia and Courtmacsherry are both built to EM standards as are my EM and Broad gauge(7'0"),as for building stock and track have a go, sure you might struggle a bit to start with but you learn from your mistakes as well .It really isn't that difficult.Leslie Romsey is on the 23/24th of June so you may have to wait until Warley,though the other 4 layouts are out before then,Andy.

  9. Courtmacsherry is at Warley this year,it was meant to go out to the Romsey show a fortnight ago but the Show was cancelled due to the snow,so its debut will be at the rescheduled Romsey show in June .Bit depressing that it seems i've got about 20% of the proper broad gauge layouts though.Andy.

  10. My problem with photos is not being able to post them on the net.However the Valencia building was built using the drawings of Mountain Stage and Cahirciveen in part 2 of the Valencia books,Courtmacsherry i used the views on Google maps and scaled up from that  and photos of the station,Andy.

  11. Valencia and Courtmacsherry both use Wills sheets good and robust.Valencias survived 6 years on the exhibition circuit with no problems.As for accurate cutting of windows,doors etc,do all your marking and cutting out on the back ,much easier.Best thing for cutting is an Olfa cutter as it removes material rather than cuts it,check Eileens or Squires.Andy.


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