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  1. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    There are Chinese copies* on eBay at around four quid, but they look a bit rough. As bizarrely expensive as the US ones are, the material is top class stuff. *a 'spring punch' search will bring them up. There are ones out there that will take a masonry nail as a replaceable point. I would say that, for site use, as the nail-punches would probably be used, they are a very 'losable' item, and it's no fun at the full price. I'm also a fan of having a square somewhere on things than don't need to be fully circular. Screwfix are good for what they're good for - and there's a shop at the end of my road now, so no 'building an order' is necessary..
  2. Broithe

    Irish Railway Models 21mm Conversions

    Two small points, surely? One each end... 😋
  3. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    Eek! You're not going to like these prices.... This is the same principle, although this set is intended for nail-setting. https://www.screwfix.com/p/spring-tools-wwa1105-spring-tools-woodworking-set-5-pieces/8831X?kpid=8831X&ds_kid=92700031336051899&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249484&ds_rl=1249796&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIj8vVjbLK3QIVAuh3Ch2fcgV6EAQYASABEgK7gfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&dclid=CLeoxpCyyt0CFYnk1Qod96UNRA I think I paid four quid for my centre-punch/chisel set. http://springtools.co.uk/ (Screwfix is not always the cheapest...)
  4. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    Ah - I got mine at the boot sale about fifteen years ago. They were a set of four, in a red vinyl wallet, including the chisel, which is actually the most used. I will go hunting - I'm fairly sure that they were an indigenously produced US product.
  5. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    Broaches will often also produce a much better finish on the inside of a hole than a plain drill will, especially useful when the hole is a bearing surface. Drill a touch under-size and open up as appropriate with a broach, where it really matters. There will be a very slight taper on a broached hole, but it's rarely of any practical significance. Doing it from both sides can be an idea, if it's possible.
  6. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    Practising on stuff you're not too bothered about first is often a good idea. It's not easy to explain how to avoid excessive side-loads on the finer drills, but gentle practise will reveal it fairly quickly.
  7. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    As I said, "Not immediately useful in this application".
  8. Broithe

    GNRi Brake Van

    Not immediately useful in this application, perhaps, but this sort of centre-punch / chisel set-up can be very useful. You hold the working end exactly where you want it and then pull back the 'loose' end, letting it go to provide the impact. It can be used as lightly as you like, depending on how far back you pull the 'firing end' and can act rather more delicately than the 'compression' centre-punches that are a bit more common.
  9. Broithe

    Going to the Ploughing?

    A handy weathering exercise, when IRM produce the models....
  10. Broithe

    Going to the Ploughing?

    No more jokes about the wind...
  11. Broithe

    Going to the Ploughing?

    It'll come in handy for the landscape gardeners after the wind today...
  12. Broithe

    Tools and Equipment

    If it is a tool that you use often, there is something to be said, sometimes, for having a 'good' one and a 'cheapo rough' one...
  13. Broithe

    Tools and Equipment

    Thanks! That could be very useful - some really nice things there. In the piercing saw section, I feel it's (almost) always worth having an adjustable frame - you can still use a broken blade then.. http://www.dixequipment.com/products/saw-frames-best-quality-german-made/
  14. Broithe

    Murphy Model spares

    I have a wobbly wheel on a 201, if they ever come into your system.

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