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  1. Omagh GNRi Station

    Paul, I will be fixing my baseboard frame this week and boring holes between these sections to allow wiring to be fished through. Around the station area the bridge leaving the station had a ‘headroom’ sign showing clearance of 11’8 underneath. I was planning to raise the trackbed to finish at 55-60mm above the base of the embankment. What dimension are you showing above?
  2. Omagh GNRi Station

    With the narrow baseboard width I have of 350mm I may be pushed to form embankments all round and may have to revert to dropping bridge levels below the baseboard. To form the embankment would mean losing at least 75mm I'd imagine if not more to form reasonable slopes? Any ideas?
  3. Omagh GNRi Station

    Sounds lovely, do you remember the pit below the lines half way across the bridge? Its a nice part of town.
  4. Omagh GNRi Station

    David, here's a picture I took last week of the bridge, still standing. Yes, you are correct, however this one is slightly further out and more attractive. When the next Hospital Link road was built last year, for some strange reason they left the bridge intact running parallel to the modern crossing and it looks fabulous. If I am able to work it into the layout, it will be situated on the lift off flap where I enter the shed.
  5. Small/Large Radius Curves

    David, the curves on the layout are generally anything from 760mm - 1100mm and they work well. It is impossible to incorporate a cross-over in a curve of over 1metre radius as nothing exists. Small radius Y points used together come close to providing an authentic crossover, similar to those in Omagh. As shown below.........
  6. Omagh GNRi Station

    Paul, I have plans to include a road bridge over, road bridge under, cattle creeps and a three arch bridge over the Drumragh River that carried the railway into Omagh just beyond the Market Branch. The track work has been simplified to give good train runs and plenty of scenery.
  7. Small/Large Radius Curves

    The small radius Y points work better to form a double track cross-over and are clearly seen in the original Omagh track plan. I also need to use a small radius Y point where the Portadown line swings off a curve and sweeps out the the station heading east. The track plan is a series of sketches, over multiple attempts and only starting to come clear now.
  8. Omagh GNRi Station

    PaulC, thanks for your interest but the markings on the baseboards wouldn’t make much of a photograph. I should be laying track in coming weeks and will post.
  9. Small/Large Radius Curves

    Is it normal practice to try using large radius points in a layout. Although I am trying to keep all curving to large radius I find that I may have to resort to small radius pointwork to achieve what I want to do. Any thoughts?
  10. Omagh GNRi Station

    The morning sun gave me a burst of energy so I went out to the shed armed with trammel and several large radius curves (1.2m and 1.1m) I cut on the bandsaw in ply and I set out a very pleasing track arrangement with a double track, reduced to single line at one end to give me a complete circuit. I also was able to get turntable, sidings and fiddle yard in place. Very pleased with it, give me an idea on how much track and points I need to buy.
  11. Dugort Harbour

    Are you still writing notes to Santa Claus..........?
  12. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    I believe it is earmarked for October this year.
  13. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    I have yet to buy track for my layout - I'd be looking seriously at this but don't think I could operate with the small range of points.
  14. Ballyercall (New Irish Layout

    NIRCLASS80, great! Do they have the full range of pointwork. I'm trying to source track at a reasonable price at the moment. I've been cutting very large radius curves in ply today to assist with the flexi track but my purchase is only weeks away. Will follow your progress. Are you buying locally?
  15. Peco Code 75 flex-track

    Anyone know the cheapest way of buying a box of Code 75 Peco 00 gauge flexi -track. The online prices add up to £8 postage. Is it sold anywhere in the North of Ireland?

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