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  1. Bachmann

    Steam Steam and more Steam

    Some good reading and some nice pics nice to see some of theese are preserved https://myntransportblog.com/2015/01/19/alley-and-maclellan-sentinel-shrewsbury-glasgow-scotland/ and http://www.douglas-self.com/MUSEUM/LOCOLOCO/argmotor/argmotor.htm
  2. Bachmann

    Irish trawler dragged by sub

    Dont remember ever seeing a Wombat Did See a WOMBLE { Remember them }
  3. Bachmann

    Irish trawler dragged by sub

    Irish Waters will be full this week with the Russian Aircraft Carrier Heading our way some reckon part of the fleet may pass the west coast https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1981794/putin-to-send-russian-warships-into-english-channel-amid-growing-tension-over-syria-crisis/ plenty of subs and aircraft snooping about not the first time an Irish Trawler was caught with a sub and dare say it wont be the last it is a disgrace
  4. Bachmann

    Kingsbridge - Old New Layout

    Fantastic Noel cant wait to see More
  5. Bachmann

    Model power alco rs-2 2060

    Warbonnet is correct i see hattons have put up all their stock this week by £3 if you fancy a dabble in American Locos this guy has some good deals they do specials every month worth a look http://www.rd-hobby.de/en-en/Home/Index
  6. Bachmann

    Model power alco rs-2 2060

    Good info here # N scale http://www.spookshow.net/
  7. Bachmann

    Rachelstown and St Stephens Green

    wonderful collection , and a really nice layout
  8. Bachmann

    Coach Lighting for under 2 euro a coach

  9. Bachmann

    Murphys Models 141 sound

    Hi Enniscorthyman thank you i will check out his site can you recommend a good speaker for it as i have no 071 models just starting off with this one william
  10. Bachmann

    Murphys Models 141 sound

    Hi i am new to the model rail scene and also new to this wonderful site i was wondering if anybody knows how or where to purchase a sound chip for the 141 model or if anybody here has fitted the same thanks william

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