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  1. Broithe

    IRM Fert Wagon

    I only got orange bubbles because I was too frightened to have anything with a black chassis.
  2. Broithe

    Foolish drivers

    You don't see this every day. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-44833066 A fake ambulance stuffed into a level crossing, after leaving the scene of an earlier fatal collision.
  3. https://cdn-02.independent.ie/incoming/article37116182.ece/964ac/AUTOCROP/w1920h1060/rachael-dermot-limerick-train-wedding.jpghttps://www.thevow.ie/real-weddings/irish-rail-should-do-speed-dating-newlyweds-board-wedding-day-love-train-six-years-after-meeting-on-the-dublin-to-ennis-service-37116183.html
  4. Broithe

    World Cup

    The media understand their audience very well. Audience figures are their goals and they will do what is necessary to inflate those. When people stop being useful to that end, they will drop them and start a new campaign - tennis, motor racing, whatever is available and fits in with their targets at the time. And the audiences will generally go along with it.
  5. Broithe

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    A properly balanced engine is not just 'nicer', it is better in every way - the loads on the bearings are lessened, things last longer, and not just because they aren't shaken off. God knows what was going on in the float chamber of a boneshaker bike..? It's not many years ago that a ferry journey was accompanied by the constant jingling of the duty-free bottles - (although it has its current issues) Ulysses is notable for having almost undetectable engine vibration.
  6. Broithe

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    Balancing of reciprocating engines is rather more complicated than it looks. On steam locos, nobody ever seems to take much account of the second order vibrations, possibly just relying on the general mass of the machine to reduce those effects. In lighter machinery, particularly motorbikes, there may often be one or two balance shafts running at twice engine speed.
  7. Broithe

    Class 800 Gauge O CNC Parts

    The 'end wheels' just have half of their respective interconnecting rods to cope with, the centre wheel has two halves of the interconnecting rods and about half of the con-rod from the piston imposed on it.
  8. Broithe


    The corruption of the warning data spreads... There seems to have been a heat expansion issue on the Nenagh platform. A train came and went whilst I was there.
  9. Broithe

    Stored Oil Tank wagons

    Now, you are just fuelling speculation.
  10. Broithe

    Foolish drivers

    Quick open-top conversion in Bradford today - handy in this weather. No injuries.
  11. Broithe

    OO Works J15

    The two on the right would be clean - they are actually off-duty and are boogieing in a night club.
  12. Broithe

    Omagh Goods Yard

    Do you still have the 'spare' bit from the truncated arch? If so, you could experiment with some diluted ink washes on that?
  13. Broithe

    the future

    Boeing are working on it... Still some issues to sort out..

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