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  1. Soldering Track

    Some brass screws are lacquered, others may have a lubricating wax film applied, neither of these will help - a rub with glass paper may be of benefit?
  2. Ballybrophy.

    To be fair, it is on the loop platform which will rarely see a passenger train against it these days. I did consider going back and painting another 'e' on it, so that it didn't matter which way it went back next time. There is CCTV there, but this is behind the tower of the new bridge - probably out of view...
  3. 4 wheel timber wagons?

    Ah, the secret is out - now we know where he gets his modelling powers from...
  4. Ballybrophy.

    Some interesting details were spotted. Some of the weathering might draw criticisms of being rather amateurish if actually applied. This was amusing... Not all the chimneys are secured from habitation. The "Armco" barrier in the car-park is impressive. The vacant 'building' remains, er, vacant.
  5. Ballybrophy.

    It looked sharp in the Sun today. The water tower hasn't improved, the remains of the water gauge was flapping about in the wind. The goods shed may be joining it on the Endangered List - there seems to be some concern over the roofing. This has caused some of the overflow car-parking to be cordoned off, making things even tighter elsewhere.
  6. Track Cutting Razor Saw

    If using a cutting disc directly in a drill that is of a larger diameter than the disc, the cut will be at a slight angle to the vertical. This can be avoided by using a narrow-handled flexi-drive, of course. However, if you end up with two cuts at a join that are angled away from each other, then there will be a permanent open gap at the top of the join, giving a 'click' that may not be the end of the world, of course. If you are using the disc in a drill directly, then having the drill over the track that will be used, rather than the piece that is being removed, will result in joins that are closed at the top. One extra benefit of using a cutting disc is that you are much less likely to bend the rail and cutting can also be done in much more constricted spaces than with a saw.
  7. How often do Loco's take on fuel?

    Did a loco not run out of fuel a week or two back? Possibly just rumours.....
  8. Which station is this please?

    I came across this report of 082 trundling off on its own at Portlaoise - and shifting the friction buffer nine metres. https://www.raiu.ie/download/pdf/2012r002_runaway_locomotive_at_portlaoise_loop.pdf
  9. barrow street

    'Tis a truly wonderful thing - what scale is it?
  10. barrow street

    https://www.absoluteaspects.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/AbsoluteAspects/photos/?ref=page_internal
  11. IRM’s first loco announcement!

    IRM's marketing heads even further eastwards, into the Dutch market now, with this double-decker. https://veiling.catawiki.nl/kavels/1612305-rivarossi-h0-hr-2052-driedelige-elektrictrische-dubbeldekker-serie-34-irm-van-de-ns
  12. New DART 8100 Model

    In my day, Little Rissington was still in action at the top of the hill - Central Flying School and home of the Red Arrows back in the Gnat days - great entertainment five days a week.
  13. New DART 8100 Model

    Currently up for sale, if you have a few bob spare... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-43697763
  14. Kingsbridge - workbench

    I think O'Gorman's was in Thurles - a good sprint from the station. Ballybrophy had two - Lambe's and Phillips's - both gone. Donaghmore, a couple of miles south, had three, Campion's, Phelan's and now just Mooney's left. And The Green Roads, a couple of miles north of the station is still there - all to far to be 'handy', though.

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